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A Dozen Red Roses is the nineteenth episode of season one of The Mentalist. It aired on April 7th 2009 in the US and July 30th 2009 in the UK.


Someone's dead on Hollywood Blvd. Lisbon says the guy's a former state representative, which is why they got the case. Rigsby recognizes him as having been married to a former actress. Jane checks that he had no keys or valet tickets. He didn't.

Cho interviews a Charles Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Jane asks them to hand over the valet ticket they stole from the dead man. Charlie takes it out from under his hat. Jane runs them off.

They find his car. There are a ton of drugs in the trunk.

Lisbon and Jane visit Poseidon Studios in Burbank. They talk to the director, Gabriel Fanning. He had dinner with Felix Hanson, the victim, the night before. Hanson was financing Fanning's movie to the tune of $10 million. Hanson's wife Felicia Scott was starring it. Gabriel says everything went fine. Jane thinks he's lying because they split the bill and you don't do that with someone who gave you millions.

Van Pelt traced the last number on Hanson's phone, a convicted felon and commercial actor, Freddie Ross.

Jane and Lisbon meet with Felicia Scott and her teenage step-daughter, Sydney. She was at a spa weekend. Jane asks what first attracted her to her husband. Jane says he wasn't her type. She's attracted to bad boys, he says. She denies her husband did drugs. Sydney insists she knows nothing about the drugs. When she reaches for her ringing phone she drops a photo of a young man. Jane sees it. They get called to set. Felicia says she'll go, the insurance company insists. The daughter has a small speaking role. She says her dad thought Gabriel screwed up the script and wanted to back out. Felicia says he was only threatening.

Jane talks to Sydney, asking about the guy. It's Brandon Fulton, they're sort of dating.

Rigsby and Cho check out Ross at a seedy motel. He doesn't answer their knock but comes home and runs when he sees them. Cho gets the plate.

Back on set, Mitch Cavanaugh, Gabriel's agent, intercepts Lisbon and Jane. He's not inclined to let them talk to his client. Jane talks to Mitch, asking if he was bullied in school. He says it's the same thing with Gabriel, he needs to get a life. Mitch lets them through to his client. Lisbon busts Gabriel in his trailer with pills. Gabriel admits that last night Hanson said he was pulling his money. He admits Hanson's death was convenient. Lisbon wants to bust him for the pills but Mitch takes the rap. She arrests him.

They start filming. Felicia tries to film a scene in which she talks outside a flower shop on her cell phone. Sydney reads lines off camera. Felicia stops filming, telling Sydney to put some effort into it. Sydney watches, cringing, as her step mom kisses someone for the scene and then tries to suggest changes to the scene to Gabriel. They break for 10. Sydney takes off and Jane follows her. He tries to talk to her, but she takes off in a golf cart.

Cho talks to Mitch, telling him he's in line for actual prison time. He says he doesn't know who killed Hanson. But he can give them Freddie Ross, the drug dealer.

Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt find him at a house party. They also find Sydney Hanson. They talk to Ross, who says Hanson called him to tell him to stay away from his 16-year-old daughter. Ross knows her boyfriend, who buys from him.

Lisbon and Jane talk to Sydney. Lisbon thinks they were her drugs in her dad's car. Jane wonders why women like bad boys. They needed cash so she took some stuff from the house, pills and a gun. Brandon, 19, sold them. Lisbon says her phone records show he's been calling her house regularly, but she says she hasn't talked to him.

Felicia tells Lisbon and Jane the stolen gun was a .45. Lisbon tells her that her husband was murdered with a .45. She admits she knew the drugs in Felix's car were Sydney's. When Jane says Brandon has been calling the house regularly Felicia puts on a good show of being disappointed in her step-daughter. Lisbon says there won't be any charges against Sydney. Jane watches with amusement as she thanks Lisbon profusely.

Outside, Jane predicts that Brandon Fulton will pay a visit to the Hanson house that night.

Rigsby and Cho sit stakeout outside the house. Brandon Fulton arrives and lets himself in with keys.

They race in as Brandon walks down the hallway with a gun drawn.

They hear shots. Felicia shouts "help me" as she shoots Brandon in the dark. They call the paramedics. He's holding a .45.

As Felicia is fitted for a dress, Lisbon tells her she won't be charged right now, but he'll be fine. She puts on a good show of being relieved. Jane tells her the gun Brandon was holding killed Felix. Jane watches her reaction to learning Sydney might be charged as an accessory for stealing the gun.

Cho and Rigsby ask Brandon what he was doing with the gun. He thinks they shot him. He says Felix was a monster who liked to hurt people. But he won't say anything else.

Back at the office, they recap that they need a confession since the gun isn't direct evidence. Jane talks to Sydney. She says she didn't ask Brandon to kill her dad. Jane suggests that maybe someone else made him do it.

Jane lurks near Lisbon. He thinks Felicia and Sydney should go back to work. He'd like to watch the theater.

Gabriel greets the women, telling them to rehearse from the top and not to worry too much about staying on script. He gives Jane a thumbs up. Sydney starts accusing her mother of seducing Brandon and lying to her. On camera, in front of the crew and extras, Felicia tries to deny it. Jane interrupts, saying Felicia is wooden and high pitched. He doesn't buy it. Then he recaps, saying she seduced then manipulated Brandon, telling him Felix was abusing her. Then she lured him to the house that night to kill him. He tells her her career hinges on her being able to convince the gathered crowd that she's telling the truth. "My work is always truthful," she says. "There's a little afternoon soap in there," Jane replies. "That's a terrible thing to say," she says.

Jane tells her to give the truth and make it real. He backs away. She looks at Sydney. She apologizes. She was angry that Felix changed his mind over script issues. She thought he didn't want other men to look at her. He was suffocating her, it was a form of abuse. The crew doesn't buy it.

Flash back to Brandon coming in one night as Felicia reads a script at home with a drink. She says he forced himself on her as the flashback shows her seducing him. Brandon told Felix that Sydney was in trouble to get him to Hollywood Blvd.

Sydney watches her step-mother's confession. She says if only Felix could have respected her needs this wouldn't have happened. "Men are beasts," Jane says. Felicia asks him to tell Sydney she's sorry. She wasn't the step-mother she might have been.


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