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A Price Above Rubies is the ninth episode of season two of The Mentalist.


A jewel heist during a charity event leaves a man lingering near death -- but the investigation takes a bizzare turn when the chief suspect winds up dead.

Recap & Review[]

The team is attending an event of Doverton and Co family jewelers. so they are all attempting to make nice; then we hear Jane is going to be doing some entertaining, but it turns out he just does a little magic trick and “transforms [their] consciousness.” He plays them like a fiddle, and meanwhile a heist occurs in the vault, and Aunt Esther’s husband Carl was shot in the ensuing brouhaha.

CBI is put on the case, talking to Tom and George, the Doverton brothers. They answer questions about Carl as him not exactly being their uncle, although when Jane rephrases as “the man their aunt is having sex with” they protest, and add that they don’t care for Jane’s attitude.

While Lisbon and Jane are having a semi-argument about whether or not Carl could be their inside man, Grace has tracked a car caught by red light photo enforcement near the scene of the crime. The owner is Doyle Murphy — a criminal with a rap sheet a mile long with safecracking as a specialty. Grace and Rigsby go to nab him and bring him in at his hotel apartment. They speak with the desk clerk who remembers Murphy being visited by a guy in a cowboy hat, but when they break into his room they don’t find him there… until they open the closet and he’s slumped over with a bullet hole in his head.

Their next move is to look for the cowboy, and so they bring in the desk clerk so Jane can hypnotize him and get more details, which works. The description leads to Donny Culpepper, who knew Doyle Murphy not only because he owed him money, but was his ex-brother-in-law. He’s more or less flippant about being brought in, and speaks to Cho about the circumstances of Murphy’s death. He didn’t know about the heist beforehand whatever connections they want to make.

Lisbon and Jane argue briefly about whether or not Donny is involved here — they both like him for it, but it’s a great deal more convoluted and still requires a look for a connection to an inside man. Grace interrupts with the possible link. The store’s security footage shows Tom Doverton talking with Doyle. They pull him in but aren’t really able to find anything useful. He leaves with his family while Jane has let Donny go. Donny also takes a disliking to Jane's attitude.

They bring in the diamonds from the heist — found in Murphy’s intestines. Jane uses the fire extinguisher to try and smash the diamond, suspecting fakes, but instead it flies out from under the extinguisher, cracks a window pane, and is now lost in the office. They are talking about the case while searching for the lost diamond, and Jane realizes that Doverton and Murphy connected in rehab. Jane and Lisbon go to the rehab center and pretend to start intake procedures for Lisbon, Jane’s alcoholic wife. While the director is giving her the tour, Jane looks around his office at files and finds something interesting — George was the Doverton in rehab rather than Tom.

They confront George about it, and he claims that he lied only to save their aunt from the embarrassment of the addiction. While they’re getting ready to leave, a package comes for George, and when Tom opens it, there is a phone along with a ransom note that says they will have to deliver the jewels to the location or Aunt Esther will die.

They set up to receive the call and get a location off the call, and Rigsby tells them to stall as long as they can. Once Rigsby has a location he runs out and the Dovertons attempt to keep the kidnapper on the line. Their stalling falls short though, and a gunshot is heard through the phone. George runs from the room, but Tom remains, seemingly fixated. When the phone rings again, he answers, and attempts to pay off the kidnapper, without realizing the kidnapper is Jane in the next room with a voice changer. Tom is summarily arrested for the murder of Doyle Murphy.

With the case solved, there is one final grace note to the end of the show involving the missing diamond. Rigsby finds it, hands it over to Jane, and Jane magic tricks it into Grace’s pocket — significantly.


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  • This episode's title is derived from a passage in the Judeo-Christian Book of Valor, "who can find a woman of valor, her price is far above rubies," which it shares with 1998 film of the same name.
  • In season, 6 episode 15 (White as the Driven Snow) Jane refers to Grace as "a price above rubies" which could be a reference to this episode.
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