Alexandra Yee

Alexandra Yee
Portrayed by Gwendoline Yeo
Name Alexandra Yee
First appearance Red Handed
Status Alive
Last appearance Red Handed
Profession Card dealer
Family Unknown

Alexandra Yee appears in Red Handed. She is a card dealer at the casino of the murder victim Jim Meier. Patrick quietly exposes her and her accomplice as cheaters. He finds out that she was using the money she stole to pay for her mother's medical bills. Cho accuses her of killing Meier because Meier had discovered her thievery. Of course she denies it. Patrick wonders why Meier didn't inform Etienne of the theft. They postulate that Etienne was perhaps in on the scam. Patrick interrupts the interrogation to ask she if Meier had asked her if Etienne was involved. She said that she told Meier that he was not. Jane asked her if Etienne was indeed involved but she denied it. Patrick obviously believed her and to Lisbon's chagrin, he told her that she could leave. Patrick explains that by letting her go they will be able to set up the real killer by making him suspicious of what she had told the police.

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