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Always Bet On Red is the eleventh episode of Season 4 of The Mentalist.


Lisbon and the team are called out to protect a lawyer at a marina after receiving death threats. Turns out those threats are real when he goes down with an exploding boat.


Lisbon and the team are called out to a marina where a divorce lawyer named Creek wants the CBI to protect him against threats. He was recommended to the CBI by Summer, his client and Cho's CI. As the team is making their way down to Creek's boat, it blows up right in front of them. As Cho and Lisbon run down towards the explosion, Jane runs away. As they stand over the exploded scene, Jane and Lisbon watch as a shark takes down one of Creek's severed legs.

Cho and Rigsby talk to an attorney named Larry at Creek's firm, who is interrupted by Colette, his co-worker and attorney, who won't let him even say a word, saying he's a bit drunk as it is right now and doesn't know what he's saying. Against Cho and Rigsby wanting to ask him a few questions now, Colette assures them that they will talk in the morning.

Agent Darcy of the FBI in charge of Panzer's case begins to question Jane about Red John, since he had supposedly killed him. Darcy assume they have a copy-cat and Jane is right on board with that theory, despite Lisbon wanting him to tell everybody the truth - he killed a killer, but he didn't kill Red John.

That evening Van Pelt comes to the office to do some work with Jane laying nearby on his couch. On her computer, someone sends her a video titled "I_Dare_You." A bit nervous, she calls Jane over and they open the video together. The video is of someone stalking Darcy through her day - the grocery store, the parking lot, and up to her hotel room. They then get a text saying "She's cute. This is going to be fun." Assuring himself that this is Red John, Jane insists they leave now. They break down Darcy's door to find Darcy pointing a gun at them. Explaining themselves, they show her the video.

Cho talks to Summer about Creek and she shows him a picture of a pig's head on his doorstep. Thinking this may have something to do with the mob they check in on Creek's gambling habits where they come across a mobster named Ed Marx. In order to get him out of the underground gambling facility, Cho and Summer dress up and go to the place. Summer starts hanging around Marx. She offers him a bet if he wins, something she whispers into his ear. So after winning, he follows her outside where Cho takes him down.

Lisbon is trying to get Jane to come clean about Panzer and Red John, but Jane insists that he knows what he is doing. They then learn that the father of Panzer's first victim, kills himself. Jane wants Darcy off of the case, but she insists she be on it, trying to find this supposed copy cat. So of course Jane has to lure her away. He has to frame Maier for Panzer's death. He plants evidence at the crime scene to make it look like the father killed Panzer and made it "look" like Red John did it. Maier's widow is scared by Jane, making sure he lets her know that her husband was a murderer. Surprisingly, she seems okay with this.

Annoyed that Jane hasn't been working on the Creek case, Lisbon brings him into the room of rounded of suspects - Summer, Larry, Colette, and Marx. He does a few reads and accuses Colette of murdering him. After Summer calls her a bitch and is upset she killed Creek, Colette is arrested.

Darcy arrives at Maier's funeral to say that they found a hobo with all this evidence from the Panzer murder scene, including a Red John-like knife and that it really did look like Maier killed his daughter's murderer.


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