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Annabeth "Annie" Lisbon is the daughter of Tommy Lisbon and niece of Teresa Lisbon.


Annie's mother was a "freakin' wackadoo," according to her father, Tommy Lisbon. Tommy, an electrician turned bounty hunter, currently has custody of his daughter because her mother has taken off.

In Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien?, Annie goes with her father to arrest the convicts he's after. Tommy has taught his daughter how to use guns, including a rifle, which she is really good with. Annie is a very social person, not afraid to ask a question, like when she asked Rigsby if he had a girlfriend and if he loves her. Patrick Jane teaches Annie how to pick pockets.


Teresa Lisbon[]


Annie and Teresa

Annie admires her aunt, Teresa. She wants to be a cop like Teresa one day because her aunt gets to "beat up bad guys and kick ass". Teresa doesn't approve of the way Annie is growing up, but is very impressed with her niece's skills (i.e. shooting).