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Anthony Gupta was a gas station attendant and one of Red John's accomplices.

Anthony's past is not revealed, all that is known about him is his name and his proficiency with firearms and explosives. Presumably on Red John's orders, Anthony tortured Max James for the location of Max's cousin, Madeleine Hightower. He, however, unintentionally killed him and was forced to find another way to get the information. To this end he found a receipt from a Cash in Motion store that lead to a man named Alan Dinkler. He killed his roommate and forced Alan to rob his business by strapping him to a bomb. As a result Alan took $50,000 and a client list that reveals where Hightower is. Alan attempts to deliver the list but is seen by the police prompting Anthony to trigger the bomb killing him. He tries to coerce Teresa Lisbon to get the list from evidence after misdirecting her as to Alan's destination and strapping a bomb to her. But Patrick is with her and he helps her find Anthony and bring him into custody. Afterwards he tries to escape and ends up being killed by J.J. LaRoche.


  • Max James (tortured for information and unintentionally killed by a heart attack as a result of the torture)
  • Michael Takashima (shot once in the head)
  • Alan Dinkler (blown up with a bomb strapped to his chest)
  • Teresa Lisbon (in the same way as Alan Dinkler, but survived)