Ben Machado

Portrayed by Danny Nucci
Name Ben Machado
First appearance Flame Red
Status Alive (Arrested)
Last appearance Flame Red
Profession Estate Agent
Family Unknown

Ben Machado appears in Flame Red. He is an estate agent that worked along with Rich Garcia, Trey Piller and Dave Martin a long time ago. Ben Machado helped kill Dave Martin with Rich Garcia and Trey Pillar. Tommy found out what they had done to his friend, and took revenge by killing Rich Garcia and going out to kill Ben.

Machado fired at Grace Van Pelt and Kimball Cho, who both found Ethel ether in his garage, framing Ben.

Later, Jane tricked Ben into confessing that he and his friends killed Dave Martin by pretending to be the dead man himself. Just as they entered a deadly game, Tommy set fire to the barn. Machado was arrested by Cho and Rigsby for the murder of Dave Martin.

Victims Edit

  • Dave Martin (burned him and his house to ashes with Rich Garcia and Trey Piller)