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"Black-Winged Redbird" is the second episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane discovers an important clue to Red John’s methods as the team encounters four of the suspects, and the CBI investigates the case of a software engineer killed by a drone strike.


A slightly drunk man walks out of a restaurant, and over the protestations of a waitress gets in his car and drives away. He is very upset when pulled over by the police. He drives away while speaking to the officer and shortly afterwards his car explodes.

Meanwhile Gale Bertram attends the scene where Lisbon found Brett Partridge. He is told, by the attending Sacramento Police, that Partridge is dead and Lisbon is unconscious. Jane is also there calling for water, which he uses to tenderly wipe the blood off Lisbon's face.

Lisbon wakes up in hospital with Jane at her bedside. She is unharmed apart from the taser burn. Jane tells her that Red John marked her face with Partridge's blood. She tells Jane that Partridge's last words were "Tyger Tyger". Lisbon tells Jane that Red John must be psychic, to reach into his head, which sets Jane thinking, and outside he calls Sophie Miller, but only gets her answering machine.

Bertram assigns the team to the exploding car case, with Cho in charge. At the scene Cho and Rigsby review the dash-cam footage and conclude that a drone may have caused the explosion. Grace Van Pelt calls Rigsby and tells him that the victim was called Titus Stone and worked for a company that makes drones.

At the company Cho and Jane discover that Stone had just completed work on a drone for the Pentagon called the "Redbird", when Jane ask if it was red, he is told that it was black.  When talking with Stone's co-worker he learns that Stone watched a lot of Samurai movies.

Jane is still trying to contact Sophie. When he fails again, he asks Grace to find an address for him.

Ray Haffner visits Lisbon in hospital, and questions her about the Red John case. She tells him that she is fine, but he asks her why she is nervous. He tells her that he came by because he likes her. When he leaves, she says that she has to get out of there.

Rigsby interviews the prostitute that Stone commonly met. She tells him that his fantasy was playing a Samurai warrior, with her as a village girl.

Lisbon returns to work and tells Grace to stop the surveillance on the Red John suspects.

Jane arrives at Sophie's house and Lisbon calls for an update as he is on her doorstep. When he receives no reply, he breaks in and searches her house, finding a Dictaphone in her desk with case notes on it. He finds a note on the fridge saying "Dinner's in the oven" signed with the Red John smiley face. He opens the oven to find Sophie's head.

Lisbon calls Jane while he is being interviewed by the police about Sophie, to tell him that Bertram, Reede Smith and Sheriff McAllister are meeting. He rushes back and interrupts their meeting. Bertram tells him that they were talking about a joint drugs task force. Jane tells them that he is getting close to Red John because he has killed Sophie. When he leaves, Smith asks how much Jane knows, and Bertram replies that "that is the question." Smith says "that is your job" to Bertram.

Lisbon and Jane are talking and Jane says that Red John must have killed Sophie because she could identify him. He also says that Red John must have visited Sophie. Lisbon asks Rigsby to get her record from the local police.

The team are discussing the case when Jane asks what Stone had for his last meal. When told that he had fried chicken, a cheese burger and macaroni cheese, Jane says that they are to call in the suspects the next day as he has solved the case.

At the interrogation, he tells them that Stone committed suicide because of failure of the Redbird. They theorize that Stone told Kris Makkena, the Vice President of the company that Stone worked for, that he couldn't live with the deceit, tricking her into revealing that she had wiped his hard disk to delete the proof and his suicide note.

Rigsby interrupts to tell Jane that he has some information. He says that there are four possible names for Red John on Sophie's client list. When he tells Jane that one of the names is "Jay Roth", Jane says that Roth is German for Red and concludes that the person is him. Rigsby says that the record are missing. Jane says that he expected this, but it doesn't matter as he knows something Red John doesn't. Sophie didn't type her notes herself, she used a service. They track down Jay Roth's notes and learn that "Jay Roth" has a phobia, maybe acrophobia, maybe something else, but definitely real.


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