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Black Gold and Red Blood is the sixth episode of season two of The Mentalist.


After Bosco discovers an audio transmitter in his desk, and the receiver in Jane's desk, he charges Jane with a felony. Even with bail, Jane must spend three days in jail, which he seems to welcome as a new experience. He waives protective custody because he's not a child molester and not technically a cop, and shares a cell like everyone else. Through his charming demeanor and astute observations, he's able to befriend several inmates, help the team on their latest case, and even land one of the case's suspects in jail so he can talk to him personally. Faking sickness, Jane escapes from jail, solves the case, and Lisbon successfully pressures Bosco to drop the charges.


The CBI Team is in the woods found the body of a local boy, Kirby Hines, 29 years old, he was a welder. The local police department stomped all over the crime scene so forensic evidence is not to be found. Jane notices there is glitter on the side of the victim's face. The family arrives and the police worry it’s going to get ugly. Lisbon assigns Rigsby and Van Pelt to work the body and has Jane and Cho go with her to talk to the families. Rigsby waits until the rest of the team walks away and quietly says hi to Van Pelt. She smiles and says hi back. Rigsby is paranoid and thinks Jane knows about the two of them. Van Pelt disagrees with him.

Lisbon, Jane and Cho end up meeting up with two feuding families, the Gerbers and the Luscoms. An argument and shouting go on until a knife is pulled by Theodore Luscom. Cho’s had enough, he arrests the man with the knife. Cho escorts Ted to the police car along with Van Pelt, who questions the prisoner while Jane follows. Ted Luscom tells the CBI that the people they work for don’t exist, so therefore he doesn’t have to listen to them or acknowledge his arrest. Jane teases Ted and says he’s absolutely right. Jane gives him this whole story of the ‘secret plan’ but Lisbon tells him to hush. The team all get into the van, minus Jane, and head back to CBI.

As they are booking Ted back at CBI, Bosco comes in with a female detective, Malloy. He apologizes to Lisbon for what he’s about to do, then walks over to Jane, who's lying on the couch with a book, and arrests him.

Jane, Lisbon, Bosco and Minelli are sitting in Bosco’s office. Bosco found Jane’s bug during a routine sweep in his offices. He found the receiver for the bug in Jane’s desk. Jane admits he was listening in to get information on the Red John case because Bosco wouldn’t keep him informed. When questioned, Lisbon says she had no knowledge of what Jane was up to. Bosco agrees to drop all charges if Jane resigns and agrees to never return to the CBI. Jane tells him to charge him, he’ll see Bosco in court. Bosco says Jane will be in jail for three days before he can apply for bail. “It’s a new experience, I welcome it,” Jane responds. Lisbon wants to know if Bosco really wants to do this. Bosco calls Malloy in, hands her the signed paperwork and she leaves with Jane. Bosco says, “I just did.”

Jane is brought to the local prison. The escort guard and the two at the desk are talking about mice. One guard is adamant he saw them while the others think he’s paranoid. Jane is supposed to go into protective custody. When the guard asks him if he’s a cop or rapist, Jane says neither, he doesn’t need protective custody. “Your funeral,” the guard replies. Changed into prison attire, Jane is brought into the general population and straight to his cell. He’s sharing a cell with a large African-American male. Jane says hello and tells the guy what he’s in for. Jane’s cellmate is in for raping a man then stabbing him to death but he claims the sex was consensual and then he stabbed him to death. The man takes the bottom bunk and gives Jane the top.

At CBI, Van Pelt is going through the victim’s notebook, which was found in his pocket. They try to guess what the information is in it. Cho thinks it’s map coordinates because it's a series of numbers. Van Pelt can make out a few names, Jay and Martin. When she flips the page, it reads “Vultures!!!!”. Lisbon has Cho follow up with Ted Lascom and Rigsby has to deal with the Hines family.

Cho walks into interrogation, calling Ted by his first name, which sparks a bit of anger from the man. Cho wants to know what his problem is with the other families. Ted tells him that 20 years ago, his father’s brother Roy fraudulently stole 10 acres of land from him and sold it to the Gerbers. Oil sands reside under the land, which makes it profitable and worth millions. Ted took the Gerbers to court a year ago but lost. Cho asks for his alibi the day before. Ted says he'll have to think about it.

In prison, Jane is getting chummy with his roommate, Bill. Bill thanks Jane for listening to him about his problems. They exchange a handshake.

Bosco lurks outside Lisbon’s office then finally goes in. He only wants her to listen to what he has to say. He tells her his beef is only with Jane, not Lisbon or the CBI. He thinks it was a big mistake that she brought Jane in. He says that they used to have a good working relationship in the past and with Jane out of the picture, they will again. Bosco wants to know if they are "cool" again. Lisbon tells him she listened and needs to think about it before they are “cool” again.

Bill and Jane are getting ready for bed. Bill puts his shoes under his pillow and tells Jane not to worry about the morning. He lets Jane know that there’s some scary guys in prison and they all know he’s a cop. Jane insists he’s not but Bill tells him the prison has an excellent medical facility. Jane rolls over, faces the wall, sighing heavily.

Lisbon and Van Pelt drive to the deceased's family home; his wife is Donna Hines (formerly a Gerber). Grace is lost in thought and doesn’t get out of the car immediately. She tells Lisbon she’s just worried about Jane. They approach the house and a young girl is sitting on the porch The girl wants to know if Lisbon is going to bring her daddy home. Lisbon says she can’t do that.

Jane is brought into the common room and the inmates stop talking. Jane says good morning and one prisoner calls him a pig. Jane tells them he’s never been and isn’t presently a police officer, he simply works with them using his skills to catch murderers. They want to know what kind of skills and one man says, “Show me some skills.” Jane profiles the man saying he’s the shot caller in the prison. He sniffs glue to get high and wants to quit because he is afraid his peers see it as weak. The prisoners are more afraid of this man when he gets high and admit it. The man walks up to Jane and tells him he doesn’t like him very much. Jane twists words around and confuses the man about liking the world more, then asks where the phone is.

Lisbon and Van Pelt talk to Kirby’s widow, Donna Hines. Donna and Kirby had been together since Junior High and as they grew older, Kirby changed. They had problems in their marriage but only recently was Kirby opening up to her more about his feelings. She admitted that Kirby was a good provider, but money wasn’t an issue. With the oil on their property, each cousin stands to gain $80,000/year. Lisbon points out that Kirby would be entitled to half that money because they were married so it gives Donna motive to kill him. Lisbon also tells her that the coroner found bruises and marks on Kirby’s body from a beating he’d received 3 weeks prior to his death. Donna claims no knowledge of any beating.

Jane is back in the common room and has hypnotized the glue-sniffing prisoner. He is called to the visiting room so he leaves and meets with Cho. Cho has brought him the case file to read over, copies of the victim’s notebook and Sudoku puzzles. Cho quickly brings Jane up to speed on the case.

Lisbon meets with Dooley Gerber, Donna's father, and his wife, Sandrine. Sandrine is more interested in heading to the mall, so Gerber hands her a wad of large bills. He doesn’t know anything about a beating and while he's not happy Kirby is dead, he's glad his daughter is rid of the loser. Lisbon wants to know what made Kirby a loser. Gerber says it’s because his family was moving up in the world and Kirby wanted to remain poor. He talks highly of his daughter, but Sandrine looks away with an odd look on her face. She turns and calls her a “real peach”, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Lisbon.

At CBI, Cho and Rigsby go downstairs to see Bosco, They ask him to release Jane and they’ll owe him big. Bosco wonders what they would do if he asked them to do something so the good guy came out on top, maybe bend the rules a little. Cho says, “No problem.” Bosco says there is no rule bending in the CBI and both Cho and Rigsby are good agents but Jane has corrupted them. They never used to bend rules until Jane came around. Both men thank him for his time and leave.

In prison, Jane is reviewing the victim’s notes and the word “Vultures.” His new prison buddy says, “Vultures pee on their legs to cool themselves.” Jane calls Cho and tells him that Kirby was a birdwatcher, that’s why he had binoculars. Jane wants to talk with Roddy Gerber but Cho informs him Rigsby has gone to meet with him. Jane says, “Aw, what’s the fun in that for me.” He says he has a question for him and Cho offers to relay it. Jane doesn’t budge and ends his conversation with Cho. Jane calls Rigsby, who is en route to Roddy Gerber’s house. “Hey jailie,” Rigsby answers. Jane warns Rigsby that Roddy may be hostile so Rigsby should be very careful. Rigsby isn’t deterred and would like to see Roddy try something.

Jane hangs up and calls Roddy Gerber. He identifies himself as Agent Rigsby, tells Roddy he’s on his way to his place and has a few discreet questions to ask him. Jane says he heard from a couple of reliable sources that Roddy and Kirby were having an affair, sexual relationship. Roddy is not happy, "It’s a damn lie," he says. Jane tells him lying to a CBI Agent is a federal offense. Roddy says he was in the Marine Corps. Jane replies “Oh really. Well that says it all. I’m ex-Army and the Marine Corps suck eggs. But hey, no point in arguing over the phone let’s sort this out when I get to your location. Semper Fi sissy britches”, and then hangs up.

Rigsby pulls up, get out of the vehicle and identifies himself. Roddy walks up to Rigsby and punches him. Roddy is arrested and brought to the same jail Jane is in. When he is brought into the common room, Jane, with a huge smile on his face, says, “Roddy Gerber, thank you for coming.” Roddy is puzzled and Jane walks away.

Jane is sitting down with Roddy, his cellmate Bill, and his other buddy. He asks him about the vultures. Roddy says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and doesn’t like Jane’s tone. Jane asks if Kirby found turkey vultures missing in his land, but Roddy denies it. Turkey vultures are dying out because of a loss of habitat. They are a protected species, Jane says. The other inmate tells Jane he’s disrespecting the game they are playing. Jane tells Roddy that if the vultures are nesting on their land, it means they are protected so the Gerber’s can’t drill for oil and get rich. Roddy found out about the vultures and beat up Kirby to tell him where the nest was. He then shot the vultures because he wasn’t going to give up a million dollars for a “couple of ugly bastards who eat dead people.” The two inmates listen and follow the conversation intently. Roddy says he kicked Kirby’s ass good but he didn’t kill Kirby. Jane gets him to swear on his mother’s grave that he didn’t kill him.

At CBI, Rigsby, Van Pelt and Cho are discussing who should take the lead and talk to Lisbon. Rigsby feels Van Pelt should do it as she’s a female. Lisbon walks in and wants to know what’s going on. Cho tells her that they went to Bosco to get him to release Jane but he wouldn’t do it. They were thinking that if Lisbon went and asked Bosco to do it as a personal favor to her, he’d do it. “Why would you think that?” Lisbon asks. “You know, he has a thing for you. A sexual thing,” Cho says. Rigsby and Van Pelt chime in that Bosco likes her. Lisbon disagrees and says even if he did, she wouldn’t use it as leverage. She feels Jane broke the law and needs to pay the consequences. Her cell phone rings, Jane is calling her, he wants her to come and visit him. He pleads with her, asks her to bring a blueberry muffin.

Lisbon shows up at the county jail and brings him a muffin. Roddy is sitting at a table nearby. Jane looks in the bag and is disappointed, it’s a cranberry muffin because they didn’t have any blueberry. Jane tells Lisbon what happened with Roddy and Kirby, and that Roddy didn’t kill Kirby. Lisbon feels he could have told her all that over the phone. Jane says, “I needed a visitor so I could get into the visitors' room.” “How I wish I had my gun,” Lisbon says. Just then, Dooley Gerber arrives and sits down to visit with Roddy. “Crime fighting's hard, suck it up,” Jane tells her. He wants to ask Dooley a question but needs Lisbon to keep the guard off him. Jane goes over to Dooley and the guard starts to intercept him. Lisbon holds up her badge and tells the guard it’s okay. Jane sits next to Dooley and asks if it’s true he killed his son-in-law. “And who are you now,” Dooley asks. Jane tells him it’s a very good answer, then goes back to sit with Lisbon. Lisbon wants to know what he learned. Jane says it was just the control question, the next one is the critical one. Lisbon replies, ‘I don’t need my gun, I can just hit you with my chair.” “I think you’ll find it’s bolted to the floor,” Jane says with a grin. She reminds him of the seriousness of his situation and how long he could be in jail. “The law as defined by Bosco,” Jane replies. He also insinuates that Lisbon could make Bosco do anything she wanted, she’s just keeping him in prison in hopes of teaching him a lesson. Lisbon insists Bosco is a happily married man and he has no feelings for her. Jane smiles as he listens to her.

Back in his cell, Jane sits on Bill’s bed and takes out his muffin. Bill sits up and eyes it so Jane gives him half. Jane puts the other pieces of the muffin in the bag, then shreds some of the sheet and shakes it in the bag. He puts together a trap and he and Bill are on the lookout for a mouse. Bill falls asleep, as does Jane, but Jane awakens when he hears the mouse. He watches it heard across the room towards the bag with the muffin pieces in it. Once the mouse goes in, Jane pulls the sheet and the book on the other end falls down and seals the bag. Jane gets up and closes the mouse in the bag.

The next morning, Bill yells for help. Jane is lying on the floor and Bill tells the guards he isn’t moving. One guard shows up and then calls for backup. He asks if Bill did it and he tells them he had nothing to do with it, he found him like that. Two guards load Jane up on a stretcher and bring him to the main desk. The guard there, who is afraid of mice, sends the others back to their posts while he calls for the medic. While the guard calls for the medic, Jane quietly unlocks the handcuffs and releases the belt strapping him down. The guard hears Jane whispering so he leans down to hear. Jane whispers, “My hand.” The guard looks into Jane’s hand and the mouse peeks out. The guard freaks out and backs away from Jane, back into his office. As the guard is calling for backup, Jane gets up, kisses the mouse, tosses it into the office with the guard, then shuts the door. The poor guard is screaming for help the entire time. Jane pushes the button and lets himself out, with the guard’s coat on. He passes by the medic on his way in. The medic realizes something isn’t right and yells for help as Jane walks right out of the prison.

Jane, now dressed in a suit, walks up to Dooley Gerber’s house. Minelli walks into the CBI and tells Lisbon, who is napping on the desk, that he had a dream Jane escaped from prison and wants her to wake him up. Lisbon apologizes and says she had no idea what Jane was planning. Bosco comes in, sits down and wants Lisbon to contact Jane to have him come in. They’ve put out an APB on Jane and nobody wants him to get hurt. Lisbon wants to know how he expects her to get in touch with him. Bosco says she has influence over him, they are close. Lisbon finds that funny but won’t elaborate when Minelli asks her why. Bosco’s phone rings, it’s Jane. He tells Bosco he is at Dooley’s house and to send the sheriff over, he’ll have Kirby’s killer in 10 minutes. Dooley is staring at Jane, walking up behind him. The house is full of people eating and drinking. Dooley wants to know what the hell Jane is talking about, that he has Kirby’s killer. Jane says, not yet but he will. He asks for a cup of tea. Donna gives Jane a cup of tea. Jane is sitting at the table with Donna, Sandrine and Dooley in the kitchen. Jane wants to know how Donna felt having her brother beat up her husband over the vultures. Donna feels angry because she let her husband down. Donna tells Dooley that she let the money blind her, they all did. Sandrine tries to excuse herself because she has stuff to do. Jane asks her not to go and talks about Kirby finding clarity and how important it was to be truthful. Jane points out that when they found Kirby he had flecks of glitter on his face. When he saw Dooley at the prison, he had some on his face too which means he and Kirby were in close contact to the same woman, a woman who likes to wear glitter. “That would be you, Sandrine, “ Jane says. “You're stupid,” Sandrine tells Jane. “Sometimes, yes,” Jane replies. Donna and Dooley are shocked as they didn’t make the connection. Dooley goes over to his wife and grabs her face. Jane tells them that Sandrine and Kirby were having an affair, she was bored and frustrated and he was available. Kirby realized what kind of woman she was so he warned her before he was going to come clean about their affair. He wanted to start a new life away from the family, with his wife, whom he did love. Sandrine tells Jane it’s all a lie and tells Dooley there was no affair. Frustrated, Sandrine paces and insists it’s all a lie. Jane informs her that DNA doesn’t lie. When the forensic lab tested the glitter on Kirby’s face, they found her DNA on it. Jane tells her to hurry up and tell her family the truth, the police are on their way and it’s the last time she’ll see them for a long time. Dooley grabs Sandrine and demands the truth. Sandrine says Kirby made her do it. Donna slaps Sandrine across the face. The police pull up as Dooley hugs a sobbing Donna. The sheriff uses the bullhorn and calls for Jane to come out. Sandrine looks at him as Jane admits it’s him they are after and there is no DNA evidence either. Sandrine starts to lie but Jane tells her “no take-backs.” Both Jane and Sandrine are handcuffed and escorted to jail.

Lisbon walks into Bosco’s office and tells him Jane got a confession from Sandrine Gerber, case closed. Bosco feels the AG won’t likely make it stick because the key witness is in jail for a long time himself and now he has escape charges. Lisbon says that’s what she wants to talk to him about. She asks Bosco to drop the charges. “What if I don’t want to do that?” Bosco asks. “Don’t make me go there Sam,” Lisbon replies. She tells him she’ll talk about what happened 8 years ago. He doesn’t believe she will go there. She insists she will. “You will ruin our lives, our careers over Jane? He mean that much to you?” Bosco asks. “He closes cases,” Lisbon responds. “He closes cases, is that all it is?” he asks. Lisbon gets up and tells him if he doesn’t let Jane go, she’ll talk and leaves.

Jane and Cho are walking into CBI, chatting. Lisbon walks by and remarks that Jane was let out and heads into her office. Jane steps in and thanks her. She mocks them about saying Bosco did it “all for love.” Jane feels Bosco wouldn’t comprise his believes for love but something more concrete. He realizes Lisbon has something on Bosco, something he did wrong years ago. Bosco isn’t the type to steal or do drugs, so Jane figures he hurt someone, he killed a bad guy when he couldn’t catch him. Lisbon found out after the fact and let Bosco off the hook because the bad guy deserved it. Lisbon tells him she’s not admitting to anything, but hopes that Jane will in the future be a little bit more mature and responsible in his behavior. Jane says he’s grateful and all that but let’s not get carried away. Lisbon says, “I should have let you rot in jail.” Jane just grinned and walked away.


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