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Black Market is the fourth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist.


The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm his wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington, D.C.


The fourth episode of season seven, Black Market, starts off with Lisbon and Cho checking out engagement rings in a Jewelry store. Lisbon has a ring on her finger and turns to Cho, and asks if they should do it. Cho turns to the jeweler and says they will take it. Lisbon hugs and kisses Cho and calls him 'sweetie'.

Lisbon and Cho exit the jewellery store and head back to the car where Jane and an appraiser for the diamond are waiting. The appraiser takes a look at it. Jane keeps clearing his throat, and Lisbon asks him if he is okay. He says he is, but Lisbon tells him he should see a doctor. Jane refuses, saying they are "frauds in white coats". Lisbon tells him fine, but not to sneeze near him because the last thing she needs is a cold. He tells her he will do it. The appraiser in the back tells them it was definitely taken from the missing cache. Cho tells them to move in. As Lisbon exits the car, she tells Jane that he should go back to her place, crawl in her bed and she will come tuck him in later after they are done. He says he rather be here with Lisbon, but promptly sneezes.

Inside the jewellery store, Lisbon approaches the jeweler, Joubert, and tells him that she is FBI and the engagement is off. After the title sequence, Cho tells Joubert that two security guards were killed outside of Fort Worth, Texas, after transporting half a million dollars worth of diamonds. Joubert asks what that has to do with him, and Lisbon tells him the diamond he sold her was part of that shipment. Joubert tells the team that he was out of the country (Barcelona) during that time, and couldn't have had a part in the heist. He gives his alibi credit by telling them his associate, Wren, can vouch for him. Lisbon reminds him that doesn't mean he didn't hire someone to kill them. Jane tells Lisbon that he didn't with those hands. Joubert says he sold them the diamond with a legitimate purchase he made two weeks ago from several dealers. Cho tells Joubert they need names of the dealers he dealt with and receipts. Joubert is reluctant with the receipt request. Lisbon sassily replies with, "Little pieces of paper that they give you when you buy something?". Joubert tells Lisbon he doesn't know when he can get his hands on them. He goes on to tell them they have a new manager and everything is in disarray. Jane takes the opportunity to undermine Lisbon's wishes to keep their love affair secret by seizing the chance to use it toward Joubert when Jane tells Lisbon that it is " easy to spot an illicit couple. They always think they are fooling everyone..." Joubert tries to deny it, but Jane tells him not to bother. Jane points out Joubert's "petite manicure" and pocket square and spray tan as a mid-life crisis and impending divorce. Jane goes on to point out Wren's blushing tells them that she is his mistress. Lisbon chimes in and tells Joubert that he would want to hide his assets from his impending divorce. Joubert tells them he loves his wife, to which Wren objects. Lisbon tells Joubert they need the receipts. Jane walks up to Wren and tells her that if Joubert cheated on his wife with her, he will do it to Wren, too. He tells her that is just the way of the world before walking out of the store.

Back at the FBI headquarters Cho gets in the elevator where Vega joins him. She asks him about the case, but he is evasive and cold toward her. She tells him she knows he is angry with her, but she is sorry for lying to him about Abbott okaying her participation in the takedown of Jean-Paul the previous episode. Vega says she will make it up to Cho, and Cho just says "okay" before exiting the elevator. Jane and Lisbon are in the FBI break area, and Lisbon asks Jane if he is sure he is okay. He assures her he is, saying lemon and honey in his tea will help his throat. She tells him he looks pale, to which he thanks her. Abbott interrupts and asks if they got the receipts from Joubert, and Lisbon tells him Wylie is working on it. Lisbon asks Abbott if his wife has heard back from the Commerce Department about the D.C. job. Abbott tells them that she hasn't, but he hopes soon. It's been months. Abbott tells Jane he looks pale before leaving, to which Lisbon responds, "Told ya."

Abbott walks into the bullpen and asks Wylie about Joubert. Wylie tells Abbott that his alibi and receipts check out. Wylie tells them that he bought the diamonds from a vendor named Jousef Brozalis. Wylie also tells them that the gem show is in Houston till the end of the week. Abbott tells Cho to go and take Vega. Cho protests, but Abbott tells Cho that Vega apologized and that she is young and reformable. Cho finally agrees, and they leave for the gem show. Cho and Vega arrive at the Lyndon B. Johnson Convention center, where the gem show is being held. They walk in, and Cho tells Vega not to ask questions if she isn't sure and to not lie to anyone. She agrees. Kirk Upton looks on as he sees Cho and Vega talking to the M.C. of the show. He walks up and asks them about the investigation, and points them to Brozalis's station. Elon Bell, the security guard for the show, comes and introduces himself to Cho and Vega. Elon Bell dismisses Kirk back to his booth and after a brief exchange, he leads them to Brozalis.

Back at the FBI, Abbott is doing paperwork when his wife, Lena, shows up to his office. She tells Abbott that she got a call about the job in D.C. Abbott congratulates her, and she tells him that they have to confirm her placement. Lena sets up drinks with Robert Ackerman. Abbott tells her she has earned this and pumps his fist as she leaves his office.

Back at the gem show, Cho and Vega try to interrogate Brozalis, who is uncooperative, prompting Vegas to tell him to cool down in spanish. Brozalis takes a breath and then tells the agents that he didn't sell Joubert the heisted diamonds because all the diamonds are registered. It tells them when and where it was mined. He states that if Joubert had stolen diamonds, he didn't provide them. Elon Bell, who is behind them, gets a call on his phone. He asks Cho and Vega if they would check something out with him. They go out to a staircase outside and find Kirk Upton's body lying on the stairs, beaten to death.

Back at the FBI, Wylie fills Abbott, Jane and Lisbon in on Kirk. Wylie tells them that Kirk had 2 arrests, but neither stuck. Cho and Vega are listening in, and Cho asks what Kirk was doing lately. Wylie says he was into various ponzi schemes. Abbott asks how Brozalis was involved with the gem heist, and Lisbon states they don't know. Jane said whoever did the gem heist had a partner. Kirk must have freaked out when he saw Cho and Vega. Abbott tells Lisbon to talk to the ex-wife, Wylie to tap into the cameras and monitor them and for Cho and Vega to ask around at the show if anyone saw anything. He tells Jane to go home because he is sick, but Jane says he doesn't want to miss all the fun.

Lisbon talks with Kirk's ex-wife, Lupe, who suggests that Kirk was a drifter, never really knowing what he wanted to do. She tells Lisbon that he was in a motorcycle accident and had bills, and thought selling gems was easy cash. She also says her son, Polly, has special needs. Kirk was paying for his tutor. Lupe says that Kirk just wanted to be a father and leads Lisbon to a man named Walker Pond.

Cho and Vega go to Pond's booth. He is upset and tells Cho that he doesn't know who would kill Kirk. He tells them that Kirk was always in a hurry and that he has to build his business, but Pond says Kirk didn't listen. Vega asks how a gem dealer goes about building their business, and Pond replies that you have to learn the trade. He goes on to say that it takes time, but Kirk wanted instant results. Cho asks if Pond talked to Kirk today, and he says he did not. Vega asks him if he seen Kirk talk to anyone else, and he says Greta Fortinsky, the appraiser, was talking with him several times, and they seemed to be having an argument. Pond tells them that nobody can sell a gem without an appraiser telling them what it is worth.

Wylie is watching a recorded feed of the gem show cameras when Jane asks him to view the show live. Wylie does so. Vega and Cho are speaking with Greta, who tells them that when she appraises gems, sometimes people argue with her. She invites her daughter, Bibby, to join her conversation with the agents. She goes on to tell them that her appraisal usually stands. Bibby tells them that Kirk was sad, but not angry. Cho gets a call on his phone. It is Jane, who jokingly tells him his fly is down. Cho looks around and finds out that they are monitoring him through the cameras. Jane asks Wylie to zoom in on Bibby and Greta and asks Cho if he thinks she is the killer. He says he doesn't know. Abbott comes along and asks who Jane is talking to, and both Jane and Wylie say Cho. Abbott puts Cho on speaker (after Jane wipes the mouthpiece with his suit jacket) and asks Wylie what he got on Kirk's movements. Wylie tells them that he stopped by to talk with Pond. Cho says Pond said he never talked to Kirk. Abbott tells Cho and Vega to go back and talk with Pond. Jane gets the spins and Abbott says he is having someone drive him home, and Jane doesn't protest.

Vega and Cho stop by Pond's booth again, but he is gone. They ask Bell where Pond went, and he tells them he packed up his booth and took off. Cho tells Vega to call Wylie and track Pond.

Lena Abbott is standing in the lobby of the FBI waiting for her husband. Abbott is stopped by Wylie, who tells Abbott that Pond is heading toward an airplane hangar in Galveston. Abbott tells Wylie to tell Cho and Vega to drive the 45 minutes and wait on Pond at the hangar. Abbott then leaves with his wife.

Abbott, Lena and Robert Ackerman are having drinks at a bistro. Ackerman says that Lena looks good on all fronts for the job. He then asks Abbott about his previous work on Rio Bravo, which was a drug war. He says that Rio Bravo was tough because you couldn't tell criminals from cops. Abbott insists he is clear, but his face and hesitation catches Lena's attention.

Cho and Vega talk about Cho being able to trust Vega with his life. Vega sees Pond running inside the building. Cho and Vega run after Pond, who says another man is chasing him. A shot rings out and they take cover on the side of the plane. Cho runs after the guy who shot the bullet at them while Vega captures Pond. Both suspects handcuffed, they take them back to the FBI.

Cho and Vega tell Abbott what happened and Abbott praises them. Both leave, but Cho is cold with Vega. Lisbon interrogates Pond. Pond tells her that he borrowed money and that Kirk's murder was because he gave Kirk his hoodie and he was at the wrong place and the wrong time. Lisbon tells him that the man he was accusing was nowhere near the murder scene. She tells him good try, though.

Lisbon is on the phone to Jane, who is in his airstream. She tells him about her interrogation of Pond and says they still don't have a suspect and the gem show closes tomorrow. Jane says he can solve the murder, but he can't because he is sick. He says Lisbon saw him do "it" loads of times. Lisbon says she doesn't know what he means, but she thinks her answer is no. He tells her to come by his airstream and they will talk about it. Lisbon asks him why he can't tell her now. Jane tells her that he wants to see her and wants her to bring him tomato or bean soup. She agrees.

Vega is typing on her computer while Wylie tells her that her sprained wrist is a badge of courage (she got it from tackling Pond). She says it's not that big of a deal. Cho gets up from his desk and leaves, and Vega looks on sadly. Wylie tells her Cho will come around.

Abbott meets with Robert Ackerman and tells him there might be something about Rio Bravo in his file. He asks Robert how this would affect Lena, and Robert says it will because they are part of a package. Robert suggests Abbott say that he and Lena are on a trial separation to appease people, but Abbott disagrees. Robert says he is giving Abbott a way out, and this is it. Abbott gets a call from Lisbon as he walks away from Ackerman.

Jane and Lisbon are in Abbott's office, Jane in a blanket, where they tell him their plan. Lisbon says she thinks she can do it, and Jane tells her she can and he will be talking to her the entire time. Lisbon looks terrified. Wylie taps into the cameras at the gem show and some men move Jane's couch to the middle of the bullpen so Jane can see the monitors. Jane lays on the couch just as Lisbon arrives at the gem show. She puts an earpiece in her ear and walks along the floor. Jane tells her she's going to be fine, and she replies she is going to throw up. She walks up and takes the mic and speaks low. Jane tells her to speak up and she gets the attention of everyone in the audience. Lisbon says that she is a psychic medium, and she is going to read the spirits in the room. Wylie goes to work on someone in the crowd, but Lisbon has to stall them for time. She asks if anyone in the audience has any questions. Someone in the audience says he doesn't believe in psychics, to which Jane tells her to disagree. She does. In the meantime, Wylie figures out a woman for Lisbon to "read". Lisbon calls out Mary Kate Barrows, a woman who lost her dog. Lisbon lingers on Barrows, but Jane tells her to move onto the main event. Lisbon connects to Kirk, who reveals his killer through Lisbon as being Bibby, the appraisers daughter. Lisbon tells them that she hopes they have Nicotine gum in prison. Bibby incriminates herself and Cho and Vega block her exit. Jane is proud and hands the mic back to Wylie and falls asleep on his couch.

Back at the FBI, Cho interrogates Bibby, who confesses that she killed Kirk. She tells Cho that Bell, the security guard, killed the two security guards and she replaced the stolen gems with fakes. She says Kirk was in on it, but freaked when the two guards were killed. Cho tells her the gum she was chewing was her downfall.

Abbott and Lena discuss her job, and Abbott tells Lena that he doesn't want to go to D.C. He tells her that she should go alone. She says it is about Rio Bravo, to which he says she needs deniability. She cries.

Back in the FBI bullpen. Vega wants to do a trust fall with Cho. They don't do it, but Cho asks her if she would like to go to the shooting range with him after work, and she says yes. Cho smiles.

In Jane's airstream, Jane and Lisbon are in bed together, Lisbon stroking Jane's hand with her fingers. She tells him he needs to get some sleep, to which he moans softly. She tells him that playing psychic and talking to those people with Jane in her ear was fun. He smiles and turns to her. He asks her what if they just ran away from the FBI and made another life for themselves. He tells her do they really want to look at dead people all their lives? What if they just took off? Lisbon says that Law Enforcement is who she is. He says he knows and he was just thinking. She tells him goodnight and rubs his arm, telling him she will check on him in the morning. He tells her goodnight.

The episode ends with Lisbon sneezing and Jane telling her "sorry" for giving her his cold.


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  1. Jane tells Lisbon that his cold is getting worse as she investigates Joseph Rosales.


  • This episode's title has been changed twice from "Pink Rocks" to "A Hint of Yellow" until they finally settled on "Black Market".
  • This episode sees Jane return to wearing a vest
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