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"You need a favor, you ask for it. You get asked to do something, you do it."
Reede Smith in "The Great Red Dragon"
356px-The Tyger BM a 1794

Blake's poem "The Tyger" seems to be strongly linked with The Blake Association

The Blake Association is a secret criminal organization founded and formerly led by "Red John" which involves members of multiple federal, state and local government agencies within the California area. The existence of the organization was revealed by Bob Kirkland in "Red Listed", but its official name was revealed three episodes later.

It is a system of officials and agents of various ranks who commit crimes such as murder, and who help each other cover up the crimes.

According to former member Reede Smith, the structure of the organization seems to be divided into small circles. Members of each of these circles only personally know members of their same circle, but not all of the others, and take orders anonymously.

The special characteristic of the association is a tattoo of three horizontal dots that its members have on their left shoulders. Also, they use the password "Tyger Tyger", derived from the poem The Tyger of William Blake ("Red John"'s favorite author), who also gives name to the organization itself.

Although the members of the organization help each other in many circumstances, when one of them is caught or discovered, another member is sent to assassinate him in order to protect the secrecy of the organization.

However, since the existence of the organization was made public by Patrick Jane, the FBI began a campaign to clean up corrupt cops, which led even to the dismantling of the entire CBI. This fact, coupled with the death of its leader "Red John" at the hands of Jane, eventually caused the demise of the organization.

Confirmed Members[]


  • Red John (Sheriff Thomas McAllister) †


In "Green Thumb", Jane escapes FBI custody in order to create a fake list of names in order to ensure Abbott does not break their deal. At the end of the episode, Abbott reveals to Jane that the people he has listed have either been arrested or relieved of their duties. The blacked out names are fakes- a trick by Jane to ensure Abbott does not go back on their deal.

Suspected Members[]

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Crimes committed by The Blake Association (Suspected)[]


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