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Bleeding Heart is the twelth episode of season two of The Mentalist.

Recap & Review[]

This episode introduces a new storytelling device. Investigative reporter Mike Brewster is filming the team as part of a public relations bid, because since Bosco’s team was massacred in their office the media has been on a feeding frenzy. Jane walks out of what seems to be his first videotaping session. The team is soon called out to where the body of Martha St. Claire was uncovered at the site of a complex development — at the groundbreaking, in fact.

Back at headquarters Lisbon is butting heads with PR person Brenda over where the reporter will be filming. She puts her foot down on not filming in the field, although permits filming in the office and bullpen. In a quid pro quo, the news team let the team view their footage of the groundbreaking. They point out Melba Walker Shannon, the mayor, and Heaton Krupp, the developer.

Grace brings some evidence from Martha’s apartment, reporting that her laptop was missing but nothing else. Lisbon is focused on the necklace Martha is wearing in photos, and Jane predicts that it is long gone, the killer having made a souvenir of it. Cho is going to call other networks to get their film of the groundbreaking, and Lisbon and Jane are going to the mayor’s office.

At the mayor’s office, they meet Wilson (guest star Sean Maher), the mayor’s assistant, and talk to him while Jane is going through Martha’s desk. Her appointment book shows an appointment for the next day, marked with a star and three exclamation points. Melba shows Lisbon and Jane threats her office had received from eco-activist slash terrorist Jasper, concerning the development of the Granton complex. She assumes that Jasper killed Martha, although Jane is not so sure — after all, Melba would have been the bigger publicity kill. Before Lisbon ruins his fun, though, Jane gets all aggressive and is winding Melba up — but only for distraction’s sake so he can take the note that Wilson delivered mid-conversation that had Melba so verklempt: a 911 about Martha from Heaton Crupp.

Crupp, like any good businessman, is concerned about when he can start construction. He claims to have no contact with Martha and is ready to fight Cho and Rigsby when they confront him with proof otherwise, but when they threaten him with holding up construction, he is willing to cooperate. He had heard Martha was going to hold up tens of millions of dollars that were supposedly going to be dispersed after groundbreaking, and he wanted to know why. Just when things are going to get dicey, a firebomb comes flying through the window of the trailer. The place goes up in a raging inferno, but Cho, Rigsby, and Crupp manage to escape. Outside, Rigsby finds a can of flammable material tagged with Jasper’s signature “J.”

Grace, angrily says that they have to stop Jasper before he kills again. Jane points out that he hasn’t actually killed anyone yet, despite Melba’s suspicions — and points out that Martha was going to stall development, which was what Jasper wanted. Jane and Lisbon run out to the mayor’s office again. His one question to Melba when they arrive is “How big was your bribe from Crupp?” Melba points out that they should be talking to her lover rather than her, despite that they were told Martha didn’t have a boyfriend.

With more footage from other networks, they notice that there is a man in the crowd wearing a shirt emblazoned with Jasper’s tag. They decide to trace this guy. While Cho and Rigsby are doing that, Jane gets shirty with the cameraman in the kitchen before making a grand exit. Lisbon follows to tell him off and find out what his problem is, and as Jane delicately reminds us, the last time he was in front of the cameras things didn’t turn out so well for him.

As an apology he takes Mike and the camera guy for a taco. Jane gets picked up by ecoterrorists in a big black van and taken blindfolded to a cabin in the woods. Kidnapped by the illustrious Jasper to set the record straight, he tells Jane that he did not kill Martha and he did not firebomb Crupp’s office. When Jane insinuates that he knows Jasper’s identity he quickly tries to take it back and say he doesn’t. Seeing that his cover has been blown, Jasper finally reveals himself as Wilson, who was working with the mayor as a way to infiltrate her ranks.

Cho and Rigsby have brought in the self-proclaimed 'green warrior' Bart Henrik, who is very loyal to Jasper. But the second Rigsby and Cho close the blinds and make like there’s going to be a little rough justice, he gives away the location of Jasper’s cabin. Meanwhile, Jane is using his calming voice to talk Wilson down. When they have the cabin surrounded, Wilson leaves Jane and makes a break for it — and thus the set up to catch the real killer begins.

Lisbon agrees to allow Mike and the cameraman to come film when they bust Wilson. They sneak up bright and early, waiting in their Kevlar vests, setting up a perimeter and waiting for the warrant. Mike begins talking to Jane, but Jane manages to change the subject and finds Martha’s necklace in Mike’s pocket. In the interrogation room, Mike paints the picture. The mayor was accepting bribes, but there was no proof and even though he had been pushing Martha, she did not give him anything. He looked through her computer and found the proof he had been looking for. A fight ensued, he was angry that she had kept this career-making story from him while she was angry that he had been going through her things.

Melba and Wilson are both arrested, with Wilson agreeing to testify against Melba in exchange for leniency in crimes committed as Jasper. To add to the happy ending, with the philosophy that life is short in mind. Rigsby and Grace come out to the team as lovers. Jane tries not to laugh out loud as Cho exhibits no surprise, and Lisbon gets ticked. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do about it — yet.


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