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Blood Feud is the fourth episode of Season 5 of The Mentalist.


When Rigsby's father is found injured at a crime scene, the team must find out if it is the result of a long-standing small-town gang war.


The episode starts out with Rigsby in his home about to leave. Someone knocks on his door. The two officers Jurmain and Weber are supposed to take him to the CBI headquarters. Jurmain wants to cuff Rigsby but Weber tells him that he is a cop and shouldn't be cuffed in front of his son Benjamin. At the CBI, Rigsby is taken into J.J. LaRoche's office for interrogation while everybody looks upset to him. LaRoche warns him that if Rigsby says something he does not like he will charge him with murder. So Rigsby starts telling the story from the beginning.

It begins in Carson Springs, when Rigsby got a call about 3 am. There was a shooting at the edge of town. He arrived at the crime scene at about 5 am, 20 minutes before Jane and Lisbon. The victim is Andy Hoff, a barber. Lisbon notices that the place is a strange location to stop by and Rigsby replies that Carsen Spring is where gangs deal with drugs. But Hoff does not look like one. They wonder whether something went wrong and Jane tells them to ask the other guy since a towel on a rope is missing and there is a blood trail on the ground. They follow the trail to a building. Rigsby asks the guy to come out. He recognizes the voice and enters, only to find his father Steve wounded in a corner.

In the hospital, a doctor tells Rigsby that his father is stabilized but there is a shotgun pellet near his heart that cannot be removed since an open heart surgery would be too risky in his condition. Rigsby and Lisbon enter the room to ask Steve some questions, but he does not give any information. Rigsby wants to investigate but Lisbon tells him to go home to his son.

At headquarters Lisbon and Jane interrogate Samantha, a partner of Hoff's. They show her Steve's picture but she claims not to recognize him. Jane knows that she is hiding something since she did not react to the fact that her partner was driving around with a criminal. She says that she does not want to get involved. Lisbon assures her that nothing will happen to her. Samantha tells them that Hoff was having family troubles. His father is Tom Overton who is from the "Overton Family". Hoff's mother found out about Tom, and left him to raise Hoff honest, without taking any money from the Overtons, who run half of the town. The other half is run by the Low Riders. Hoff and Steve were shot in Low Rider territory. But currently things have been quiet between the families, so why would someone start causing troubles now?

Lisbon tells Jane and Cho to interrogate Steve, and Van Pelt to go to the gym since gang members hang out there quite often. Grace meets Fletcher Moss, who tells her that the gym is neutral ground. People are not supposed to talk about gang stuff there. Moss does not believe that Steve and Hoff have been shot just for being in Low Rider territory.

Cho and Jane find Steve's hospital bed empty. Jane asks the nurse whether she saw the man who was attached to the needle.

Back to the present, Rigsby tells LaRoche that Lisbon put him back onto the case since he insisted so badly on it. He got in touch with Steve's girlfriend Rocket, and learned that he was supposed to meet her at a bar. So Rigsby goes to meet Steve at the bar without Cho, since his father does not like cops that much. Rigsby asks Steve to go back to the hospital ,but he does not want to so he joins him for a beer.

Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon meet the alpha of the Overtons, Sue. She introduces them to her son Kyle. Sue is Hoff's sister and she claims not to have killed Hoff. They are currently in the business of dry cleaning and Sue is not aware of any drug deals or Low Riders.

Grace meets Moss again. She tells him that her boss is on her way to meet the Low Riders, whose boss is a guy called Beltran. Moss says that Beltran is a bad guy who appears to have killed Sue's husband. For revenge, they killed his brother.

Jane and Lisbon meet Beltran and learn that one of his guys has been beaten up by the Overtons in a fight about new turf. But he claims that he did not kill Hoff. Jane thinks that someone wants the two families to start a gang war.

In the meantime, Steve tells Rigsby that someone threatened Hoff and wanted to burn down his barber shop. Steve wanted to help him. Rigsby shows him pictures of Benjamin. As they are about to leave for Rigsby's son, Steve has a stroke and dies.

Lisbon tells Jane about Grace's meetings with Moss, of whom Jane is suspicious. Jane wants to question him himself. He asks Moss whether he agrees on a meeting between the Overtons and the Low Riders at the gym. Moss says he is in. Moss is basically a small-time crook who is now trying to be a better person by pulling crooks off the street.

Jane goes to meet Sue and convinces her to agree to the meeting by telling her that there is a Low Rider who is ready to give up his whole gang to the CBI, if Sue agrees to give him a job. He also says that the Low Rider has ordered a substantial supply of guns. Sue wants to meet the informant. She asks her men about the supply. This is the supply that Grace has sent on Jane's orders. The guys spy on the Low Riders. Jane then meets Beltran and tells him that the Overtons are spying on him. He gives them the same informant story. Both gang leaders now meet in the gym and threaten each other when they notice the other. Jane tells them that their informant fooled them. Beltran was told by his source that the park was an open turf and Sue was told by her source that the Low Riders killed Hoff. Both of them realize at the same time that Moss is the one who fooled them. He wanted a gang war which would eliminate both gangs , so that he and his gang could take over. So he is the one who killed Hoff and gravely wounded Steve.

Outside, Rigsby arrives and Cho asks him whether it was a good idea. Rigsby thinks it's fine and enters the gym. Moss tries to escape with Rigsby following him, since he's been hiding in the building and observing the whole scene. Rigsby gets to shoot Moss. Moss shouts out for help claiming not to be able to move anymore. Suddenly he gets up and wants to shoot Rigsby but he is killed before he gets the chance to fire.

Cut to the present. LaRoche finishes his report. He tells Jane and Lisbon that the report will say that Rigsby acted appropriately and is cleared. But he knows that Jane arranged a legal revenge for Rigsby. It just can't be proven. LaRoche tells Lisbon that she was wrong to call Rigsby, but Jane takes the responsibility.

The episode ends with Rigsby at home, cradling his son while in tears.


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