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Blood In, Blood Out is the fourteenth episode of season two of The Mentalist.


Cho is forced to return to his old neighborhood when a member of his old street gang is found dead.


In Lisbon's office, Jane's flipping a quarter. After 20 flips, he's somehow gotten it to come up heads every time. Rigsby gives Jane his 20 dollars from the bet, but when he asks for an explanation, Jane just says he has "supernatural powers". In the main office, a young lady is sitting on a chair in front of Cho's desk, and introduces herself to the team before Cho arrives to go on a date. Right before he's about to leave, he gets a call about a shooting, where the victim called Cho three times in the last few days. Cho abandons his date, and says he wants to go over alone, but Patrick Jane is adamant about going.

They find David Seung a member of Cho's old gang. He's been shot repeatedly in an alley. He hadn't talked to him in 13 years except for the past few days when he called to ask for help, but Cho didn't call back.

Back at the office, David's grandmother Suanne Seung comes to plead with Cho to do his own investigation on the case. Cho says that Oakland has the case, and that he was probably killed by the gang, but she's adamant that he left the gang and got a regular job. So, with a little cajoling from Jane, Van Pelt, and Rigsby, Cho decides to at least check out the case.

They go to Cho's old town, where Cho reminisces that he stole his first car when he was 14. He goes to a pawn shop where a fat man is eating and a skinnier Asian man is at the counter. They question the fat man, a gang member, and he says that David left the gang a month ago, got a regular job, and then called KS personally a few days ago because he wanted money.

Rigsby finds that David worked at Cedar Creek Equities, so they go there and talk with one of the middle managers. They say he was just in the night before to get his payroll.

Back at home, Cho and his girlfriend are about to start making out, when armed gunmen come in the door, pin them to the floor with guns to their backs, and his girlfriend. After the commercial break, the gunmen are gone, and his girlfriend is going to the hospital.

They return to the pawn shop, but John John, the fat man, isn't there. Cho grapples the other man, and says he'll break his arm if he doesn't tell him where KS is.

Rigsby and Van Pelt go to Cedar Creek Equities again, where they meet a ditsy, sniffling secretary named Crystal, who says she has allergies. They talk to the manager, and he tells them to talk to the cleaning crew, David's coworkers, downstairs (and tells Crystal to get a cup of coffee on the way)

At KS's house, Cho puts KS at gunpoint and takes him into the kitchen. He says that a month ago, David bought a kilo of cocaine from him, which KS assumed he wanted to sell. They argued, and David left the gang. He also said that he didn't kill David, and didn't order the hit. Cho starts to lead KS outside at gunpoint, but Jane, who tagged along, has been captured and held at gunpoint by one of the gang members.

Jane reasons with them, saying that the gang member doesn't want to shoot a cop and go to jail, and Cho doesn't want to shoot KS. They both lower their guns, and Jane and Cho leave.

At a restaurant, Rigsby joins Jane and Cho and says that David's body came back drug-free, so he wasn't selling or using the drugs.

Back at Cedar Creek Equities, Van Pelt catches Crystal using drugs in the ladies' room and brings her in. With some convincing, she says that she got it from Adam Reed, and that he beat her and had sex with her on multiple occasions. She also recognizes a list of numbers that was found on David's body, which Jane has been showing to everyone they question.

Jane, Rigsby and Cho make a third trip to Cedar Creek Equities, where Adam Reed, the manager, is cutting cocaine with a credit card sitting next to a large-busted prostitute.

Cho then begins beating Mr. Reed repeatedly, and asking him questions. Jane reveals that the list of numbers is a list of bank accounts, and Cho says that Mr. Reed caught David steeling a laptop, and blackmailed him into giving him the cocaine. Cho handcuffs Mr. Reed and starts leading him outside, jamming a door as he leaves. But, one of the cleaning staff, Frank, is there, and he removes the broom jamming the door, and opens the door outside for them.

Outside, they find Cho over a bloody body, which Rigsby takes to the back of a truck, out of site. They then begin questioning the janitor, who's wearing gloves. He says they're work-gloves, though Cho points out that he's not working, and that if he took them off he'd probably show bruises. He still refuses to take off the gloves, so Cho threatens to shoot him too. Frank confesses to killing David and assaulting Cho's girlfriend. He says he hired David to steal for him, but David said he wanted to quit. Fearing David would tell the cops on him, Frank he killed him. As for the home assault, the other assailant was someone named Tony Waid. The confession given, Rigsby appears from behind the truck. Mr. Reed was actually hurt, and wasn't in on the act, but Cho didn't kill him. He just shot his gun at the ground (must have been too dark for Frank to see bullet holes in the parking lot blacktop), and then poured red food coloring on Mr. Reed.

Back at CBI headquarters, Mr. Reed's attorney says that there will be lawsuit after lawsuit for what Cho did to Mr. Reed. Lisbon mentions that Mr. Reed is facing a long list of convictions, and that the DA is willing to strike a deal with those convictions if Mr. Reed is willing to cooperate.

Back at home, Cho kisses his sleeping girlfriend, then goes out to see David's grandmother. He tells her that David actually did change his ways, and they he felt guilty that when David asked for his help, he never returned his call, and that he might have been able to prevent David's death. Just the same, Mrs. Seung forgives Cho for his misstep, while relieved to learn she was right and that David wasn't killed because he was back in a gang.


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  • This is one of the few episodes that shows Cho being emotional after admitting he failed to save his friend David Seung and sharing a hug with David's grandmother, the other one is Season 7 Episode Nothing Gold Can Stay when Cho is grieving over Michelle Vega's death.
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