Blood for Blood

Season Episode
3 14
First aired February 10, 2011
Written by David Appelbaum
Directed by Martha Mitchell
Guest-starring Pruitt Taylor Vince, Eric Winter, Yancy Butler, Adam Leadbeater, Michael DiBacco, Gabriel Salvador, John Mese, Daniel Travis, Kaitlyn Dever, Robert Clotworthy, Cyd Strittmatter, Mozhan Marnò
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Blood for Blood is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 of The Mentalist.


Van Pelt's actions are called into question when a witness is murdered while she is assigned to his protection.


Grace Van Pelt is commissioned to protect Justin DeGeorge and his daughter Trina at home, who would be the key witness in the trials against Adrian Essex, a drug lord, who has been a client of DeGeorge as an investment adviser. When she arrives for her night shift, DeGeorge and his lawyer are practicing the witness report. The policeman Marshal Gordon and the lawyer leave. As she goes out for her inspection walk she hears something suspicious and tries to find the source but gets clocked and is unconscious for a while. When she is awake again she hears gunshots and runs back to the house, finding the door opened and DeGeorge shot dead in the living room. His daughter is missing. While examining the crime scene Jane finds a sketch block with a plan of the property that belongs to Trina. Lisbon and Jane find her in a treehouse in the garden where she felt safe and hid. Van Pelt is asked some questions after her wound treatment concerning the door because there is no evidence of a forced entry and the only way to get in is a key that hangs around her neck. But she cannot remember. Jane finds an indication on the table in the living room: a matchbook with the inscription 'Reno Wrangler Bar & Grill' - a clue because there are many other collected matchbooks and they are located in a glass container.

Rigsby and Cho drive to Essex' property where they ask him some questions regarding last night. But he pretends that he cannot remember and the two agents want to carry him to the CBI headquarter but as they leave his electronic tag starts peeping. Then he says that he has an alibi after all.

Trina is brought to the hospital where her aunt Jodie tries to protect her from the case that her father is dead now (her mother died several years ago: suicide) because the girl is unable to remember anything, amnesia, but she seems to have observed something. Jane asks whether he is allowed to hypnotize her so she can remember but her aunt still blocks the way through to Trina. Nevertheless, Jane finds a way to get to her and asks her some questions whether she can remember the night. Then they are interrupted by aunt Jodie, the nurse and Lisbon. When the girl asks where her father is because he hasn't gone to see her yet, Jane tells her that he is dead.

Meanwhile, Van Pelt feels guilty because she wasn't able to protect the key witness. Rigsby tries to calm her down but leaves when Craig O'Laughlin comes and assures her that she is a good cop. Then, LaRoche comes to ask her some questions concerning the incident last night and the murder case of Todd Johnson. He demands an accident report and a urine sample for their meeting in the afternoon.

Rigsby and Cho go to ask Eugene Boden some questions, one of Essex' friends, but they find him during a drug deal where Essex takes part, too. But he is able to escape.

In the CBI headquarter, Van Pelt is situated in a talk with LaRoche who persuades her of a guilty conscience because of the door she cannot remember to have closed. Then he offers her a chance to prove that she is indeed a good cop by being a mole in her division to find out who killed Todd Johnson. He gives her some time to think about it.

Eugene Boden is taken to a questioning where Cho and Lisbon tell him how everything worked for Essex to get out of his house without anybody finding out. The same signal was placed inside of a mobile so Essex was able to get out without anybody knowing it. The only thing they all forgot was the observation camera of the neighbor. Boden wants to leave but Cho and Lisbon persuade him by telling him that because of selling drugs he can get 20 years into prison. He doesn't want to say anything.

Jane talks to aunt Jodie in front of the hospital because he is not allowed to go into it anymore. He gives her some facts about her - once in the military, now a nurse, tough and she hates DeGeorge because he hit Trina's mother (her sister) who died in Reno causing her to fight for Trina's custody. She thinks that violence is a solution for everything but she is self-controlled. She wants to quit smoking but it's too hard. Jane hypnotizes her so that she can stop it for Trina.

In the evening Van Pelt and O'Laughlin go out to a cafe where he orders a chocolate cake for her to make her feel better.

Meanwhile, Rigsby finds out that DeGeorge was attacked by aunt Jodie some years ago. They also are all trying to find Essex who escaped to one of his properties somewhere. Jane, Cho and Marshal Gorman bet whether Jane can find out in one minute where Essex is on the basis of a list with all his properties. He asks Boden who still doesn't want to say anything but reacts when Jane's finger points on a place called Eagle Drive. Later he is caught there and brought to the CBI headquarter where he calls a lawyer and says that he was with his girlfriend during the murder.

In the next morning, Jane and Lisbon drive to aunt Jodie. They want Trina to take part in an identification parade. Jodie refuses at first but Trina tells her that it was her dad who died. So they finally drive to the CBI. But Trina cannot recognise any of the five men standing there. Jane persuades Trina to trust him and to find the murderer so Lisbon and he pretend that Trina can remember by telling aunt Jodie that he hypnotized her while she was signing some paper stuff.

Trina is brought somewhere else so she can be protected - in a motel where she is supposed to be. The one who reveals himself by trying to kill Trina is Marshal Gorman. Lisbon and Van Pelt appear and ascribe DeGeorge's murder to him, who is supposed to be assassinated by Essex. As he tries to attack Lisbon, Van Pelt kills him with four shots to the chest.

Later Van Pelt goes to LaRoche to tell him that Gorman had a key to the house, deducing that she had indeed locked the door and that she is a good cop. Then she tells him that she doesn't want to be a mole in her division. She doesn't want other people to hear the private conversations between her colleagues, her friends. LaRoche tries to change her mind by telling her that someone in the CBI killed a man, that this person may be someone whom she trusts. But she refuses. O'Laughlin then tells her that he is proud of her and they go out.

Essex is interrogated again where Lisbon and Jane tell him that Trina wasn't hypnotized. It was only an excuse to find the killer who was Gorman. He had the same drugs at home like Essex and they found his statements of account. Whenever Essex needed someone to be killed, he hired Gorman and remitted him a lot of money, a total of five times. Essex asks how they found out that Gorman was the killer. Jane answers that Gorman came from Boston like Essex. They even grew up together on the same street. They knew each other for a very long time. With this information many murder cases are closed again.

Van Pelt later tells Rigsby that O'Laughlin proposed to her and that they are engaged now.

Jane and Lisbon go to Jodie's house because she called them. She is in desperation because Trina is behaving differently. She confesses that she was the one who killed her dad. She wanted to light a candle when she found the matchbook her dad got in Reno where her mother died. But it is written in papers that her dad has never been in Reno before. Her dad said that her mother wanted to go away with Trina and leave Justin alone. He hit her, threatened her with a gun and told her not to tell anyone. For a moment he was distracted and the gun fell down. Trina took it and shot him - self-defense. Lisbon wants her to go into a juvenile hall but Jane tries to persuade her not to by telling her that Trina confessed because she is a good person.

But Lisbon still takes her to the juvenile hall. She stops in front of the front desk for a while. Trina tells her that she is okay with that. Lisbon is moved and brings her back home. Jane tells the police officer standing there that he just witnessed a beautiful thing.


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  • Kaitlyn Dever Played an Another Abused Teenage Girl Named Loretta McCreaddy in Justified. Besides of That, it's a Western Tv Series About U.S Marshalls, Chris Mulkey Played is Disabled Father who was Murdered by the Bennett Clan.
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