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Bloodhounds is the twelveth episode of Season 3 of The Mentalist.


When Patrick Jane and the CBI must work with a criminal profiler, Dr. Montague, to solve a double murder, it becomes a competition for Jane to prove that his methods are superior.


Team Lisbon is called out to a junk yard, where Jane gets far too philosophical about dead bodies and dead cars for the early hour. They find a nicely gross, bloated body of a young woman with a neat knitted scarf around her waist. Jane decides to play Dog Whisperer, turns loose the dog belonging to the guy who found the first body, and stumbles onto a second body. Second body belongs to a girl named Valerie, who worked at a local computer software office.

Lisbon gets a call in by another consultant, Dr. Montague. She makes predictive computer models based on information from crime scenes and the system pings the case, and while she bore Jane with this information, she tells Lisbon that her two murdered women fit the profile of the Caveman. Lisbon isn't sure, since Caveman sent body parts and riddles to the cops along with the killings.

Somewhere along the line, heading out to talk to Valerie's boss at the computer office, Jane and Lisbon start rhyming.Valerie started volunteering at a homeless shelter near by, and was very upset when one of the homeless she was close to, died of suspicious causes.

Cho and Rigsby are still fighting about Rigsby including him in his little lie last episode, but mysteriously, Cho just decides to move past it. They find the van that was at the junk yard near the still unknown dead girl's body and the bracelet that came from her body. But the guy in the van isn't the killer.

Jane and Dr. Montague are placing a bet if the killer is the Caveman, when Lisbon gets a present on her desk: a bloody kidney and a poem from the Caveman. They also find the ID of the other dead girl, Fernanda, who worked at a local soda pop bottling warehouse. Her two cousins, Esther and Nilda, who run the plant give them a sob story about the dead girl's last day. Jane loses interest and goes to play in the bottling plant.

Van Pelt and Cho talk to the creepy homeless shelter director and for a moment it looks like he may be the guy, because he stalked Valerie. He alibis out, and Jane is still determined to figure out how Fernanda and Valerie knew each other.

He ditches Lisbon – again, and takes Dr. Montague on the bus, where they find the lady who knitted the two accessories found on both bodies. They also find the very creepy bus driver, Arthur (Silas Weir Mitchell), who bails from the bus after Jane tells all the passengers to let him know if creepy people rode the bus.

Jane and Montague chase down Arthur, but when he turns a gun on them, Jane instantly blames everything on the doctor. Arthur runs, Montague expects Jane to chase after him.

Lisbon saves the day and then ditches Jane as payback. Arthur just turns out to be a drug dealing scum bag, but not the killer. Jane then admits that HE was the one who sent the kidney and the letter to Lisbon as a ruse. He plans to flush out the real killers at Fernanda's candlelight service at the bottle warehouse. At the service, he pretends that another box from the Cavemen has been sent, threatening the real killers for copycatting him.

The two cousins, Nilda and Esther killed Fernanda and Valerie for finding out that they sold contaminated soda and it killed the homeless man in Valerie's shelter.

Dr. Montague and Jane have a moment back at CBI where she awkwardly commends him for his ingenuity and skill. She also leaves him with a statistical workup on Red John from her computer. Jane initially throws the file away, but then digs it back out.


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