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Bloodshot is the sixteenth episode of season one of The Mentalist. It aired on March 17th 2009 in the US and July 9th 2009 in the UK.


As Jane walks into CBI headquarters, he watches with amusement a romantic encounter at the coffee cart between Van Pelt and a mystery man. Van Pelt enters the office to find the CBI team unhappy about another division audit. This unpleasant news isn't enough to take away Grace's good mood. As she enthusiastically heads over to her computer to begin the rather dreary task, Cho and Rigsby discuss the bounce in her step. Patrick tells them of her romantic meeting at the coffee cart. Rigsby is clearly disappointed with this news. As he attempts to get more information from Patrick, Patrick takes a call on his phone. He runs off immediately calling for Lisbon. There is a message on his phone: "There is a very large bomb nearby. Are you smart enough to find it?" As they clear the building, Minelli informs Patrick that this was the third bomb threat this year. Patrick immediately begins to analyze the message. He believes the message was directed at him. He decides that because it is a very large bomb and it is nearby it would probably be planted in one of the cars in the parking lot. He runs around looking into the windows of the vehicles in the lot until he finds a man handcuffed to a van with a ticking bomb next to him. The man has a message written on his forehead that says "U R NEXT". Patrick frantically tries to open the door to the van but all doors are locked. He is unable to break a window. The timer on the clock shows 19 seconds left. Both the handcuffed victim and Patrick realize that it is too late to do anything. Patrick tries desperately to get Lisbon to shoot out the window, but Lisbon frantically attempts to get Patrick to run for cover telling him that it is too late. With four seconds on the timer both the victim and Patrick realize that nothing can be done. The van explodes blasting Jane over another car and onto the ground. When Patrick gets up he complains that there is something in his eyes but soon realizes he can't see.

At the hospital, Patrick is lying in bed with his eyes bandaged. The doctor reassures him that he is a lucky man as the accident could have been much worse. Unconvinced he is lucky and more than a little petulant, he asks for an explanation for his blindness. She tells him that the blindness is probably due to floating blood clots in the vessels around the eye displaying a cortical visual impairment. She explains that usually patients recover their sight in forty-eight to seventy-two hours. After the doctor leaves the room, Cho enters. He informs them that the victim was forty-four year old James Medina who was a stockbroker out of Highlands. The van was not his; it was reported stolen the day before. Cho asks if it was possible that he was on a suicide mission. Patrick is adamant that he was truly a victim. He explains that he looked into Medina's eyes. He was not a man who chose to be in that situation. He suggests that the perpetrator wanted Patrick to watch Medina die. Patrick tells them that the intent wasn't to kill him. He reminds them that the words "U R NEXT" were written on Medina's forehead. He doesn't know why this act of violence was directed at him, he just knows it to be true. Although Patrick is blind, he continues to have the remarkable ability to sense what his colleagues are thinking and feeling.

At the Medina residence in Sacramento, Cho and Rigsby watch as the widow says good-bye to her sister who is taking the children to her home, presumably to keep them safe until the man who set the bomb is caught. They ask her if Jim had any disgruntled clients who perhaps held a grudge because they had lost a lot of money on the stock market. She tells them that in the current economic climate, he was receiving hate mail. She tells them that there was one man, Terry Andrews who came by and was very threatening. At headquarters, they check Terry Andrews' background and find that he works at a club called Hype. Lisbon and Rigsby pick him up and take him back to headquarters to interview him. He is angry at James Medina and is not sorry to hear of his death but he denies any involvement. With bandaged eyes, sunglasses and a white cane, Patrick enters the office assisted by an officer. He has left the hospital against his doctor's advice.

He finds his way into the interview room rather awkwardly and sits in on the questioning of Terry Andrews. Patrick asks a few questions. He listens carefully to Andrews' angry rant and asks to hold his hand. He takes note of Andrews' odor and feels his pulse. Finally, he tells Rigsby that he can let Andrews go. Lisbon bursts into the room and calls to Patrick. As she guides him through the office, she chastises him for interrupting the interview. He gives a rather insincere apology and stops in the middle of the room to remove the bandages from his eyes. He explains that he won't know if his sight returns if he has bandages on his eyes. Unfortunately, he is still blind. He tells Lisbon that Andrews is innocent. He explains that he is very angry but the anger Andrews feels is a righteous anger, which has a lemony odor as opposed to a fearful, guilty, murderous anger, which has more of an ammonia smell. Lisbon listens but is skeptical of this analysis. Patrick is quite pleased with himself. He believes his blindness has heightened his other senses significantly. Patrick tells her that he still believes there is a connection between himself and Medina. He asks to be taken to speak to Mrs. Medina.

Mrs. Medina serves Jane and Lisbon tea. She is more than willing to help with their investigation. Patrick compliments her on her warm and loving home. He then explains that he believes that he was also a target in her husband's murder. He explains that he is looking for some link between her husband and himself. He asks if she could show him some of her husband's personal items. Mrs. Medina is more than willing to cooperate. She brings down a box with various items belonging to her husband. The first item Patrick touches is a pair of reading glasses. Mrs. Medina explains that he couldn't read without them. A horseshoe cuff link is the next item. Jane asks if he liked horses and finds out the Medinas liked to ride together. He picks up what looks like a Rolex watch. He asks about the jewel and engraving on the back. She explains that it was a company gift and the engraving was a bull. Patrick continues to feel the engraving until be flashes back to another interview with another woman. He seems a little shaken by the memory but simply thanks Mrs. Medina for her time.

Back at the office, Jane walks with his cane to the couch while the rest of the CBI team listen to his recollection of a psychic reading he did years ago. He explains that the same watch with the same engraving was presented to him for consideration. He can't remember for whom he was doing the reading but the woman must have been connected to the same firm, Lynch-Halstead. Van Peltposits that Patrick hurt her so badly that she is still holding a grudge. At that moment, Van Pelt gets a call from her mystery man. Rigsby is clearly disappointed to see Grace involved with another man. As the discussion continues, Lisbon asks if Patrick has a list of his former clients. Patrick admits that he had to keep track of all the lies he told them and points with his cane to a box containing the disks. When the meeting ends, Rigsby asks Patrick if he would do him a favor and find out about Grace's new boyfriend. Patrick questions why he doesn't ask her himself. Rigsby explains that they are colleagues and it may be crossing a line for him to ask. He tells Patrick he will kill the guy if he is the one from payroll. Dismissing Rigsby's concern and suggesting honesty was the best policy, Patrick calls for Grace to join them. Rigsby tries to stop him to no avail. Ignoring Rigsby's embarrassment, Patrick asks Grace whom she was kissing by the coffee cart. Annoyed by the personal question, she tells them it is none of their business. When asked, she denies it is the payroll guy, telling them that he doesn't work there. She reiterates that it is none of their business and leaves them abruptly. Patrick suggests to Rigsby that they are lucky because no killing is needed. Rigsby, embarrassed by the exchange, tells Patrick not to be too sure of that and that he'd like to kick his butt. Unfazed by the threat, Patrick asks Rigsby to help him to the couch. Grace is at Patrick's desk when he sits on the couch. After Rigsby leaves Grace confronts Patrick.

Obviously upset, Grace attempts to change the subject. When asked, Grace tells Patrick that her friend's name is Dan Hollenbeck. She pulls the client list off the disk and gets down to work comparing the client list with the Lynch-Halstead records and gets a match...Carol Gentry. Patrick flashes back to a meeting eight years earlier. He is channeling Carol Gentry's mother, telling her that her mother forgives her. Carol seems upset that it is suggested that she has done anything for her mother to forgive. She insists that she was a good daughter. Patrick calms her but her anger at his revelation, affected Patrick at the time and when he returns from his flashback, he is once again affected. He stands up to leave and passes out on the floor. EMS is called. Patrick assures Lisbon and Minelli that he is all right now but Lisbon is insistent that he should be back in the hospital. Minelli tells her that since someone tried to kill him, he is probably more protected if he is in the office.

A while later, the team meets to discuss his former client, Carol Gentry. Lisbon begins to explain that Lynch-Halstead were her brokerage firm but Patrick interrupts to tell them that she isn't a suspect because she killed herself eight years ago and she left no family. Van Pelt had crosschecked spouse's names and came up with a second hit...Jill Lamont wife of Paul Kraeger who used to work for Lynch-Halstead. Again Patrick flashes back. While holding the same kind of watch that James Medina owned, Patrick tells Jill Lamont that her husband has been unfaithful and she must talk to him to save her marriage. Lisbon and Cho speak to the CEO of Lynch-Halstead to see what they can find out about Paul Kraeger. He tells them that Paul and Jill Kraeger had an extremely nasty divorce. Jill remarried but Paul broke down completely. He was eventually fired by James Medina and disappeared. The team began to look for Paul Kraeger and Jill.

As Grace and Rigsby get drinks from the kitchen, Dan shows up to see Grace. Grace is a little uncomfortable with his presence but introduces him to Rigsby. Rigsby is very standoffish increasing the awkwardness of the situation. Rigsby asks to meet with Dan privately. Although Grace protests the meeting, the two go to the washroom for their private meeting. Rigsby warns him that he will be in serious jeopardy if he hurts Grace. He tells him that he had better treat her right. Dan assures him that he will treat her well and Rigsby seems to feel a little better about the new man in her life. As Rigsby turns to walk away, Dan kicks him in the knee and Rigsby falls like a stone. Dan continues the brutal beating until Rigsby is unconscious. Dan handcuffs him and goes back to the office. When Dan speaks to Grace, she apologizes to him but he dismisses her concerns. He then asks where the psychic fellow is because he was anxious to meet him. Grace happily complies. The walk into the office and see Patrick sleeping on the couch. Grace wakes him up. She introduces Dan to Patrick and they shake hands. Patrick gives Dan a two-handed handshake.

Patrick apologizes for being so nosy, explaining that he just wants to make sure Van Pelt finds a nice young man. Patrick tells them he's hungry and stands up. As Grace walks away to get Patrick something to eat, Dan leans in and threatens to shoot Grace in the head if Patrick makes the wrong move. As Grace leaves the room, she gets a call from Lisbon telling her that they cracked the case. Lisbon explains that they found Paul Kraeger and that he was obsessed with James Medina and Patrick. She also reveals that he has a son named Dan Hollenbeck. Grace is stunned by this news. She reaches for her weapon and turns to go back to Patrick but Dan is holding a gun on her. He forces her into the office with Patrick. Dan used Grace to access the parking lot to plant the bomb. He accuses Patrick of ruining his life by breaking up his parents' marriage. He handcuffs Grace's hands behind her back and leads them outside. When they get outside, they bump into the security guard who provides enough distraction for Patrick to hit Dan in the face. Grace and Patrick run away while he recovers. They find a car with keys and get into it. Although blind, Patrick must drive since Grace cannot use her hands. He crashes around the lot attempting to get away. Dan finds them and approaches their vehicle with his weapon drawn. Just as he is ready to shoot, Lisbon arrives and shoots him from behind. Lisbon chastises Patrick for not resting as he was told to do.

Van Pelt runs into the washroom to find Rigsby receiving assistance from an EMT. Relieved that he is all right, she embraces him and apologizes. In the heat of the moment, they almost share a kiss but are interrupted by a janitor. The moment has passed and the awkwardness returns. Rigsby leaves to fill out the required incident report leaving Grace to ponder the lost opportunity.

The next day, Patrick is in the office sitting on his couch. He begins to take his eye bandages off. As Lisbon approaches, he blinks his eyes. The blackness disappears and the blur fades. He sees again.


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