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"THERE SHE BLOWS, classic Red John smiley face. (...) I'm stoked to finally see one in the flesh."
―Brett Partridge[bron]

Brett Partridge was a forensic investigator working for the CBI.

His first appearance is in the Pilot, as an expert of Red John's crime scenes. He was one of the seven final people on Jane's List of Suspects that could be Red John and a favorite suspect among fans of the show. However, after he was killed by Red John at the end of The Desert Rose, he was removed from Jane's list.

The character[]

Brett Partridge

Brett Partridge meet Jane for the second time, in Red Sky In The Morning

The original script of  Pilot describes him as "CSI leader", "CSI Boss", "CSI lead" and "similar to Ricky Gervais", and his space is bigger than in the definitive version. His name is never pronounced (occurred only in cut scenes), but you see it written. Often is referred to him as "the ghoul" or, by fans, "creepy forensics guy". The first time when his name is said was in episode Red John's Rules, in Season 5, when Jane called him "Mr. Partridge".

Season 1 and 2[]

He appeared in the Red John's copycat scenes (at Palm Springs and in Oakland), and seems, or pretends, to not understand that they are fake. In real Red John's scene, he, instead, affirms that is a copycat, maybe to confuse the investigation.

Judging from his behavior at crime scenes (most notably, in the episode "Red Sky in the Morning"), Partridge appears to have a strong dislike for Patrick Jane, and a little admiration for Red John. Partridge also doesn't appear to have

Partridge pilot

Brett expresses his admiration for Red John in the scene of one copycat, in Pilot.

any respect for Jane's observational skills, as in the same episode he sarcastically told Jane to go ahead and "do [his] thing" when Jane asked Partridge to leave so he (Jane) could observe the scene. He's nervous and angry after Jane describes him as a "ghoul","irksome", excited by macabre.

Brett seems to hate "psychics", and knows and quotes the classical literature (as Red John with William Blake), as, for example, Moby Dick and Charles Dickens. The episode "Flame Red" talks about Moby Dick. It is an episode where Red John is mentioned and the one where Jane vows to kill him. In Red Velvet Cupcakes Jane read a Dickens' book.

In Red John investigations[]


Partridge in Red Lacquer Nail Polish

His name is briefly seen in Black Cherry on Jane's list of Red John suspects, with the note: "CBI Forensics department - Totally macabre - Handled Red John cases".

Brett Partridge returned in episode 15 of the fifth season (Red Lacquer Nail Polish). It can be inferred he knows a lot about arson and fire. Like the spontaneous combustion for example. Jane loses his temper with him, as usual, and calls him a ghoul after clarifying that the victim's death was a murder whereas he thought it was an accident. They don't seem to like each other very much.

Red John suspect[]

Brett Partridge 2

Partridge in Red John's Rules

Brett appears also in Red John's Rules; he talks with Jane and Lisbon on RJ's scene, with a CSI's photographer of crime scenes. His behaviour is more calm and he speaks about Lorelei Martins as an extra victim of Red John that doesn't count, because she was an "internal affair" of Red John's net. At the ending of this episode he's revealed as one of seven final Red John's suspects. In the season 6 premier he is apparently murdered by Red John, eliminating him as a Red John suspect; though whether this is simply another clever trick remains to be seen.

103556 d0158b

Brett Partridge dies in The Desert Rose

Lisbon, following the GPS track, found him in an abandoned house, before being assaulted by Red John himself. Partridge last words to Lisbon before he (supposedly) dies are, "Tyger, Tyger."

In the episode Red John, it was revealed that Partridge, a member of the Blake Association, was killed because he was instrumental in McAllister's plan to fake his death. He had altered McAllister's DNA records to those of a dead man, whose body was blasted in the house explosion. After Patrtridge's death, his shoulder was mutilated to remove his Blake Association tattoo.



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