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Brown Eyed Girls is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


A chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual leads Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remains tempted by Pike’s offer to move to D.C.


Jane has just bought a Taco from a Taco stand when he knocks into a large man carrying two shopping bags, spilling their contents. Jane looks at the spilled items and decides to follow him.

Lisbon is on a date with Pike,and Jane calls her for backup and persuades her to join him. Outside the man's motel room Jane tells Lisbon he believes that there is an abducted woman inside. Lisbon and Jane enter the room and find a dying woman, who has been shot. The man, Thaddeus, explains that he was trying to help her and that is why he bought all the things.

In interrogation, Thaddeus tells Abbot that he found the girl on route 16 and that she was thrown away. He can't tell Abbot where he found her because he had been drinking.

The girl is identified as Leanne Cole and according to her roommate she had left for a modeling assignment in Europe. The assignment was booked through an agent named Jesse.

Jane persuades Abbot to allow him to question Thaddeus, and using sensation and aroma recall, gets the location where he found Leanne.

Abbott asks Lisbon whether she is going with Pike to DC, and Abbot asks her what Jane thinks about the move. She says that he hasn't said anything. Abbot asks if Jane knows, Lisbon says of course he knows. Abbot says that if she hasn't told him he probably doesn't know.

At the site where Thaddeus found Leanne they find a blood trail which leads to an abandoned shack that Lisbon thinks is a way-station for undocumented immigrants.

Outside the shack Jane finds a hidden pit, which contains a young woman, Daniela Welker.

When Lisbon questions Daniela in the hospital, she asks about her sister Amy. Daniela tells Lisbon what happened to her, about how she and her sister answered an online advert for modeling in Europe.

Cho reports that the forensic team has found DNA from over 20 people at the safe house.

Jane theorizes that because the truck headed north from the safe house, they are probably still en route to Mexico. Jane suggests that they use CB radio to suggest a road block near the border, and the team go to a roadhouse near the border to look for suspicious truckers. Jane bumps into a woman and the man with her ignores the action. Lisbon notices that the man has a gun in his jacket and when they leave, the agents give chase. The man is killed after he shoots at the agents and the woman is arrested. In the back of the truck, the agents find a group of haggard young women.

Cho visits Daniela in hospital and tells her that they have found more girls, but not her sister. He shows her an artists drawing of the modeling agent described by the other girls and she confirms that it is Jesse.

The captured trafficker, Claudia, tells Lisbon how Leanne had escaped and was shot by her partner Ramon. She tells Lisbon that the girls were turned over to the Qasimi brothers. Lisbon reports that the modeling agencies have all closed down. Wylie finds the only lead, the modeling scout Jesse O'Conner, who lives in San Diego.

Jane suggests that he and Abbot drive to Mexico and persuade the Qasimi's to return with them, since there is no evidence against them, they run a clean business and are not wanted by Interpol or the FBI.

In Mexico at the free trade area where the Qasimi's factory is located, Jane tells them that he owns a couple of "gentlemen's clubs" in Houston and that Ramon sold him the truck he was driving after one of the girls escaped. Jane negotiates a price and then tells the Qasimi's that they have to cross the border to collect the truck as he is not a smuggler.

When they arrive at the truck, the Qasimi's reveal that they were going to double cross Jane and Abbot, but the FBI SWAT team are waiting.

The Qasimi brothers tell the FBI that they are amateurs compared to the man for whom they work and refuse to talk.

The San Diego police call and tell them that Jesse was found dead.

A man called Anthony calls his boss, Mr. Ridley, and tells him that O'Conner has been dealt with. Mr. Ridley tells him to deal with the Qasimi brothers in a similar fashion.

Lisbon tells Jane that Pike has asked her to go with him to DC, and she is thinking about going with him. Jane says congratulations and asks if she is happy.


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