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Brown Shag Carpet is the twelth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist.


Jane agrees to once again pretend to be a renowned psychic and be used as bait in an attempt to lure out a serial killer and give the FBI a chance to apprehend him.


Susan complains to her husband Bill that a guy in a car was staring at her when she took out the trash. She’s scared because the serial killer on the news is still on the loose. He jokingly says that serial killers don’t lurk in cars. He goes out back to check the car Susan mentioned. The guy’s head is canted to the side and there’s a can in his hand. Bill calls out to him and the guy looks at him.

He calls the guy a stupid drunk then goes back inside to find their dinner burning on the stove. He calls out for his wife. She’s not in the house and the front door is open. Jane takes Teresa out into the woods and he covers her eyes to show her a surprise. He shows her a little house on a lake and he says he’s going to renovate it for them. He says it’s a start. She asks if he’s going to do that instead of the FBI.

Jane says he hasn’t decided if he’ll quit yet but Teresa says she has needs and asks if he’s going to run away again or is committed to them. He says he is and that’s why he’s buying the house. She asks if he’s going to take off his wedding ring. He says he’s used to it. She gets a call from Abbott and he says he needs her to come back in – he says, we have another one.

They come to where Susan’s body was dumped. She was shot in the chest and one fingernail was taken. Jane says the killer isn’t being cautious, but more playful since he knows they’re onto him. Jane notices a mark that looks like an IV line. The theory is that he took out some of her blood for some reason. Cho comes in with Rick Tork from the Santa Fe office. He’s going to help out since they’re short-handed.

Tork has also worked with Jane before. He says you always have to keep your hand on your wallet and Abbott says he really does know Jane. They go over the body count and a glimpse at the evidence with Tork. Teresa says the profilers can’t find any patterns to the killings since the victim profiles are diverse by age, race and gender. Jane says it’s about what he’s killing for.

Jane says he needs the blood for something. All the recent bodies had blood taken but the older bodies they couldn’t tell because of decomposition. Wiley says online theories include vampirism. Tork suggests feeding Jane to the media as a psychic and the guy might show himself. Cho says the last time Jane tried that, his wife and kid died. Jane had already walked away.

Teresa says Gabriel had little brain tumors found in the autopsy. Jane says – no wonder he thought he was psychic. Teresa apologizes for mentioning the ring and says she’s okay with it. Wiley says Austin PD called to say they think they shot the serial killer. They head to a house and Abbot says it’s a false alarm. A guy named Le Kong Vinh was shot when he was going through the trash looking for recyclables.

Cho asks the local cop if her department is logging calls about the killer and asks to see that. They walk off. Jane says they should try Tork’s idea but Teresa doesn’t like it. She says she doesn’t want what happened to Gabriel to happen to Jane but he insists and Abbott agrees. Jane and Teresa are at the TV station for his appearance. Teresa tells him he doesn’t have to do it, but he persists.

Jane comes to sit with the news anchor, Dan, who tells him he’ll throw him some easy questions. He introduces Jane as a psychic who works with the FBI. Dan asks if he’s been helping hunt the local serial killer then asks what is a psychic and what he does. Jane pauses and looks around then says he’s distracted. He says Dan has something on his mind and asks about his baby girl.

He says her name begins with a vowel and guesses the child’s name. Jane congratulates the stunned anchor. On an afternoon talk show, he wows a couple of hosts who swear that they didn’t tell him any of this. He’s in his element. He acts the part perfectly then talks about the case. Jane next goes to a radio show and says the killer is angry, in pain and trying to get in touch with someone from the other side.

Tork comes in and wakes Teresa who’s waiting on Jane. He tells her Abbott sent him to take Jane home. She leaves. She walks out to her car and gets in. A guy called Lazarus calls into the show and the guy says Lazarus rose from the dead. The caller asks what else he knows and Jane says he can’t say everything because the case is ongoing. Jane asks if he has information.

Tork calls Abbott and Wiley’s working to trace the call. Tork tells him to carry the call on longer. Jane says he thinks Lazarus knows more about the case and should help them solve the case. Lazarus says he spoke to someone like him before that was a fake. Wiley says the call is from a landline and Cho says to call for backup. The deejay asks if he’s a skeptic and Lazarus says he believes in spirits.

Lazarus asks Jane who haunts him and he says no one. The cops race to the address and pull up quietly with no lights. They rush the place and bust the door down. They head inside. Jane asks whose spirit he’s trying to connect with but the guy says he has to go and ends the call. Jane’s cellphone vibrates and Abbott says the guy isn’t here but rigged the phone. Abbott says he doesn’t like this.

He tells Jane and Tork to leave and come back to the office. They go. Jane calls Teresa and tells her to get back to the office. She’s at his Airstream and asks if he left the door cracked. She says it’s open. He tells her to stay away from it. She says she’s going to check it out and he says to leave the phone on. Tork tries to get Jane to go but he waves him off.

Teresa opens the door of the RV and Jane asks what’s going on. She says no one is there and he says to get back to the office. Someone rams into the car that Jane and Tork are in and Jane is knocked unconscious.

At the office, Abbott replays security footage of the truck crashing into the car. Abbott says Jane was abducted and Tork is recovering in the hospital. Abbott says no one goes home, no one rests until Jane is back and the killer is arrested. He tells them to get assignments from Cho who says they found the truck so they can assume he has another vehicle.

Abbott tells Teresa he’s sorry for not heeding her warnings. Abbott says Jane is the best person to exploit this situation and she says she hopes he’s right. Jane’s head is in a pillow case. He hears the guy come in and he pulls it off. He uncovers Jane and offers water. Jane is tethered to a table by shackles. He asks if Jane knows who he is and he says he’s Lazarus.

Jane asks if he expects him to call him that. Jane checks out the surroundings and says the place could use an update. Lazarus says he saw him on TV saying that he knows and can hear things. He tells Jane to prove it. Jane says it doesn’t work like that and the TV shows were different circumstances. Lazarus says the other one said something like that and he tested him and found he was a liar.

He asks Jane if he’s a liar. Jane says no. Lazarus pulls out a gun and tells him to prove it. Tork is back from the hospital and insists he wants to help. Cho says the same thing would have happened with any of them. Wiley says he’s been researching the blood aspect and Wiley says a local bookstore keeps popping up called The Grimoire that is close to the body dump site.

Abbott says they don’t have time to waste on this. Wiley says Jane would go and would says the usual things give the usual results – dead victims. Cho agrees and he and Wiley leave. Jane tells Lazarus that his mother died young and he was raised by a strict father and now he thinks he deserved that punishment. Jane says Lazarus had no friends as a kid and usually ate alone because he was disgusted by the sounds people make when they eat.

He says people seem like robots to him. Lazarus asks what he does for a living and Jane says he’s an exterminator. Lazarus says he doesn’t need to know about him and needs contact with another. Jane says there are no spirits around him. Jane says he’s not and tells the guy to take it easy. Lazarus’ cellphone rings and he answers it then says the job is finished. He says he’ll be right over to address that.

Lazarus tells Jane he’ll be back and Jane asks for some water. He leaves him a bottle and then goes after dead bolting the door and heading upstairs. Jane sips the water then checks out the table he’s tethered to and used the lid to do something. He works a nail loose and picks the locks on the cuffs. He gets loose and then goes to the deadbolt. He can’t pick it with what he has so he looks around.

Cho and Wiley come to The Grimoire and she says she’s not open to their western morality and says some guy came in asking about Santeria and then he showed up at their service with cops and arrested them for animal abuse. She says they killed one chicken in the ritual far less than when people eat. Wiley tells Kelis that was unfair and offers to help her.

He says they can get Austin PD to lower or drop the charges. He says they’re working the serial killer case and can leverage any help. Cho agrees. Wiley says they’re looking for someone who uses human blood. She says to go to a deep web site called Blackmoore. She says you have to have the IP address and when they ask for it, she asks if they’ll really talk to Austin PD. They agree and she goes to get it.

Jane peruses the guys books, mail and other items in the room. He rattles a doorknob and sniffs. He uses a 45 rpm vinyl record to open that door and goes into another room. He finds shelving and then a dead, dehydrated looking body that looks like it’s been there a long, long time. Wiley tells the others about Blackmoore and says there is a lot about blood for rituals.

He says 15 months ago there was a discussion on the site about harvesting blood. That’s the time that the killings started. Wiley was able to dig out one name – a guy named Alan who’s a college professor. Wiley says the most common use is binding a spirit to a dead body. Jane goes closer to look at the body. He finds a box nearby with the fingernails in it. He also sees a photo of the guy when he was alive.

He reads the memo on the back of the Polaroid then flips through some other photos. Abbott looks at the professor they brought in and Cho says they’re still working on the warrant to go through his place. Teresa comes in and asks why no one is talking to him. Abbott says he demanded a lawyer but she asks to talk to him for a moment. Abbott agrees.

She goes in and Alan says he wants a lawyer. Teresa says she doesn’t care. She says – you’re hiding something. She says she’s been working with someone who sees into people and what they’re thinking and feelings. She says they can tell he’s worried they’ll find out something about the black magic. He says he’s not freaked out and his interest is purely academic.

Teresa says she doesn’t care about his kinky stuff but says a friend of hers is being held by one of his blood group friends. He says he doesn’t know names but she says he’s lying and has met some of them. Teresa says he can walk out the door if he gives her one name or she will tell everyone who knows him all the dirty things about him. He says it’s illegal. She says she doesn’t care if she gets fired.

She slides a notebook over and says she wants those names no matter the cost. Teresa gets eight names and they use credit card records to verify that Alan was out of the country for some of the killings. Lazarus comes back and finds Jane still shackled to the table. He tells Lazarus that Joe, Big Joe, his father is here and says that’s who he wants to get in touch with.

He says Joe thanks him for keeping him and taking care of. He says passing over was hard but he feels better and his back isn’t hurting him anymore. Lazarus is stunned. Jane tells him to put aside the doubt or he’ll lose the connection. Lazarus agrees and Jane says there’s a lake called Rickasee, Lazarus says Pickasee. Jane says he didn’t catch a fish that day but he did.

Jane says Joe wants to know why he’s keeping him here. Lazarus says there’s a voice inside him that he can’t ignore and he has to go out and find someone. Then he says it goes away again for awhile. He asks if that’s his daddy’s voice in him. He asks if Joe is sending him out and if he’s doing this for him. Jane says he’s saying something but it’s not clear.

Jane says he’s sorry, he’s gone. Lazarus says to get him back but Jane says he needs an hour to rest. He says this is how this works. He asks for a piece of gum. Lazarus hands him a piece and Jane thanks him. The guy leaves and locks him in. Jane immediately picks the lock and then goes back into the room with the body. He opens the furnace and blows out the pilot light.

You hear gas hissing. Jane turns the light bulb off and sticks a piece of gum to the bulb. He leaves the room and closes the door again. Teresa and Cho talk to Ms Martinez, an apartment building manager. They tell her they’re looking for Joseph Keller. She says he said something about his dad being sick and says he was an exterminator. She says he sent her an email asking him to hire her to exterminate the building.

Cho and Teresa step out to talk to Wiley. He says Keller Sr was a likely perp for a string of killings 15 years ago. Wiley says he had a house on Lake Pickasee and he fell off the grid a few years ago. Teresa goes to check out the house. Lazarus comes back and Jane says his dad came back while he was gone. He says he wants to talk to him and says the answers are in that room.

Lazarus unlocks the door and asks Jane if he smells gas. He says no. The guy coughs, goes in and turns on the light. He looks at the pilot light. Jane takes off his manacles. The gum starts to hiss on the heating light bulb. Jane goes for the door to get out. Lazarus looks up as the bulb cracks and half the basement turns into a fire bomb.

Teresa has just pulled up when the explosion happens. She runs inside calling for Jane. She heads downstairs and kicks the door open. She sees flames and calls out for Jane. She hears coughing and finds him lying on the floor. She stands him up and helps him out of the room. They go out onto the porch and she tells him to never do that to her again.

At the lake, Jane is signing papers to purchase the property and cottage he spotted. The realtor says it’s all his and says there are no keys. She shakes his hand and Jane thanks her. She heads off. He looks around at the ducks on the lake and smiles then calls Lisbon.



  • The house that Patrick Jane bought is a popular film location for many shows. Not only has it appeared on The Mentalist before ("Black Gold and Red Blood" - as Roddy Gerber's house), but it has also been used in Stargate SG-1 [[]]. in a Geico commercial and in the House's seventh season episode "The Dig".
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