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Byzantium is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist.


A young man claiming to have psychic powers offers his help to the FBI in solving a pair of murders, but when he leads them to additional victims, Jane and the team begin to suspect that he is in fact the killer they're hunting.


A young couple, Donnie and Megan, are parking and talking about school. Donnie hears footsteps and then someone shoots through Megan’s window. Donnie floors it and the car goes tumbling down a hillside. The shooter follows them down and shoots Megan in the chest. Looks like Donnie was killed in the crash. Cho and Teresa talk to park ranger Jill who found the crash scene and bodies. Megan was dragged out of the car and Cho wonders if the killer was trying to get her back up the hill but couldn’t because of the incline. They found 9 mm casings at the top of the hill.

Cho asks if she’s heard from Jane and says they could use his insight. Press vultures arrive and Cho is further aggravated. He asks if he should call Jane but she says she will. We see Jane step out of his RV near the Grand Canyon. Teresa calls and he looks at the phone then shuts it off without answering. He drinks his tea and looks content. Teresa tells Abbott and Cho that the couple seemed to be nice college kids and Abbott wonders if they happened on a drug deal or something.

Cho says both Donnie and Megan were missing a fingernail and it wasn’t from the wreck. Abbott asks Teresa about Jane and says they need him. She says she’ll handle it. We see Jane driving his RV down the road when a highway patrol car flashes blue lights and comes after him. He pulls the Airstream over and looks out. The cop asks if he’s the owner and to see his license. He confirms that he’s Patrick Jane and he tells him to step out of the vehicle.

He searches Jane and says there’s a warrant out for his arrest in Austin for failure to appear. He cuffs him. Jane says – that’s funny. Jill the park ranger comes to the FBI to talk to Cho. He asks her if the kids may have seen a drug operation but she says they did a major sweep a few months ago. She says there are some poachers – the Whitmer brothers – and one has an assault record. Jill and Cho go to the Whitmer place and see blood in the back of the truck.

Cho tells the guy to put his knife down then draws on the other brother, Marcus, who comes out with a gun. He puts it down and Cho pulls him over the railing and slams him onto the ground. Cho tells Jill to cuff the other brother. Wylie makes calls to campus friends of Donnie and Megan. A woman named Ree Osbourne comes in and says her brother Gabriel has information about the case. Wylie asks what he knows and Ree says he’s shy but she told him he had to say what he saw.

Ree says he saw the crime in his head and Wylie asks if he’s a psychic. She drags her brother over who says – the crying is loud – and says he can hear Wylie crying inside. He tells him he’s so sorry. Ree says she knows her brother is a psychic. Wylie asks them to come with him. Teresa tells Abbott the poachers are in the clear because they were spotted hunting wild boar. Wylie comes in and says a psychic came into the office and they need to talk to him.

Teresa is skeptical but she and Abbott go talk to Gabriel. He tells Abbott that he’s leaving and going on to a new place but has doubts. Teresa says everyone has doubt and asks about the murders. Gabriel says the killer wanted to take them with him but couldn’t. He says he took a piece of them instead. He mentions fingertips. He says it’s true even if it’s not helpful. He says six months ago he spoke to a man that had so much wrongness in him that it was like staring at the sun.

Teresa asks who he was and he says he doesn’t know. She asks what he looked like. Gabriel says he was white but he’s not good with faces because he only sees what’s inside. Teresa tells Abbott that it’s ridiculous but Abbott says the fingernail and body moving details haven’t been made public. Teresa says it’s more likely that he’s the killer rather than a psychic. He asks how she’s sure and she says years of experience. Jane steps out of the elevator and Teresa sits down with him.

She asks why he was in Arizona and he says he was at the Grand Canyon. He sips his tea and thanks her. She says she would have mailed his cup but didn’t know where to send it. Jane says she knew he’d be back but she says she didn’t and thought that he could have been dead in a ditch somewhere. He says he didn’t mean to scare her but needs space to work through something. She says they’re all upset but she can’t run away from her job.

She asks how she can help him figure things out but he says he just needs time. Teresa says she can give him time but he can’t ignore her calls. He says that’s fair. She leaves him and steps out of the room. He watches her walk over to her desk and take a seat. Abbott comes to talk to Jane and says welcome back but Jane says he’s not back. Abbott asks him to come look at someone interesting. He hesitates then agrees.

He takes him to intercept Gabriel. Ree asks if he’s an agent and Gabriel says he’s not. Jane asks if he knew that because he’s a psychic and says he knew that by his mode of dress and haircut. He tells Gabriel that he’s a fake. Gabriel says there is something inside him gnawing at him but Jane says that’s the human condition. Gabriel says he will be relieved of this and it will come with the number three and says he’ll know it when he sees it.

Jane tells Abbott that the guy is obviously a fake but may also be an insane killer and tells him to keep an eye on him. Cho checks out Gabriel and he has no criminal record but also no alibi for the night of the murders. Cho says he’ll put a tail on him. Abbott says the ranger told him that Cho came on strong with one of the poachers. He says he took him by surprise and he was perhaps a little more aggressive than normal.

Abbott says they’re all feeling Vega’s death and recommends that Cho talk to the counselor he saw when he left the Rangers. Abbott says he’s doing therapy about it himself and Cho thanks him then goes. Wylie asks Cho if he can come with him since he’s short-handed in the field. Cho asks when was the last time he shot his weapon and Wylie says a couple of days ago. He tells him to meet him after dinner.

Jane is at a tavern playing pinball when the bartender says it’s closing time and he has to go. She asks him to hand her a case of beer and she’ll let him finish the game. He goes back to his pinball game and she says he has three free games. He asks her if three is meaningful to her and she says it is. He says it’s meaningful to everyone. He says it’s important to her because she has three kids. She asks how he knows and he says it was a good guess.

She tells him to sleep it off in the back since he’s drunk but he says he’ll just walk it off instead. She asks if he’s psychic and he says that’s one thing he’s sure he is not. He staggers out and looks at the RV then up at the full moon. Cho and Wylie are outside the Osbourne’s house and lurk all night. Wylie says he feels like this job could be replaced by robots someday soon and Cho says the field is not all action. He looks at a book Cho has in the glove box – The Idiot – and asks if it’s any good.

Jane wakes up in a grassy field the next morning and sits up. He looks around sees a three legged dog running by. He says – oh, come on. He stands up, yawns, stretches and walks off. Wylie sees action at the house and Cho says it’s one of the neighbors talking to Gabriel. Wylie asks if Vega was good at all this and Cho says she was. He tells Wylie to be out here because he wants to be, not because he’s missing her. Wylie says he’s tired of being stuck in the office and Cho says okay.

Cho approaches the neighbor after she leaves Gabriel’s and asks what they were talking about. She says nothing then says she asked him if she was going to find love. She says Gabriel knew that a guy she was dating was married. She says she doesn’t believe in psychics but she does believe in Gabriel.

Wylie sees Gabriel fall over in a slump at his mailbox and he runs over to the kid. Cho goes to call an ambulance. Gabriel tells Wylie – she says she’s okay, the pain is gone and he doesn’t have to worry. He touches his stomach near where Vega was shot. Cho comes back over and hears Gabriel saying – red clay, it’s white bones wrapped in red clay.

Jane walks by a pond and sees ducks then smiles. Teresa asks Wylie about Gabriel and he says he refused to go to the hospital. Wylie shows her an area less than a mile from the murder scene that has red clay. She tells him that Gabriel is not a real psychic and says it would be a wild goose chase. He says it’s not about Vega, but a real lead and says it wouldn’t hurt to look. She caves and says they’ll look. Wylie and Teresa meet a K9 unit out in the woods.

Teresa asks what Gabriel said to him to make him believe. He says he told him that Michelle was okay and says he knew where she was shot. Teresa says he’s not real and Wylie says she can’t know that for sure. The cadaver dog barks twice and Teresa and Wylie run to see what was found. Abbott calls Jane and asks if he can come in and help. He asks if he’s nearby and Jane says he has no idea where he is. He drives his RV to meet Teresa.

He tells Teresa he’s sorry he missed her call and she asks why he’s there. He says he’s back and is figuring out his stuff. He says it’s good to see her and she reciprocates. He asks what’s going on and she takes him over. They found a number of unmarked graves that they’ve dug up and Teresa says they’re now looking for a serial killer. Back at the office, they look over photos of the dig site and Abbott says they found five bodies, all from the last year and all with one fingernail taken.

Teresa says the first three were drifters or homeless and the last two were foreign exchange students that went missing. Abbott says they’re sitting on this for now and says if Gabriel didn’t do this, he knows who did. Cho pulls up to Gabriel’s house and the guy asks if he wants him to go with him. He asks if he’s arresting him and Cho says if that’s how he wants it. He asks the elderly neighbor he was chatting with to call his sister.

At the FBI, Jane sits down with Gabriel and asks about his seizure. He says he’s tired but okay. He says there’s something different about Jane and says he looks less conflicted and lighter. Jane shows him the pictures of the bodies they dug up and Gabriel says he didn’t want to be right and didn’t want to see these things. Jane says he knows how he feels and says he used to be him. Jane says you spent a year of your childhood with an illness and learned piano.

Gabriel asks who told him and Jane says no one. Gabriel says he’s lying and says he can’t have visions. Jane says he doesn’t and Gabriel doesn’t either. Jane says he understands his tricks. Gabriel says he doesn’t and Jane is playing tricks on him. He tells Jane he had another vision and says the killer will kill again tonight. He tells Jane if he won’t listen to him, he’ll tell everyone. Jane tells him to stay put and leaves.

Cho says they didn’t find anything at Gabriel’s. Jane says he can’t break him and they have to keep him there. Ree shows up and asks for her brother. She brought an attorney who demands that he be released immediately. The press waits to talk to Gabriel downstairs. The lawyer tells the press that the FBI illegally retained his client when he was trying to help. Gabriel says there’s a serial killer and they want to frame him. He says the man is evil and can’t stop what he’s doing.

Abbott and Cho agree this is going badly. Cho says he’ll stay on Gabriel and Abbott goes to deal with the press sharks. Cho and Wylie sit outside the Osbourne house watching. They see someone approach the house and Cho tells him to stay put. He chases down the neighbor girl he talked to yesterday. She says she saw him and he scared her because she thought he was the killer. Wylie gets out of the car to look around and he’s hit and knocked out.

Cho finds Wylie as he’s coming to. He asks what happened and he says someone hit him. He pulls Wylie up and Cho heads to the Osbourne’s house to look around. He goes in and sees Ree dead on the floor. He calls the police and the CSU’s show up. Wylie tells Cho he’s not cut out for the field and Cho says getting banged up happens. He asks if Wylie wants to go back and answer phones and he says no. He tells him to go inside and talk to Jane.

Jane asks how he’s feeling and he says Cho said to see him before they take him to the hospital. Wylie says he didn’t see anything but Jane says to close his eyes and take a deep breath. He tells him to listen to his voice and says there are no other sounds. He tells him there is someone behind him and you see something out of the corner of your eye. Wylie says he doesn’t see anything. Jane says right before you were hit, there was a scent in the air and Wylie says yeah.

He asks what it was and Wylie says he doesn’t know. Jane asks what it reminds him of and he says his uncle’s fishing shed. He asks if it was fish and he says no that his uncle just went there to drink. He says it smelled like old, spilled beer. Jane goes out to talk to Teresa and they head to an abandoned brewery not far from where the bodies were found. They roll up and meet Cho and other agents. They kick in the doors and head inside.

Jane and Teresa follow. They find Gabriel strung up by his hands with the word fake carved into his arm. One foot is bare and bloody. His face looks like he’s been struck.


Deleted Scenes[]

  1. Wiley finds a tub of Vega's yogurt in the fridge.
  2. Abbott and Cho try to convince Gabriel Osbourne to go to to the press.


  • Byzantium is a shade of violet.
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