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CBI HQ in The Mentalist

The California Bureau of Investigation was a law enforcement agency created by the State of California. They have the ability to take over any criminal case in the state and seem to reserve the same rights as the FBI.

In the show two main teams made up the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which were based in Sacramento and also had offices in San Francisco and Fresno. In the hierarchy of the state government, the Director of the CBI answers to the state Attorney General. Each field office has a chief, the largest of which is in Sacramento where the series takes place.

The last Chief of the CBI's Sacramento Office was Luther Wainwright. The previous chiefs were J.J. LaRoche who went back to Internal Affairs, Madeleine Hightower, who was presumably fired after being framed by Red John, and Virgil Minelli, who retired following the murders of Sam Bosco and his team by Rebecca.

The Chief of the CBI's Sacramento Office answers to Gale Bertram, the CBI Director who has also been referred to as the deputy Attorney General. It may be that CBI Director might be a title of the Attorney General's office and hence held by the same individual.

In 2013, during the final stages for the hunt for Red John, Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Abbott "permanently" closed down the CBI as a result of The Blake Association.

Lisbon's Team[]

Lisbon's team

Lisbon's team at the CBI

Bosco's Team[]

Rebecca was exposed as an accomplice of Red John after she murdered Bosco's team under Red John's orders. Who, if anyone, has replaced Bosco's team isn't yet known.

Haffner's team[]

They are introduced in episode Little Red Book. Jane joins the team when Lisbon's team is temporarily dismantled. He tries to get the whole Lisbon's team back in business and succees to do so by gaining suspensions to Tork, Niskin and Masterson. Then, Haffner left the CBI and works as a private detective primarily for the cult like group Visualize. Ray Hafner was killed in the explosion at Patrick Jane's home.


Bureau Directors[]

  • Virgil Minelli (2001-2009) - retired after the deaths of Bosco, Hicks, Dyson and Martinez
  • Gale Bertram (2009-2013) - dismissed after his involvement with the Blake Association is uncovered

Sacramento Special Agent in Charge[]

Other known members[]

Agents on the list of (Golden Hammer)[]

  • Agent Claudia Chavez
  • Agent Chris Kieffer
  • Agent Deborah Chenier
  • Agent Mark Hochman
  • Agent Salvador Palacios
  • Agent Mike Riner

All these persons were being stalked by Richard Haibach and his sister Hazel.

Mark Hochman is named after the computer and video playback supervisor of the series.

Behind the Scenes[]


The Logo for the Real Life CBI

The CBI is an actual organization which few know about or acknowledge. This fact is played on constantly in The Mentalist as the characters introduce themselves to people.

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