Charlotte Anne Jane was the 5-year-old daughter of Angela Ruskin Jane and Patrick Jane. Both she and her mother were murdered by Red John five years prior to the series pilot episode. It is her father's sole purpose to exact his revenge on her murderer. As she died pre-series she is only seen in flashbacks and hallucinations. Charlotte is portrayed by Isabella Acres and Dove Cameron (Dove Cameron as a teenager in season 5 because of Patrick Jane's hallucinations).

Pre-Series[edit | edit source]

On the night of the murder, Jane is on the television, he taunts Red John and the serial killer comes to Jane's residence Malibu to exact his revenge. Red John kills Charlotte and her mother, and paints their toenails with their blood. When Jane returns home, he discovers a letter explaining the murder of Angela and Charlotte written by Red John on the door to (what is presumed to be) Patrick and Angela's bedroom. It said:

"Dear mister Jane, I do not like to be slandered in the media, especially by a dirty money-grubbing fraud. If you were a real psychic, instead of a dishonest little worm, you wouldn't need to open the door to see what I've done to your lovely wife and child."

The murder of Angela and Charlotte led to Jane having a breakdown and be sent to a hospital where he was taken care of by Dr. Miller. After he recovered from the mental breakdown, he swore to avenge the death of his wife and child by killing Red John. Patrick joined the CBI so he could reach this personal objective.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

In season 1 episode 7, Seeing Red, Jane meets a woman, Kristina Frye, who claims to have a true ability to speak with the dead. At the end of the episode, she tells Jane that she ’spoke‘ with his wife and knows that he has a question about the night of the murder of his wife and daughter that has been tormenting him. Frye tells him: "Your wife wanted me to tell you that your daughter never woke up. She didn’t know what happened. She wasn’t scared, not even for a second.” Jane then begins to cry. Whether or not he believed Frye, it is clear that hearing that his daughter did not suffer was of great relief to him and took a weight off his shoulders.

We do not learn of Charlotte's nor of Angela's names until season 3 episode 2, Cackle-bladder Blood. Unlike Angela, we do not actually hear Charlotte's name said, but rather see it on her tombstone when we see her grave. She is buried in the Alexandria Cemetery next to her mother.

In the season 3 finale, Strawberries and Cream Part 2, Timothy Carter spoke of her and of Angela in order to convince Jane that he was in fact Red John. He said: "Your daughter smelled like sweat and strawberries and cream. I expect it was some kind of kids' shampoo." Since only the killer would know that, this convinces Jane that he is in fact Red John. Yet this is later proven to be false.

In season 5 episode 2, Devil's Cherry, Jane drinks an herbal tea and has hallucinations because of it. One of these hallucinations is his now-teenage daughter Charlotte at the age she would have been if she was still alive. At the end of the episode, she tells Jane that she and her mother don't care what happens to Red John. She tells him he needs to accept the fact that they're gone. She also comments on his close relationship with Lisbon commenting on his trust in her, how she likes her, and thinks she's "cute".

In season 6 episode 8, Red John, Jane finally completes his goal of revenge, and kills Red John.

Dove Cameron as teenage Charlotte.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Charlotte's three names, Charlotte, Anne, and Jane, all have something to do with the Bronte sisters. Charlotte is the name of the oldest sister, Anne was the youngest sister, and Jane the first name of Charlotte's most famous protagonist, Jane Eyre. The name might also allude to the word "charlatan," given her father's profession while she was still alive.
  • Before her murder, Charlotte showed signs of being a talented pianist.
  • She is the only victim of Red John that is a child. This is probably due to the fact that she was only killed in direct retaliation to Jane's comments.
  • Every night, while Jane would tuck her into bed, he would tell her, "You are safe, you are loved, and you are wise."
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