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Christine Tanner

Portrayed by Katie Gill
Name Christine Tanner
First appearance Red Tide
Status Deceased
Last appearance Red Tide
Profession Student
Family Jack Tanner (father)
Lisa Tanner (sister)
Micah Tanner (brother)

Christine Tanner is the murder victim in Red Tide. Her killers were Danny KurtikHopeWin and Andy

Hope had motive to kill because she was jealous of the attention that Christine was getting from all her friends. The four friends killed Christine because Danny had accidentally killed one of the security gaurds while they were partying in the junkyard. She wanted to tell but her friends were afraid and together they killed her. Hope hit her on the head and they proceeded to drown her then throw her into the ocean to make it look like she'd merely drowned in the ocean, rather than a murder.

Her mother died in a car crash early on, leaving just her father and her younger siblings.