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Copper Bullet is the ninth episode of the seventh season of The Mentalist.


When Abbott’s old boss, Agent Peterson, threatens Abbott’s career – and possibly his freedom – Jane devises a risky plan to protect his friend’s future.


In Rio Bravo, Mexico, a wooden coffin is dug up and pried open. Bill Peterson is there and looks inside. He sees a skeleton and tells the man with him – see, it’s in there and points to the skull. The man takes a drill to the skull. Now, in Austin, Jane tells Teresa the plan worked out well, the assassin was foiled and no one innocent was hurt.

She says he sent her away when things got murky and he says he didn’t want her hurt. Wiley tells Jane to tell him that Peterson bought a plane ticket for Mexico when his office thinks he’s at a conference in St Paul. He asks him to check his credit cards and cell records and says he’s in Rio Bravo and called a Senator Jules Black from Texas maybe trying to block Lena’s confirmation.

Wiley asks what they can do and Abbott walks up and asks what they’re talking about. Jane says Wiley volunteered to help. Abbott says Peterson may have evidence. Abbott says he shot a man and the bullet is in the corpse and if Peterson digs it out and subpoenas the gun, he’s done for and she won’t be confirmed and Abbott could be in trouble as well.

Jane and Teresa talk and he says he won’t let this happen. She asks how and he says he doesn’t know yet. He lies down on his sofa, closes his eyes and asks her – don’t you love it when the stakes are high? Lena comes to Austin to see Abbott and he takes her to his office to talk. She asks if he’s sure Peterson has the evidence and he says he’s pretty sure and says he’s sorry he let her down.

She says not to say sorry and says she will not take the job if this is what it takes to get it and says she supports him. Jane knocks and Abbott asks him to go. Jane tells them they’re probably both offering to fall on their swords but it won’t matter since Peterson is ruthless and won’t stop so they need to go after him. Jane asks if they want him involved.

Lena says she’s heard he’s the most tricky and devious mind her husband knows. She asks if he can help and he says he thinks he can but he can’t tell them so they have clean hands and deniability. Lena and Abbott agree. Wiley tells Teresa that Peterson is back in San Antonio. Cho comes over and asks how he can help since he heard Abbott’s in trouble. She glares at Wiley who says he’s bad at secrets.

She reminds him he’s bad at secrets and tells Cho they’ll be coloring far outside the lines. Cho reminds her Jane had him pretend that he killed a guy once and asks if it’s further than that. She says no and Wiley and Cho tell her they’re in but agree to take it outside the bullpen. Wiley pulls up Peterson’s bio. He’s got no living relatives, one ex-wife, is a wine snob and has been at the DEA for a long time.

Jane says he likes tennis, travel and expensive hobbies so that means he’s got hidden loot he’s planning on retiring on. Jane tells them to dig into his money while he goes to catch up with an old friend. Vega sees the others in the conference room but Cho won’t let her in. He tells her to hold down the fort in the bullpen. She asks if she did anything wrong and he says no and closes the door.

Jane goes to see Barsocky, a buddy of his that he flew into town. He’s a scam artist and he asks about Jane’s life and is happy to hear he’s seeing Teresa – the two have met before. Barsocky says it may be time to take the ring off and says Angela would want him to move on. Jane says he has a friend in trouble with the law and he wants to help. They make a plan.

Peterson is playing tennis at his private club when Jane forces his way onto the court. He asks him how his trip to Rio Bravo was and tells him he won’t let him destroy Abbott. Peterson says Abbott murdered a man in cold blood and Jane says the man was a drug dealer. Peterson says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Abbott but if he can help a congressman block an appointment his party wants dead, he’s golden.

He says screwing Abbott is just icing on the cake. Janet tells him he won’t get away with it and leaves – with Peterson’s cell phone. He realizes it’s gone and asks the club’s girl that’s there to help him find it. They start looking around as Jane coolly walks away. Wiley does his computer thing until he falls asleep exhausted. Jane and Teresa wake him with coffee to see what he got from the phone.

He says he got nothing that looks like contact with the cartel. Teresa says she and Cho can’t find money either. Jane says Peterson knows where they’d look. Wiley says he goes out twice a month on low level busts. Teresa says the senior agent records the amount of drugs and money that was seized and a drug dealer isn’t going to complain. Teresa asks where he’d hide it.

Wiley says Peterson has a crazy aggressive security system at his house and Jane says it’s likely there. He asks Wiley to pull up the schematics. The congressman’s assistant calls Peterson to make a plan to speak with him about Lena’s appointment. Wiley says he has a one story house but 17 cameras. He says he can hack the cameras so if Peterson checks the app while he’s out it will be okay.

He says they have to deal with the alarm there. Vega gets tired of staring at closed blinds and knocks at the door. She asks for Cho and demands to be let in to the deal to help Abbott. She says Wiley gets to help but he says he doesn’t feel responsible for Wiley. She says he’s not for her either. Cho says they’re breaking seven law and she asks just seven? She demands to help and says she’s part of the team or not.

Cho tells her to go get eyes on Peterson and stay on him. Abbott runs into her at the elevator and asks where she’s going and she says an errand. Abbott pulls Jane in and says to stop what they’re doing and he’ll take his lumps. Jane says no because it’s bigger than this – he says Lena won’t get the job, Abbott will go to jail and Peterson, a corrupt cop, will end up running the DEA all because Abbott killed a mass murderer.

Peterson waits outside the restaurant as Vega watches. She heads inside dressed casually and eavesdrops on the conversation. She asks if he has evidence and if he can bring it to the office tomorrow. He says he can. She calls Cho and says whatever they’re doing needs to happen now.

Wiley is into Peterson’s security system and tells them he’s leaving. Vega is nearby ready to follow in her car. Wiley blanks the cameras and says they’re good to go in. He says he can hold it about 90 minutes. Jane, Teresa and Cho head for the door and he says he’s going to pick the lock and figure out the pass code the way he figures all things out.

Teresa moves Peterson's cat, who's sitting on the kitchen counter. Jane enters the code and Cho is amazed. Teresa says Wiley texted it to him because he saw Peterson enter it on the camera feed. Jane tells her she’s ruining the magic. They start searching for his hidden money cache. Jane goes to sit on the couch. Cho finds a hollow bottom in a cedar chest but it’s just a cache of weapons.

Vega follows Peterson who has an envelope in his hand. He goes inside and office building and she follows. He gets on the elevator and she heads up the stairs. She sees him walk down the hall and follows at a distance. The woman greets him and lets him in. Cho comes and says guns, no money. Jane says the candlesticks seem odd. He picks one up and then the other.

It opens up a biometric safe hidden behind the fireplace. Jane calls Wiley and says he needs him to get into the evidence room and get a million or two in cash. Wiley says – let me think. He looks at Abbott and says he’ll get back to them. He goes to Abbott and says – you know how Jane said he wouldn’t need your help. Wiley calls Vega to see where Peterson is and says to stall him if she can.

She gets back in her car before Peterson does and waits until he gets in hers. She runs right into his car. There’s a policeman there and she puts on glasses so he doesn’t recognize her. He starts yelling and the cop asks if he stopped short. That sets him off and then he looks at her and recognizes her. She says she’s really sorry and he says to forget about it and that he’s in a hurry and drives off.

She calls Cho and says he’s headed their way. They neaten up the house. Wiley runs to the back door with money and then runs back out. Jane takes the bag. Peterson comes home and checks his cameras. They all look fine. He heads inside as Jane resets the alarm. They head out the back. He comes in the front, enters his security code and greets his cat.

Abbott finds Lena in DC and he gives her a hug. She asks why he’s there and he says he wanted to see her. She says she’s terrified but he says he trusts Jane and he’s never let him down so far. He tells her she will be confirmed and they’ll be together. He says he’ll walk her in because he has something to do inside anyway. Peterson sees Abbott and says he’s going to be a witness at the hearing.

Abbott shows Peterson photos of Peterson’s cat on stacks of cash. He tells him we both have secrets and tells him it’s a cute cat. Peterson drags him into another room. He tells Abbott to put his hands up and Abbott asks if he thinks he’s wearing a wire. Peterson says – you broke into my home and Abbott says all his time is accounted for. Peterson says someone else did and that’s a crime.

Abbott says there will be an investigation and they’ll figure out that he’s been a thief for 20 years. Peterson offers to give him half and Abbott asks how much that would be and he says $800,000. Vega is there and she was recording him, so he’s hosed. Peterson tells Abbott that it doesn’t matter what he does to him because he gave the bullet to Blatt’s office.

He says Lena can kiss her new job goodbye and Abbott will go to prison. Jane walks up and introduces Peterson to Congressman Blatt’s assistant. Peterson is stunned. It’s not the woman he met in Texas. Peterson says no. He says she returned his call from the Congressman’s office. We see the woman asking to use the phone in their office since her cell died. She used that time to call Peterson.

Later, Barsocky comes in and tells the people in the office that he’s pest control and they need 20 minutes. They send them all out and wait for Peterson. Then they hand the bullet over to Jane. Abbott tells Peterson that he can’t tell him how much it means to be able to say to him – you’re under arrest. Vega leads him out in cuffs.

Jane thanks Barsocky and his wife Samantha for helping with Peterson. She tells Jane not to screw it up with Teresa and they leave. The whole gang goes out to celebrate their win over Peterson. Abbott toasts to friends and thanks them all. Lena says they are in their debt. Vega asks Wiley to come with her to check out the waffle food truck and she asks how fast he drove to San Antonio.

He says a hundred million. He asks how fast she was going when she hit Peterson and she says about three miles per hour. She then drags him out to dance despite his protest that he’s a terrible dancer. Abbott tells Cho that he’s moving to DC with Lena and is leaving the unit in Cho’s hands. Cho smiles and thanks him. Abbott says – no, thank you – then drags his wife out to dance.

Teresa congratulates Cho and Jane says he deserves it. Teresa tells Jane they never finished talking about him shielding her. She says they’re stronger together and tells him she loves him and also loves what she does. She says she doesn’t want him jealous of the job. He says that’s not it. He says he doesn’t want to lose her and says he doesn’t know how he’d react.

She says he won’t lose her and he says she can’t know that. She tells him to focus on the now and how good it is. He agrees. She asks if he’s sure and he says yeah. She asks if he wants to dance and he answers one dance. She says two and he says everything is a negotiation with her.


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  • This is the second time Kimball Cho has been given a position that made him Teresa Lisbon's superior. The first time happened when J.J LaRoche temporarily placed Cho in charge of her team during the episode 'Bloodstream'.
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