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Days of Wine and Roses is the eleventh episode of fifth season of The Mentalist.


The CBI team visits a high-end California rehab center in order to investigate the death of a young model who was a patient there, while Lisbon ramps up her investigation into Tommy Volker.


Lisbon gets Judge Davis to sign off on warrant for Tommy Volker's financial records.

The team is called to the a dead body found at a local drug park. She has no wallet, but Jane soon finds a homeless man who had found her wallet. The team discovers that she was an up and coming model called Charlie Coates, and the daughter of a local Congressman. When they interview the parents, they discovered that about a month ago, a valuable necklace had gone missing. Her father had suspected her, but her mother was sure that it was their maid, Maria that took it.

They find out that Charlie had been a patient at a local rehab unit call the Oasis Ranch. At the Center, they are told that her therapist is called Joanna Lyle. Jane soon works out that Charlie was sleeping with another patient.

Grace calls Lisbon to tell her that Volker was regularly paying Charles Milk 25 thousand dollars. She tells Grace to prepare the warrant, and calls for Cho to come to the Center to supervise Jane.

Jane goes to meet Charlie's drug counselor and finds out that she is a recovering alcoholic. He comments that she is running on coffee and cigarettes. She corrects him, saying that she gave up cigarettes 20 years ago.

Grace tells Lisbon she has submitted the warrant to Judge Davis. Volker visits the office and tells Lisbon that next time she wants his records, she should just ask. She tells him to leave.

Jane and Cho meet Charlie's roommate, Suzie, who queries the spelling of Jane's name. Suzie tells them that Charlie sneaked out at about 10pm the previous night.

Jane attends a group therapy session and provokes a fight to reveal Charlie's lover, Phoenix Bell.

Phoenix tells them that Charlie did want to get better and that he had arranged a rendezvous with Charlie the previous night, but that she was a no-show. He says that a few nights ago, they had seen someone spying on them, but could not find out who it was.

Lisbon and Jane are talking about the Volker case and Jane offers to help, but she says that this one is hers.

Grace tells Lisbon that the warrant has been denied, she goes to see Judge Davis and accuses her of being got to by Volker.

Grace calls Jane at the Oasis Ranch to tell him that a gossip site has re-tweeted a comment about Phoenix from Margaret Hammersby. Jane goes to visit Suzie and soon exposes her as the journalist. Jane tells her that he discovered her because she checked the spelling of his name. Margaret/Suzie tells them that she was the one doing the spying and that Charlie had been really upset when she received a card from her parents. She then started writing a letter in Spanish but she tore it up. Margaret/Suzie retrieved the note but could only remember the word "Lo siento", which means "I'm sorry".

Jane then breaks into one of the rooms and steals some valuables.

Jane tells Lisbon that the necklace is the cause of Charlie's death, and she was writing to Maria, to apologise for getting her sacked. Lisbon tells Jane that they had searched everywhere and that necklace is nowhere to be found.

The team is called back to the Oasis Ranch to investigate a rash of thefts.

Lisbon goes to the high fliers poker game and convinces Judge Manchester to sign her warrant.

Cho catches Jane stealing and a meeting is convened in the director's office. Jane pretends to be a kleptomaniac, when Cho calls Lisbon to say he has found a ruby necklace in Jane's car.  Lisbon asks for them to be left alone as this is a police matter.

Lyle hurries to a wood stove and retrieves the necklace. Cho is waiting and says "Busted".

Rigsby interrogates her and she is revealed to be a compulsive gambler, thousands of dollars in debt. She says that Charlie had told her about the necklace, and she convinced Charlie that she should give the necklace back to her parents at her 30 day chip ceremony. She admits that she convinced Charlie to retrieve the necklace and then she killed her.

Charlie's parents arrive to thank Jane, and he leaves them with Lisbon who returns the necklace and tells them Charlie had changed and was going to give the necklace back.

Volker calls Lisbon to say that she would find nothing with her warrant for Charles Milk.

Grace calls Lisbon and informs her that they are too late. At the scene of a drive by shooting, the bodies of an innocent couple are found along with the body of Charles Milk.

As she looks at the bodies, Lisbon says to Jane "I need your help".


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  • The episode's title is derived from the poem "Vitae Summa Brevis" by Ernest Dowson and shared by the 1962 movie of the same name.
  • The Chess move Jane played at around 39 minutes and 10 seconds is called "Scholar's Mate" where you can checkmate your opponent in 4 moves.
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