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Devil's Cherry is the second episode of Season 5 of The Mentalist.


While the CBI team investigates the murder of a diamond cutter, Jane meets a girl who claims to be his late daughter Charlotte.


Jane is seen arriving at a crime scene at St. Francis Wood. A diamond cutter called Victor Mendelssohn has been found on his couch. He was killed with an electronic saw, leaving blood traces over the wall, the couch and the floor. Rigsby mentions that Jane, who walks to the kitchen, seems off since Lorelei was handed over to the FBI.

Jane sets a pot on the gas stove and joins Lisbon's conversation with the neighbor Betty Fulford. She tells them that she used to talk with Victor every morning and that she does not know who would harm him. But she brings up his fight with a man, that she overheard last night. They were arguing about orchids in the kitchen, but she could not see them from her window.

So Jane goes back to the kitchen and gets his cup of tea. He takes a used tea filter from the sink and walks with his cup to the window. He sees a butterfly on a flower when he suddenly hears the lid of a vessel rattling. He lifts up the lid a bit and then he drops his cup. Cho asks whether everything is fine and Jane replies with a yes. Afterwards, he puts the lid away and gets a rabbit out.

Jane walks with the rabbit to Cho who is interrogating the house maid. She says that she knew that something bad was going to happen since she saw black ants in the house that signify that someone is going to die. She gives Jane an eagle's claw and tells him to find the killer.

The rabbit jumps out of his hands and runs away. Jane follows him and finds himself in a garden where he meets the girl to whom the rabbit belongs to. Since she said that she expected him, Jane asks her whether she knows something about the murder but instead, she starts testing him. As he is about to leave, she decides to help him and takes him to Victor's workplace. They drive there and enter. The girl starts playing with him again, making Jane asking her once again what her name is. She says Charlotte and claims to be his daughter. He does not believe her and thinks that she is one of Red John's accomplice, when Lisbon and Cho arrive. They are pleased to meet her, leaving Jane totally confused. He backs out but falls and the scene switches back to the kitchen, when Jane dropped his cup.

Cho inquires whether everything is fine but since there is no reply, he and Lisbon rush into the kitchen where they find Jane lying on the ground and trembling. Cho takes the tea and notes that it is belladonna and that it causes hallucinations. Lisbon goes with Jane to the hospital and puts Cho in charge.

At CBI headquarters, Van Pelt tells Rigsby and Cho that the only prints found on the tea filter were Jane's. Rigsby mentions Victor's daughter Melaina, who is now on her way there. She lives with her father and moved in with him one year ago.

Grace questions Victor's coworker Julian Gallego. He is depressed about his death and mentions a rare blue diamond worth 20 million dollars that Victor got lately. He also tells her that he thought it was kind of strange since Victor never handled a diamond, worth more than 50 carats. The diamond used to be in his shoulder wallet that he took everywhere but Grace says that there has not been one. Julian tells her about another diamond cutter, Fahad Ranjani, who had threatened Victor since the blue diamond, also called the Blue Orchid, is a career breaking stone.

In the meantime, Rigsby speaks with Melaina who tells him that no one but Julian and her knew about the shoulder wallet and its content. She is a tea drinker and claims not to know anything about toxic inside the tea filter. Rigsby asks her for a approval of a vehicle test and she agrees.

Jane wakes up in a white room. He is tied to the bed with a straightjacket on and sees Charlotte standing next to him. He knows that she is not real. They have a small conversation when he turns his head and calls out for Lisbon who is glad to see him awake again. He asks her for some water and when she returns, Jane is gone. She finds him in an ambulance, he thought to be his car, ready to drive back to the crime scene. Charlotte sits next to him and tells him that he should not drive as he is still suffering from belladonna. Lisbon also tells him to go back to bed but he insists on being taken to the crime scene since he had a breakthrough on the case.

Meanwhile, Grace asks Fahad Ranjani about the Blue Orchid. He admits that he was angry about Victor taking away the job he got offered from the Maharaja of Jodhpur and even intended to kill him. Grace provokes him making him shout. He then leaves to get back to work. Betty sits on Jane's couch and Grace asks her whether this was the voice she heard arguing with Victor. But she replies that the voice did not have such an accent.

Jane and Lisbon arrive at the crime scene where he recounts the hallucinatory events. Instead of a garden, he later finds a pool. He admits to Lisbon that he is seeing his daughter Charlotte, right now swimming in the pool. Lisbon abandons Jane's weird theories that his subconsciousness wanted to tell him something about the murder and she wants to take him back to hospital. Jane demands one last chance with the workshop and they go there. They find Julian working. Charlotte is sitting on a table and tells Jane to stop obsessing about Red John since his death would not change anything. She jumps down and Jane finds Julian's bag, with the Blue Orchid inside. Charlotte then tells him that it is time for her to go. She says that she loves him and leaves.

They take Julian to the headquarters where Grace gets the confession that he argued with Victor that night about how to shape the Blue Orchid. But he never took the stone and claims not to have killed him. Jane believes him. He asks Rigsby about the housemaid who gave him the eagle necklace but since there was no housemaid, Jane believes that it was symbol. The eagle is the bird who sees everything and he remembers the butterfly, flying to Betty's window which has a clear view into the kitchen. They realize that she lied and go to talk to her.

Lisbon and Jane tell Betty that they found the Blue Orchid but not the killer. They think that a killer would not have kept the stone, believing that someone much more clever framed him and put the diamond in his bag and stead taking the smaller ones. Jane prepares some tea and pours it for them. Just then, something tickles Betty's feet and she finds a rabbit down the table. Lisbon and Jane claim to have not seen it. They start talking in German, confusing Betty and making her believe that the tea they drank was belladonna. Thus, she starts freaking out. She goes to the kitchen and takes a small bag out of the drawer and runs outside, bumping into Cho. She tells him to take her to the hospital as Jane and Lisbon get out of her house, telling her that it was not belladonna. Lisbon takes the pouch with the diamonds and Betty is arrested.

Betty tells Grace that she has been planning to do it for years, and when she saw the two men arguing she thought that it was the best moment to strike. She offered Victor some tea laced with Belladona and he took it causing him to start hallucinating, allowing Betty to take the diamonds. By telling him that they are hidden in his stomach, she makes him kill himself with the saw.

The case is closed and Jane is seen sitting in his loft upstairs, taking out some leaves (probably belladonna) from a packet and putting it into a tea filter like the one he found on the crime scene. He takes a sip and the episode ends.


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