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"Red John, shhh..."
―Last words of Sheriff Hardy

Dumar Tanner, more commonly known by his fake identity of Sheriff Ted Hardy, was a small town sheriff and one of Red John's accomplices, being the son of Orville Tanner, Red John's first known accomplice. Red John use the alias Roy Tagliaferro, a man from San Francisco or Hattuesburg. Hardy had the jurisdiction on Livingstone-San Angelo County. He was a recovering smoker and often seen chewing nicotine gum.

He assisted in the kidnapping of a couple of twins named Emma and Maya Plaskett. Red John kept Emma while Dumar kept Maya. He assisted Lisbon's team to the best of his ability when Red John killed Emma to help solve the murder even though he was faking it as he knew who was responsible for the murder. Eventually, they proceeded to lure Patrick Jane into a trap by killing Emma and staging her body the same way that Red John killed Jane's wife.

Later, Patrick pretended to be fooled by Dumar while he led him to Red John when in fact, Jane was tricking Dumar into revealing where both Red John and Maya were. Dumar then confessed his love for Maya before he was taken in by agent Lisbon. They were preparing to take him into custody when he killed a cop and took his gun and aimed it at Lisbon. To save Lisbon, Patrick shot him and demanded that Dumar tell him about Red John, but he just laughed it off and died from his wounds.