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Erica Marie Flynn first appears in Every Rose Has Its Thorn. She is a matchmaker who murdered her husband. 


After meeting and marrying her husband John, she ran his matchmaking business with him and made a lot of money. When John wanted to sell the business, she killed him and set up an alibi with the help of Peter Clarridge, her assistant who's in love with her. When CBI started investigating, Erica tried charming Patrick to control the investigation but failed. Although she wasn't able to seduce him, she did manage to make him reveal a lot about his feelings for his wife -- all captured on video tape and subsequently seen by Lisbon. Later Patrick tricked her into revealing she didn't care about Peter. As a result, Peter gave her up. She was confident that she would beat the murder rap and was eventually incarcerated for manslaughter.

Erica returns in the episode War Of The Roses when she calls Patrick Jane from prison claiming to have information about their current case. As she told previously, Erica was convicted for only voluntary manslaughter.

She convinces him to get her a short furlough from prison to help find the killer. He is, of course, suspicious of her the whole time, fearing she'll try to escape. Inevitably she gets Jane alone in a hotel room and tries to seduce him, only stealing a kiss that leads to nothing. After the killer is found, she is picked up by a guard to be returned to prison but it turns out, the guard who picked her up was a fake and she escapes. She later calls Jane from a warm place and says that she is looking forward to meeting him again.

Her last appearance is in the episode Orange Blossom Ice Cream. Here too, as always, she hatches a brilliant plot to get what she wants (loads of money), and escape evading arrest. But this time Jane outsmarts her with a counter-plot of his own. She is finally arrested in this episode.


Erica is a psychopath who uses her looks and charm to get whatever she wants in life, like getting Jane to kiss her. She is playful and can be considered almost as smart as Jane is. Jane suggests she was abused as a child and is obsessed with autonomy when doing a cold reading of her at one of their first encounters.

She is also a skilled manipulator, and uses this to make people to do things for her advantage, such as manipulating her assistant into giving her an alibi, and manipulating Jane and Lisbon into allowing her to help in the War Of The Roses case.

In Orange Blossom Ice Cream she describes Jane as "the smartest man [she] has ever met."


  • John Flynn (Shot twice in the chest)
  • Unnamed courier (Had killed and made to look like an accident)


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