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The Seal of the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a Law Enforcement Agency which has jurisdiction over the whole United States. The mission of the FBI is to solve major crimes of the U.S. government. Their tasks include the fight against terrorism and computer crimes. Its main headquarter is in Washington and its offices are spread across several cities in the United States. The Director of the FBI is the head of the agency.

The FBI occasionally comes into play in The Mentalist as they threaten to take over a case that the CBI has taken. They end up obtaining a federal warrant to close down the CBI as a result of the Blake Association.

The main location of the FBI where Abbott's team works is in the city of Austin, Texas. Some former members of the CBI now work for the FBI including Patrick Jane, Kimball Cho and Teresa Lisbon. They work for the Special Agent Abbott.

Known Members[]

Head of the FBI

  • Director Charles Bennett

Head of the FBI (California)

FBI Special Crimes Unit (Texas)

  • Supervisory Special Agent Dennis Abbott (?-2016) transferred to Washington D. C. office
  • Senior Special Agent Kim Fischer (?-2016) transferred to Seattle field office

Other Members[]