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Fire and Brimstone is the sixth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects in one place in hopes of finally revealing his true identity!


The episode opens on Jane's car driving through Malibu and arriving at the Jane family home. Jane walks inside with a tube-like parcel under his arm. Inside, he opens it to reveal a shotgun. He then receives a call from Lisbon begging him not to go through with what he has planned, telling him he would be throwing his life away. Jane ends the call and opens a wooden box containing the gun he was given by Max Winter. He hears a car pull up and whistling coming from outside as a man's shadow approaches the door.

The episode then cuts to two days ago, Tuesday. The team is meeting in Jane's loft and they are discussing ways to get the Red John suspects to show whether they have a tattoo. Jane says that they have to all be in the same place as Red John could easily find out what they were doing if they spoke to the suspects separately and disappear. Cho asks Jane how he intends to get them to agree to show if they have a tattoo and Jane says "I wasn't planning on giving them a choice."

The next scene is of a parking garage with a man hanging from a noose over the edge. Reede Smith is talking with another FBI agent whom he asks to get the man's wallet, saying "you know how I am with heights."  The agent tells Smith that someone is there to see him. Jane tells Smith that he has information on Red John and asks him to meet with him on Thursday at 8pm, saying he will give him a location on that day itself.

The middle part of the episode revolves around getting the other suspects to agree to the meeting.

Lisbon speaks to Ray Haffner and convinces him to go to the meeting by saying that if he refuses to show up, Jane will assume that he is Red John and go after him.

Jane calls Sheriff McAllister and asks him if he was telling the truth when he told Patrick he was at his disposal. McAllister confirms that he is and agrees to the meet.

Van Pelt goes to see Bret Stiles but did not succeed in convincing him. However, Patrick goes to see him later and gets him to agree by helping him out with his problem.

Jane and Lisbon go to see Bertram who also agrees to the meeting, telling Jane that he wants to be there when he finishes it with Red John.

With the five suspects all ready to be in the same place at the same time, Jane and Lisbon drives to the Jane family home.  On the way, they stop to watch the sunset and the two share an intimate moment and a hug, with Jane telling Lisbon how much she means to him. Jane then ditches Lisbon and drives off, having pickpocketed her cell phone, leaving her with no communications.

Arriving at the Jane family home, Jane enters the main house and walks to the bedroom where he found his family dead years ago. The Red John smiley face is faded but still visible. He then leaves and enters a smaller building on the property.  This is the scene from the start of the episode, with a few extra details such as showing Jane removing the pistol from a safe in the wall.

The first suspect arrives and it is Stiles who asks if he is early, as other cars begin to pull up and shadows are seen walking around outside. With all five men in the room, Jane tells them that he knows that one of them is Red John. He is met with derision and scorn from most of them and Haffner tries to leave.  Jane pulls out the shotgun and makes him sit down. McAllister tells Jane to take it easy. Smith has his hand on his weapon but Jane threatens to shoot him if he tries anything and orders all those with weapons to take them out, put them on the floor and push them towards him. Stiles opens his jacket to show he has no weapon, while the others all take out their guns and put them on the floor. Jane then explains about the tattoo and orders the men to show him their shoulders.

All of them remove their outer layers of clothing to reveal their shoulders.  Ray Haffner and Bret Stiles are revealed to both have bare shoulders but Jane is transfixed by McAllister, who has three horizontal dots on his left shoulder. He tells Jane "It's not what you think" with apparent fear and Jane points the shotgun at his face. However, Stiles tells Jane to look at the others.

Bertram and Smith both have the same tattoo as McAllister. Jane orders them on their feet and tells them to get up against the wall. The shot cuts to outside as we hear a voice saying "wait, NO!" and a gunshot.

Lisbon arrives on the scene and rushes to the building, but is thrown back by a massive explosion...


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  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 3, 2013, but was pre-empted due to football and instead was aired on November 10.[1] Some people, however, could see it timely online and in Canada.
  • Unknown to Jane and the crew it is revealed that Reede Smith has acrophobia, an irrational fear of heights.
  • Lisbon tells a 911 operator that Jane's house number is 1309 when in "Fugue in Red" the house number near the door of his Malibu house says 1533.


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