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Forest Green is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


When a woman is found murdered near a remote men’s social club, Jane must find a way to insinuate himself into the insular group to find the killer.


Teresa has an overnight date with agent Pike. A woman's body is found in the Houston National Forest, 120 miles away. Jane insists that they take an FBI helicopter to the crime scene. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the scene and meet an officer from the forest service. Two hikers found the body, a cellphone 10 feet away. The medical examiner says that her death is due to a broken neck. The officer somehow does not believe her death was caused by a fall. Jane inspects the body and notes that she smells of expensive perfume. The lack of socks indicates that the woman came to meet someone, not to hike. The ranger informs that there is a Foragers Club, for men only. He calls them and asked if anyone was missing from the club. They say no. Jane and Lisbon investigate the club and its members, including the Head of Security of the club.

Agent Cho doesn't have any luck finding out the identity of the woman, while Fischer discovers that someone matching her description is staying at a nearby hotel with her sister, a woman named Madison Price. Cho goes to investigate, while Lisbon interviews Peter Kilgallen, the majordomo of the club, he repeats what his boss says that the club if male-only and she wouldn't be associated with them.

Jane meets a member of the club, speaking "illegally" on a cellphone (the club has laws against cellphone use on the premises), and confirms out that the only women are the waitresses. He tells him that if the knows the right person he can get off on his criminal charge, the member doesn't believe him when Jane says he got away with murder.

Cho and Fischer interview the victims' sister and find out that their parents died early and after some time in foster care, the victim paid for her sister to go to boarding school. When asked where the money came from, she claimed that her sister had her own company working for rich people solving problems and that she was not in a relationship, issues with men because she was gay, further confused them to why she was at the club.

Jane and Lisbon are having lunch at the club when Jane mentions to Lisbon she should say hi to Agent Pike for him, while he is smelling the hair of the female staff. Jane tells her that in Madisons' last message to her sister she was in a cabin and since she was gay it couldn't have been a member's cabin, leaving only the female waitstaff, where they meet her lover, who smells of the same shampoo. She is interviewed by Fischer who finds out that she worked at the club as an escort at a brothel on the premises. The owner, Russell, confirms that with the help of Kilgallen they started a brothel, the Fishing Camp, which eliminated the number of incidents and arrests that took place previously.

Jane, Lisbon, and Abbott investigate Madison's personal cabin at the Fishing Camp and discover a golf pin the belongs to a pro-golfer who was sleeping with her. Just as they begin to question him, his lawyer Gregory Dyer interrupts them. He isn't a member but can live on the resort property. The concierge, Mr. Kilgallen is now missing and the team begins a search for him. After placing a BOLO and having no luck, Lisbon talks to Agent Pike about changing their dinner plans and he mentions using a satellite to find the missing Kilgallen. Fischer and Wylie track down a car and Abbott and Lisbon go to check it out, finding the dead concierge by a golf cart.

Back at HQ they all agree to keep kilgallen murder quiet so no one flees the club. Abbott mentions Marvin gryskas attempt to bribe him earlier in the day. Also with how he plans to catch him truly offering a bribe. Jane tells him no and he has a plan. He asks to lockdown the club, wylies help, and Madison’s phone.

Next morning Cho asks Wylie to help him for Jane. He wants Wylie to make it look like they unfroze Gryskas assets. Wylie agrees.

Abbott then meets with Gryska. He tells him he’ll unfreeze the assets for a fee. Gryska suspects a wire but quickly tries to negotiate price but then agrees to the 30 percent. Abbott tells him to check the account and leaves.

Jane is back at the camp. The head of the camp says the keynote speaker can’t come in due to lockdown. Jane explains he used to be magician and can help with entertainment. He shows him some tricks and the man agrees to let Jane do it.

He meets Lisbon and Abbott and asks for her phone. They found a message on it Madison recorded for herself but it’s too damaged to see. Jane explains how they don’t need to wait for it to be fixed. He’s going to lie on stage and use the phone as a prop saying it was in lost n found. The killer should recognize it and try to get it back when the performance is over.

Jane is on stage doing his performance. He asks Lisbon on stage for one last trick. He explains four random ppl from the club picked items from lost n found and sealed them in a box. He nor Lisbon have no idea what’s in each box. Lisbon will hold up objects and blindfolded Jane will guess them. She begins pulling out objects Jane identifying them correctly. After everyone leaves the show, Abbott taking the phone from the box unseen from the campers.

Abbott goes to the cabin saying he knows whoever is recording in that cabin heard the whole plan between him and Gryska.. Explaining he has the phone still and if they want it back they’ll have to come make a deal with him.

Time passes and someone finally come to the door. It’s the famous golfers lawyer. He killed Madison and then tries to run when he realizes the trap.

The lawyer planned to blackmail Kimura with the leverage of him with Madison. When the later went to place a camera Madison caught him. He chased her and brutally beat her killing her. He planted the marker as a new way to leverage him. The concierge was killed because he figured it out too.

Lisbon and Pike are out to dinner. He explains he has an offer to run a new division in DC. He wants to turn it down because he wants to be with Lisbon. She doesn’t want him to turn it down even though she doesn’t want him to go. He asks her to come with him then.


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  • Red John is briefly alluded to when Jane tells one of the men at the social club that he got away with murder. 
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