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Fugue In Red is the tenth episode of season 4 of The Mentalist.


During the search for a firefighter's killer, Jane is attacked and nearly drowned, resulting in a temporary loss of his memory and a return to his pre-CBI con man persona.


A firefighter named Paul Satterfield is murdered outside of a firehouse - throat slit - the night before a coworker's bachelor party. The CBI joins the investigation that night. While the other team members are investigating the


Lisbon finds Jane unconscious in the pond.

scene, a firefighter tells Jane that he saw a masked man, presumably the killer, running into the woods. Jane goes to look through the woods for the murder weapon when he comes across a pond. As he is looking down into the water, someone suddenly leaps from underneath the surface, and grabs him, pulling him into the water. As Lisbon is searching for Jane, she comes across the pond as well. She sees Jane floating in it unconscious and quickly pulls him out. Lisbon checks on Jane at the hospital, where they begin to have a nice talk. But then Jane asks her, "Are we sleeping together?" Lisbon is stunned, and realizes that he has lost his memory. However, he still remembers that he is a con man, and


"Are we sleeping together?"

even offers to help Lisbon make contact with her mother, guessing that her mother gave Lisbon her cross. Lisbon offers Jane a job at the CBI, which he accepts.

Jane comes to work the next morning and Lisbon directs everyone to keep a close eye on him. Jane begins to go over a case about a masked bank robber who killed two security guards, but Lisbon quickly tells him that it's being handled by another team, and they have the one about the murdered fire fighter. Rigsby takes Jane to talk to the firefigters about Satterfield. Jane suspects that Satterfield was not well liked by the others and that one of them was having an affair with his wife, Cynthia. Meanwhile, Van Pelt speaks to the widow learning that Satterfield knew about the affair  and was okay with it.

Cho and Jane go to talk to Tom Wilcox, a man whose house had burnt down, and who had been saved from the blaze by Satterfield. Tom's daughter, Lulu, complains that she wants her doll that is still in the house. Tom says they are not allowed back in to get it, but Jane promises he will go find it for her. Inside the burnt house, Jane notices that there are newspapers laying about the house, including one with an article about a masked bank robber.

Jane can't stand the case anymore and decides to take the firefighters out for drinks. At the bar, he impresses everyone with his


Con man Jane

"psychic" abilities. The firefighters are enjoying his performance when Lisbon shows up. But after Jane grabs her ass, Lisbon sends him straight to the hospital to continue his treatment. Jane insists he wants to finish the case and that he has a trap for the killer.

Jane goes to the hotel where the Wilcox family is staying. Tom is packing up in a hurry. Jane gives the doll he promised he'd find to Lulu,  and then asks for a moment alone with Tom. Jane tells Tom that he knows he killed the guards in the bank robbery. He tried to cover up the evidence by burning it in the house fire, but Satterfield saw the mask when he saved him, and so Tom was forced to kill Satterfield too. Jane blackmails Tom, saying he'll keep quiet if Tom gives him half the money stolen in the robbery. The exchange is made, and Cho and Rigsby spring out and arrests Tom.

Rj smiley

Red John's signature smiley

Back at the CBI, Jane comes walking through the office with a girl on his arm. Lisbon notices that the girl is wearing a lot of nice jewelry and realizes Jane kept the stolen money. Tired of Jane's dishonesty, Lisbon decideds to take him to his house. She leads Jane to the door and he opens it nervously, seeing the red smiley signature of Red John. As memories wash over Jane, all Lisbon can say is, "I'm sorry."


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