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Green Thumb is the tenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


The FBI reluctantly enlists Jane’s help to find a missing computer programmer, but he won’t help unless Lisbon is brought on board as well.


Lisbon is back in Canon River as police chief, when Agent Kim Fischer arrives. She wants to talk about Jane, who has been held for three months. There is a matter of National Security that the FBI need Jane's help with. Agent Fischer persuades Lisbon to visit Jane. Lisbon tells Jane that she is not allowed to go home until he helps the FBI, so he goes with her the FBI office.

Abbott is giving a briefing about Abel Schneiderman who wrote some of the security code protecting the Federal Reserve. He has been missing for two days, with no ransom demand received. Because of the nature of his work, the media have not been informed due to the risk to the financial system. Jane deduces that Schneiderman's wife, Defiance, is a gypsy and Jane is taken to meet her. During the trip Kim informs Jane that he is on a short leash. held by her. Jane plays the psychic and learns Defiance's own psychic is missing. Lisbon, Fischer, Jane and Defiance visit Abel's rooftop garden. Jane tells Defiance to inform the media and she runs to contact the media pursued by Lisbon and Fischer. Jane takes the opportunity to lose his FBI minders.

Cho briefs the FBI team about Jane's disappearance, and when Fischer says that one of the agents will receive a note of his failure in his file, he forces her to acknowledge that she also will receive a note in her file. She then orders Cho to concentrate on the Jane case. Fisher starts to brief the team on more matters and suspects in the kidnapping, but Lisbon raises her hand. Fisher acknowledges her and Lisbon asks why she's still there if Jane is gone. Fisher states that they'll find Jane, but Lisbon points out that they won't find him until he wants to be found. Fisher tells the team to take five and pulls Lisbon into her office. She surprises Lisbon by sitting down and telling her she needs help. She wants to know how Lisbon managed to keep working smoothly with Jane over the years. Lisbon admits that after Jane left, she too wondered how she managed to do it. When Fisher wants to know the answer, Lisbon flat out tells her she honestly doesn't know. She does know that Jane actually wanted to be there, and that had to be a part of it. Fisher asks Lisbon if her and Jane were ever involved romantically. Lisbon tells her that that's an odd question to ask and wants to know why she thinks that. Fisher quickly blows off the question and says never mind.

Jane, in New York, posts a letter to Dennis Abbott labelled "TOP SECRET" then spray paints "Jane" on the street with an arrow pointing to where he is waiting.

Jason Wylie, an analyst, working in his lunch hour sees the message and they find Jane sitting right where the arrow points, eating a hot dog. Jane is arrested. Fischer meets Jane in jail and tells him that he is to be charged with the murder of Sheriff McAllister. Just as she's about to leave, Jane asks if they have found the body on the roof. He explains that Abel killed his wife's psychic, cut up the body and buried it in the roof garden. He assumes that this was because they were having an affair.

Abbot and Fisher go to search the roof garden, despite Fisher not believing Jane when he told her it was there. Abbot looks around, breaks a planter, and finds a body partout and find the body.

Jane is, therefore, brought back onto the case. Agent Dennis Abbott reveals that a ransom note has been received. Jane says that he doesn't believe it and needs to go back to New York.

Defiance vehemently denies that she was having an affair. When the psychic is found to be Cuban conman, Jane realizes that he was in their bedroom snooping when Abel discovered and killed him. He then says that Abel has not left the building.

Jane goes with Fischer and Cho to the next-door apartment where he confronts the owner and says that Schneiderman is inside in a closet. Fischer and Cho break in, and rescue Abel.

He explains that he found the psychic in his bedroom, and they fought with the psychic hitting his head and accidentally dying. The neighbor is revealed to be a former street gang member.

Abbott tells Jane that there is no deal, and he is to be tried. He leaves by telling Abbott to check his mail.

Abbott finds the letter that Jane posted, and it is a list of Blake Association members. Several names are redacted. Abbott says that they arrested all the Blake Association members, Jane says that those are the ones he did not redact. Abbott says that if Jane tells him the names, he can have his deal. Jane retorts that the FBI has broken their deal before, so he gets his terms and when he wants to, he'll give the FBI the names. Jane is taken back to his cell.

Lisbon joins Jane in his cell and tells him that the FBI have agreed to his deal and that she has resigned her job so they can work together. Jane then reveals to Lisbon that the redacted names in the list he gave to Abbot were just a ruse to get him the deal. She gives him socks which she bought from Washington and he's very grateful.


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  1. There is an extended scene at the FBI just after Jane goes missing. Abbott talks to Defiance, who doesn't think the FBI is doing enough to find her husband.
  2. Defiance goes to thank Jane for his help. Jane explains that he is not psychic, but gives her a reading anyway.


  • The kid on the plane who peeked over the seat at Jane and Lisbon, whose role is credited as "five year old boy", is an actor named Jake Vaughn. Despite being seven-going-on-eight, Jake Vaughn has had quite a few roles in his young life, including a credit as "five year old boy" in a 2011 movie called "The Mentalist".
  • Rockmond Dunbar was promoted to series regular in this episode as Dennis Abbott.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Joe Adler as Jason Wylie.
  • Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti did not appear as Wayne Rigsby & Grace Van Pelt in this episode, despite their names listed in the opening credits. Their voices, however, are heard in the "Previously on The Mentalist" episode introduction.
  • Red John is mentioned for the first time since his death by Kim Fischer.
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