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Grey Water is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane and Fischer investigate a murder at an oil fracking site, while Rigsby and Van Pelt travel to Austin to help investigate suspects in the string of attacks on former CBI team members.


An unknown masked intruder shoots at Wayne Rigsby while he is holding Maddy, Grace shoots back and the intruder leaves their home.

At the FBI office in Austin, Wayne and Grace are hired as consultants in the case of the murders of Osvaldo Ardiles and J.J. LaRoche which has been linked to their break-in. The FBI produce a list of twelve suspects and Jane encourages the team to select their own choice as twelve is to many. While they are checking the suspects Kim Fischer asks Jane to accompany her in the investigation of an anti-fracking campaigner who was suing the local oil company. His body was found in one of the fracking companies waste water pools.

At the wake for the victim Danny Becker the agents hear claims that Millman Oil had arranged for Danny to be beaten up. They also hear claims that Millman Oil has been bribing local officials.

Cho and Rigsby go to pick up John Hutten, a bank robber who has been released from prison and is suspected of being behind the attacks on the CBI. They discover that he is helping the FBI bank robbery squad and is electronically tagged, so his movements are known.

At Millman Oil headquarters Jane and Fischer are questioning the owner and Chief Operating Officer when the office computer system comes under attack from a group calling itself "The Cooperative" using the tune "London Bridge is falling down" as a signature.

Richard Haibach's lawyer complains to Dennis Abbott about Lisbon checking up on him, and Abbott orders her to apologize to Haibach. After the lawyer leaves, Abbott tells Lisbon that he does not trust Haibach and she is to continue her investigation.

Grace and Jason Wylie trace the location from where the cooperative video was uploaded, Kim and Jane head to the location and arrest the hacker. Abbott interrogates the hacker and learns that Dan knew that Millman Oil's COO, Jason Kern had a black book containing the people he had paid off. The cooperative organized a protest during which he would steal the book.

When Jane goes to the office he determines that something else was stolen apart from the book. He tells Kim that there was probably some money in the safe, used for paying bribes. Jane then gets Kim to play the London Bridge tune to Dan's friends.

Rigsby and Cho go back to Hutten's house with the FBI when Rigsby can't contact him and discover that he has rigged his phone to send out his ankle monitor's signal.

Jane ask Wylie if he would like to help catch a killer, all he has to do is perform an internet search for information about an individual.

The FBI drain the fuel from Dan's friend Bryce's car causing him to go to the gas station where the London Bridge tune plays, and then a voice identifies itself as the cooperative and says that they know he killed Dan for the money. Jane, who pretending to be the cooperative says that they have taken the money. When Bryce says that they couldn't know where the money is, Jane tells him what he had for lunch, and other information. Bryce goes to check that the money is still where he hid it. He is then arrested by Kim and Abbott.

Under interrogation he reveals that Dan did not want to take the money, and later when Dan discovered that Bryce had taken the money, they fought and Bryce hit Dan in the head with a rock, killing him.

The COO Jason Kern is arrested using the evidence found in  the black book, and the owner of the oil company fires him for unethical behavior

Cho and Rigsby find Hutten and discover that he was hacking his ankle monitor so that he could have an affair without his wife's knowledge.

Rigsby goes to a bar with Cho and Jane, after calling Grace at their motel to let her know he will be back late.

The episode ends with an unknown masked intruder in Grace's hotel room approaching the sleeping Grace.


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According to E! Online[1], this episode could show the first references to Red John since his death in the eighth episode of the season:

Henry: So, Red John is dead on The Mentalist…now what?
  Back to business as usual! At least, that's how it's going to be by the time episode 14 comes around. However, the title of the episode will tell you that even though Red John is dead, his presence won't be forgotten, if you allow us to be so vague. Episode 14 is called "Grey Water." Make of that what you will.



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