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His Red Right Hand is the eighth episode of season two of The Mentalist.


An attack on the CBI claims the lives of Bosco's team members and puts him in a hospital and the evidence points to Red John.


Rigsby and Van Pelt are in bed at night, when first Rigsby, then Van Pelt get a call saying that they've got a case. Shortly after, Jane gets a call from Bosco saying he has something to talk about, but wants it to wait until he gets back to the office.

In a memorial, there is a Caucasian male, naked, shot at close range to the head, yellow roses on his genitals, and his temperature is less than the surrounding temperature. The coroner, Pat, studies the body as Jane, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt look on.

Back at the headquarters, they find two CBI agents shot and killed, and Bosco unconscious with a shot to the abdomen.

Lisbon desperately performs first aid on Bosco as Cho begins a lockdown. Medics come, and Lisbon briefly flashes back to 24 hours earlier when she had a friendly interaction with him, before being jarred back to the present where Bosco's on a stretcher barely breathing.

Lisbon washes the blood off her hands, face, and shirt, and starts following leads. She asks Rebecca, Bosco's team's secretary, about anything unusual, but she said it was just a normal day. Though she does say that the team was getting very close to making a bust on an Armenian drug cartel.

Rigsby joins Van Pelt and a security guard looking at video recordings, but someone has broken through the firewall and deleted about 30 minutes of video.

Jane asks if forensics has the prints off the naked dead guy yet, and after Rigsby calls forensics, he finds that the victim was Towlen Morning. Jane goes to Towlen's office in the hospital, and finds music playing, Hicks dead, and Red John's trademark on the wall.

Outside of the CBI headquarters, Minelli gives a press release about what happened. After a reporter asks him "how he feels", Virgil Minelli loses it it and starts talking candidly to the media.

Back inside, Cho finds that Bosco had, a few days prior, called a Clovervill cop who found a dead body during a building renovation project. It's the body of Carter Peak, a murder that was unlike Red John's 14 other murders, and was possibly one of Red John's mistakes (because Red John had not intentionally wanted Peak dead, but only killed him because Peak could identify him).

Jane and Cho drive over to Clovervill to get the body and any evidence, but when they get there, the coroner checks the freezer, and the body is gone. He checks the log, and sees that someone named "Agent Rojo" took the body and evidence on behalf of the CBI at 2:15 AM be the night before, before the murders. When asked for a description, the coroner says it was a woman with dark hair, olive skin, kinda dumpy, and clicking heels. It's Rebecca, the secretary. Cut to the hospital where she's carrying balloons to Bosco's room, and takes out a silenced pistol to finish the job. But Van Pelt and Lisbon stop her. At the same time, Bosco wakes up.

Rebecca is taken back to the CBI headquarters in handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and chains. There, Patrick Jane spends several minutes just looking at her in silence, before they start talking. Jane does his typical cold-reading and tells Rebecca about her past, her feelings and how Red John made her "strong, made [her] feel proud of that darkness... gave [her] life meaning and made [her] feel love." She replies "You are very much like him, you know. The way you look at people and see right through them -- that's just spooky."

Jane tries to explain that RJ is using her, and she says "You are so wrong... He's a very good man. He's on a mission. For love... and enlightment. Don't you see? Without death there is no life. And without darkness, there is no light... until your daughter and wife were killed you were living an illusion... Red John opened your eyes, and now you see the world for what it truly is." 

She also said that Red John thought Jane would understand why he had her kill Bosco's team; not because they were any threat (after all, she had already destroyed the Carter Peak evidence), but because Red John misses Jane, and also, he knows Jane wants to get back on the Red John case. But, she stops short of telling Jane anything about Red John. Jane says that she will talk, eventually, when she realizes all the terrible things she's done.

He says, "When you go to sleep tonight, think about how you're nothing but a tool to Red John, and that he's just using you." But, as the viewers know, and probably Jane knows too, the last people that came close to giving too much information about Red John ended up dead before the day was out.

Red John is even quicker than usual to eliminate Rebecca, and rubs a poisonous gel on her left hand on the way out of the

Red John killing Rebecca

Red John passes by and smears Rebecca with some sort of poison. He has short black hair and appears to be very fit.

building, making her fall down dead in seconds.

Back at the hospital, Bosco's dying. He gives an epic foreshadowing: "Red John makes mistakes... this proves it. You will catch him. Do me a favor. When you catch him, don't arrest him... kill the son of a bitch". He asks Jane to lean in and listen to something important he has to say, and he then dies before uttering a word.

A week later, Minelli is packing up his things to retire. He tells Lisbon "In eight years I've lost four agents, all in the past week." After he leaves, the CBI agents share shots of Bosco's tequila and shots of scotch. Jane walks away, goes to the Red John case files, and starts reading.


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  • This episode's title is derived from the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, in which it refers to the vengeful hand of God, which it shares with the similarly-named song Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
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