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Il Tavolo Bianco is the twentieth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Jane’s freedom is at stake when a grand jury is empaneled to decide if he should be tried for the murder of Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon tries to find out how Jane feels about the possibility of her leaving Austin with Agent Pike, and Cho and Abbott follow new leads in the human smuggling ring they recently uncovered.


Patrick is walking in HQ with two cups of coffee, he hands a cup to Teresa; Patrick asks if she has decided whether she is going to D.C. with Pike. He says he doesn’t want her to go because she’ll end up bored; a US Marshal walks in and says that he’s going to arrest Patrick. An arrest warrant was issued for Patrick for the killing of Sheriff McAllister aka Red John.

At the grand jury the prosecutor asks what Teresa and Kim are doing having Patrick on their team when they were supposed to arrest him. She asks if Patrick told Teresa that he killed McAllister, she then asks if Teresa is trying to protect Patrick; Teresa replies by telling her to go to hell.

Cho shows Abbott where they found Daniela Welker, who was separated from the group of kidnapped woman, he then leads Abbott into the house and shows him the room that the entire group were staying in together. Abbott asks if Cho found useful information from the girls, Cho mentions the name of man that they all talked about who was called Jesse.

Teresa and Kim talk to Abbott about Patrick, it turns out that it was a con to entrap a case of suspected grand jury tampering (although Patrick insists it is a sting); Patrick is fine for the moment. Abbott tells Teresa and Kim that John Acardo, a man who is believed to have killed another man named Elijah Macey, was unexpectedly not indicted by the exact same jury.

Cho is sitting outside of the home where the girls were held captive, Cho looks around the room one last time with his gun in his hand. Cho finds Daniela inside the room, it turns out that she released herself from the hospital. Daniela is looking for her sister, Cho says that he’s trying his best. Daniela now knows that her sister was in the house, since her tag is on the wall. Cho walks up to her and tells her that they will find her.

Patrick is asking what Kim and Teresa told the jury; she tells him to read the transcripts. Teresa is angry that Patrick didn’t tell her that it was all a scam with the jury. Pike appears and Teresa is ready to go eat lunch, Pike says that Patrick did the right thing and did what any other father would do. Abbott asks Patrick if he’s letting Teresa go, Patrick says he isn’t and Abbot walks away.

Patrick in the jury room, is told he needs to explain what he was doing at the date and time of the murder. The prosecutor asks if he recalls the day of McAlister’s death, Patrick says he does and that he was chasing him for eight years. Patrick is trying to create a narrative of events with all the people on the grand jury, by the look of people’s faces. Patrick ends up making conversation with the entire jury instead of answering questions. The prosecutor gets angry and tells him not to run her courtroom.

Patrick tells Abbot that no one on the jury is suspicious, Patrick then says that the prosecutor is the one who ensured that the jury released Acardo and to catch the prosecutor and Acardo, they will need to find physical evidence of his guilt. Abbott asks Teresa to take over this case with Patrick. Patrick finds Daniela looking at photos of traffickers, Cho walks back in and sits down; it turns out that only some the girls have hearts drawn on their hands, only the “special” ones. Before they leave, the girls had to have a blood tests. Cho believes that the heart mark has something to do with the blood tests. Daniela shoves everything on the desk off in anger, Cho tells her it isn’t her fault, but Daniela blames herself for what has happened to her sister Amy.

Cho tells Abbot that they took blood tests from all of the girls; he even went through all the evidence in the room and found the blood tests. Abbot tells Cho not to get Daniela’s hopes up too high about finding her sister.

Patrick and Teresa are eating at Il Tavolo Bianco, the restaurant Acardo used as his alibi for the killing of Elijah. They are seated for their special evening paid for by the FBI. Aurelio, the owner, says that every night with Teresa at the restaurant is a special one. Teresa apologizes for overreacting about the jury. Teresa says that Patrick knows everything she’s going to do, and that she’ll try to surprise him one day. Patrick says that she’s too predictable.

Patrick asks if John Acardo ever eats at the restaurant, Aurelio acts a little weird while denying it. Wylie shows all the physical evidence from the murder scene, if they I.D. the trigger man they could catch Acardo. Patrick wants to go the more interesting way to find Acardo responsible for the murder, Wiley hands him a coat which was the most random piece of evidence. Patrick wants Wiley to find out if the coat belonged to the victim or not. Kim goes to talk to Elijah's mother, talking about her son. She invites Kim in, she talks about how hard it is to raise a son alone and keep up with him. She says it wasn’t until Elijah was taken away that she realized how important he was to her, that he was a quizzical child who loved to build things and even created his own business in college. Kim asks his mother if the coat is Elijah’s, she returns and says that Elijah was allergic to wool and the coat was a hundred percent wool and he wouldn’t wear something like it. Patrick says that he knows how to prove Acardo's involvement, he just needs to get Acardo to put a hit out on him in order to solve the case.

Patrick is at a club with Kim, he tries to catch Acardo’s attention. Patrick sees Acardo, Kim wonders how Patrick is going to get a hit on him in one night. Patrick says that he needs to take something that belongs to him; he plans on taking the girl next to him. Patrick makes his move; he bumps into the girl by "mistake" and apologizes. Patrick’s plan is going as planned; he finds her “lost” bracelet easily. Patrick is hitting on Brandy with ease, he’s just too smooth.

Pike and Teresa are watching Casablanca, Pike asks Teresa what’s going on because she’s acting strange.

Teresa doesn’t want to talk about it at the moment, Pike just wants to say that he knows that moving to D.C. is a big thing and that it could raise issues she’s not comfortable in talking about. He says that he’s willing to wait and that she just needs to let him know when she makes a decision. They continue watching Casablanca, but end up switching to a baseball game.

Patrick is dancing with Brandy; Acardo notices and makes his way towards them. Brandy says there’s nothing to worry about. Acardo tells Patrick to leave. Patrick says that he wants to have fun with Brandy; he then gets up on a table saying that Acardo is a drug dealer. Patrick says he’ll be physically assaulted now or right when he leaves the club, he then runs out of there. Acardo says to his henchman to reserve a table at the restaurant Patrick and Teresa ate at. Cho and Wylie are now asking the company that made the blood test kits; Wylie walks in and finds a bow and arrow on a box. Cho wants a list of the names of people who bought the blood test kits. At Il Tavolo Bianco. Acardo goes and sits in his normal place with Brandy, ordering for himself and Brandy. Aurelio leaves and is now walking up to a house holding a brown coat, he walks behind an apartment building and asks for a man named Paul.

Paul tells him to drop it on the ground and come close to him, Paul hands Aurelio a knife and says that he knows what to do. Aurelio cuts the coat and money is hidden inside, the FBI arrives at the scene of the transaction. Patrick says that this is how they ordered the hits; he puts the targets' name in the coat.

Acardo and Brandy are eating in the restaurant, but Patrick interrupts them while wearing the coat that was used to order the hit on him; Acardo ends up choking due to shock and Patrick uses the Heimlich Maneuver to save him. Brandy thanks Patrick. Patrick walks into HQ, Abbott asks if he heard the news; it seems that the jury decided to arrest him. Kim talks to Lydia the prosecutor, and she is arrested for tampering with the grand jury, they have evidence that she spoke to Acardo and was paid to present the case in such a way that Acardo would not be indicted for ordering the killing of Elijah.

Abbot tells Aurelio that they will let him go if he answers honestly, he tells them that Acardo threatened to kill him and his family. Aurelio says that he will testify and says that he won’t leave his house or restaurant, so that his family won’t get hurt; he’ll stay out in the open and wait for Acardo’s revenge. Patrick tells him that he is very admirable and brave.

Wylie hands Cho papers that showing the last date the blood testing kits were purchased, he thinks he’s found a lead. Abbott and Cho arrive at the place where their lead has led them, they find a door, but it’s locked so they decide to find another way in. Cho and Abbott break into the building and look around with their guns drawn. Cho hears something, it’s the sound of a generator; they decide to enter the room. They find a room that looks like a operating theater; they go into the back and open the door which contains the humming sound. They find corpses inside the freezer room, the bodies were cut open and the hearts are missing. Abbott says that they are killing the girls for their organs.

Patrick arrives at Teresa’s house, Pike opens the door though; Pike calls for Teresa to come to the door. Patrick hands her cannoli, she knows that this isn’t why he really came here. Patrick says that he’s been thinking about her lately, he wants her to be happy and to make her decision based on that. Patrick then walks away, Teresa begins to cry a bit and goes back into her home.


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  • Il Tavolo Bianco translates to 'The White Table' in Italian.
  • Thomas McAllister/Red John is briefly mentioned in Jane's fake murder trial.
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