Janet Peak is one of Red John's female victims during the early years of RJ's career as a serial killer. The character appears briefly in Patrick Jane's flashback/reconstruction in the episode "His Red Right Hand". She is seen in the laundry room when Red John, wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt sneaks behind the young woman before sliting her throat open. Then, as her dead body is laid out on the floor, Red John begins to undress the young woman and with a wild paroxysm and ferosity, he starts stabbing her. However, his deed is interupted when Janet's husband Carter Peak enters the laundry room and starts a fight with Red John. Unfortunately, the killer outpowers Carter as he stabs him to death too. The murder of Carter and Janet Peak which took place in 2000, is regarded by Jane's as Red John's mistake due to his inexperience. Later, Red John tries to bury the evidence with the help of his follower, Rebecca Anderson.


Jane's reconstruction of Janet Peak's murder by Red John. His true face is similar to Brett.

Red John

Red John slits the throat of Janet Peak

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