Jared Renfrew

Portrayed by Todd Stashwick
Name Jared Renfrew
First appearance Red John's Friends
Status Deceased
Last appearance Red John's Friends
Profession Criminal (probably drugs pusher)
Family George Renfrew (father) †
Mrs. Renfrew (mother)
Breck Renfrew (sister-in-law)
Gardner Renfrew (brother)
Andine Kopecki (half-sister) †

Jared Renfrew appears in Red John's Friends.

Renfrew had been in prison for one year for the murder of his housekeeper's daughter (and his half-sister) Andine, with whom he had been having an affair. He contacted Jane, said he was innocent, and told him that he would give him information about Red John if Jane would help him to get out of prison. Jane agreed to the bargain and went to his house, where he met Mrs. Renfrew, her mother and Gardiner Renfrew, Jared's brother. After an investigation, the CBI team discovered that the Andine's killer was actually Mrs. Renfrew. Now proven innocent, Jared was able to get out of prison.

After two weeks, Jane and Cho got Renfrew out of prison, but he escaped them and fled to Tijuana, Mexico, still not having fulfilled his end of the bargain with Jane. The team rushed to Mexico, only to find that Red John had gotten there first and killed both Renfrew and a hooker he was with. Written in Renfrew's blood on the wall above their bodies were the words, "He is ma"[1].


  • He and Juana Porfiria Braga (the hooker he was with) were the first victims of Red John to be killed in the present timeline of the series. Presumably Juana died first.
  • The significance of "He is ma" is still unknown. Possible meanings could be: he is McAllister, he is many, he married, he is marshall etc.

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