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Jason Lennon is a character that appeared in the episode There Will Be Blood in The Mentalist. He's one of Red John's accomplices, a serial rapist and killer of five women, and assisted Red John in the murder of Miranda Martins.


Lennon was a trustee at a woman's shelter, which is how he picked his targets. According to Patrick Jane, Lennon binds his victims with fishing line before proceeding to rape and kill them. Red John had Julia Howard give Miranda to Lennon, so that Lennon could bring her to Red John.

After excessive torture by Miranda's sister, Lorelei Martins, Lennon revealed his friendship with Red John to Patrick Jane and his role in Miranda's death. He was shot by Lorelei and fell into a coma. Lennon was put under surveillance by Robert Kirkland of DHS.

In Behind The Red Curtain, the 18th episode of the fifth season, Lennon was killed by Robert Kirkland, who injected him with a syringe containing air that caused an air embolism which made his heart give out.

In Green Thumb, Lennon's name was seen on a fake list of Blake Association members.