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Kristina Frye was a claimed psychic who first appears in Seeing Red and later reappeared in the last two episodes of Season 2 (Red Letter and Red Sky in the Morning), along with the third episode of Season 3 (The Blood On His Hands).

Seeing Red[]

Frye was Rosemary Tennant's psychic. She predicted that Rosemary would have an accident, but Rosemary didn't listen and was murdered. Kristina later put on a seance at which Patrick Jane tricked the real murderer, Rosemary's daughter Clara Tennant, into believing her mother had returned from the dead and was accusing her of murder.

Jane believed that she was a fake, believing that psychics don't exist. Kristina claimed to have a vision of Patrick's dead wife in which Patrick's wife told her that their daughter never woke up during the murders and was never scared. Patrick cried about this after Kristina left. Many viewers suspected her to be Red John, but this theory was disproved after her "death" in The Blood on His Hands. 

Re-meeting Jane[]

Frye was then hired by the San Desidera Police Department to help with the murder of Hector Brava, which the CBI were also called in to investigate. On Jane's request, they hold another seance to catch the murderer. After the killer is caught, Jane invites Frye to get a coffee with him sometime.

Jane and Frye eventually go on a date to an Italian restaurant where Frye quickly displays her abilities to their waiter, quoting the Alabama Crimson Tide rally call 'Roll Tide'. Whilst in the bathroom Jane obviously has romantic thoughts towards Frye and plays nervously with his wedding ring and it is assumed he has come to the conclusion to break it off with Frye before it goes further but he gets a call from Van Pelt about a Red John case and heads in to work. Frye comes along and offers her services, which Jane asks Hightower to refuse. When Frye goes on television and speaks to Red John as if she knows him, Jane gets angry and tells her that she is making the same mistake that he did. The CBI gives her 24 hour protection, on Jane's request. She escapes her house, packing a bag and taking her passport with her. Later, when Jane meets Red John, he says that Kristina would want him to send her love and quotes 'The Tyger' to him. 

Red Sky at Night[]

In the season 3 premiere, it has been confirmed that Frye is, indeed, missing, either after having been abducted by Red John, gone into hiding or disappeared for some other reason.

The Blood on His Hands[]

In The Blood On His Hands, Frye is found in a catatonic state. While she is certainly alive, she appears to be unable or unwilling to communicate with anyone and does nothing except stare blankly at whatever is in front of her. Later, Jane manages to briefly bring her back to her normal self by holding a small seance, in which she claims that she is already dead and that he is talking to a ghost. When Jane asked how she "died", she claims that she is unable to remember and that it is unimportant to her as she has moved on. When Jane ask her if she knows what Red John looks like she tells him she doesn't understand what he is asking. Jane is not satisfied, but gives up on trying to get any more information.


  • It's unclear if Kristina truly believes herself to be a psychic or is being deliberately deceitful while using the same kind of mentalist tactics that Patrick uses, though her actions during the seance in The Blood on His Hands suggest the former.
  • It seems that Frye has been hypnotized by Red John into believing she is dead and has passed over to the spirit world.
  • Kristina was the first date for Patrick since his wife's death.


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