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"Little Red Corvette" is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of The Mentalist.


The CBI investigates the death of a geologist, who was about to testify against Tommy Volker. While Lisbon starts breaking the rules to get evidence against Volker, Jane uncovers a trail leading to a missing boy who could have been a witness to the murder - and Volker.


We see a flashback to two months ago, where a boy, Marvin Pettigrew, was playing in an abandoned warehouse with his new remote-controlled red sportscar when Volker and two of his henchmen Charles Milk and Donald Clyde walk into warehouse with the kidnapped geologist. Milk kills the geologist Horatio Jones with Marvin witnessing the murder. Volker departs, and Marvin was then spotted by the two men. Milk orders Clyde to get rid of the unwanted witness and hands him wire with which to strangle the boy, and Clyde is seen struggling with the order he has been given.

Lisbon finds that Horatio Jones had given a deposition, but with the court case thrown out when Jones went missing, the deposition and all other evidence were sealed by a grand jury. Jane suggests to Lisbon that she needs to find "dirt" on prosecutor Oscar Ardiles in order to get the deposition, and that Brenda Shettrick would be someone who would have dirt on Ardiles. Lisbon goes to Shettrick, offering a future favour if Shettrick will give her leverage on Ardiles, and Shettrick reveals that mentioning "the Ferland case" will give Lisbon leverage (blackmail) on Ardiles. Lisbon invites Ardiles to her office, at which the prosecutor tells Lisbon that the evidence was sealed and he isn't going to break the law for Lisbon, in spite of the three recent murders all closely related to Volker, at which point Lisbon mentions "the Ferland case". Ardiles asks Lisbon how much she knows, and Lisbon says that while she currently has little information on it, she will investigate it fully and uncover every involvement that Ardiles has in it, unless Ardiles hands over the Jones deposition and other evidence, Ardiles promises that all evidence in that closed case will be sent to Lisbon's office immediately.

Jane meanwhile request Van Pelt to search the database for children missing that would fit the description of the case: a child aged nine to twelve, missing for two months, coming from a poorer neighbourhood, whose domicile was closes to the warehouse where Horatio Jones was murdered, and reaches a Marvin Pettigrew. Jane goes to the home and the mother confirms everything Jane suspects, the warehouse was on the route between Marvin's home and school, and that Marvin did like going in the warehouse.

Lisbon and Cho go to visit VMX Energy, Lisbon urging Cho that they must do so as secretively as possible, else Volker will clean the office out. Upon asking to speak with the director, the secretary leaves to get the person in charge, when Lisbon notices the security cameras at the secretary's desk. She urges Cho for them to leave now, explaining that if Volker sees the two of them on security camera footage, Volker will get spooked out. Lisbon plans to come back with a warrant in order to get all of VMX Energy's files.

In the files that Ardiles sends to Lisbon's office, the Jones deposition reveals that one of Horatio Jones' friends, Annabelle Sugalski, visited Jones in the Amazon, and she is brought in to the CBI for questioning. However, Sugalski in unable to provide any information to the CBI, claiming that Jones never mentioned anything work-related to her, she was in the Amazon simply for vacation.

Sugalski is later shown in Volker's office with Volker and Clyde. She says that she didn't reveal anything to the CBI. Volker asks if the CBI were suspicious of her, and a terrified Sugalski assures Volker that the CBI doesn't have any information and isn't suspicious of her. She promises Volker that she will leave the country immediately and that he doesn't have to worry in that Volker will never see her again. Volker bids her farewell, and terrified for her life, Sugalski is allowed to leave Volker's office.

DNA evidence at the crime scene reveals the DNA of Charles Milk (who was assassinated by Clyde and Mark Costa on Volker's orders, in the previous episode) and one other unknown man. Jane confronts Volker at an elementary school, going so far as to grab Volker by the arm. This was a ploy because Volker looked up at his bodyguard Donald Clyde, at which Jane tips off to a waiting Rigsby in the car outside of the appearance of Clyde, and Rigsby takes photos of Clyde which allows the CBI back at the office to identify the potential second man at the scene of the Horatio Jones murder.

Lisbon tries to get a judge to sign a warrant to investigate VMX Energy offices, but without solid evidence, the judge refuses to sign the warrant. Lisbon calls Jane for advice, and knowing what Jane would do, she goes into the judge's office with a little white lie (that there is a second witness and Lisbon will be able to get the transcript to the judge first thing in the morning, but time is of the essence currently to investigate the offices of VMX Energy). With this newfound "evidence", the judge signs Lisbon's warrant to search VMX Energy's offices, but when Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, and two more offices get to the VMX Energy offices, Volker has already had the VMX offices evacuated to completely empty.

Back at the CBI offices, with Rigsby's photos of Volker's henchman, the CBI are able to reach the identity and file of Donald Clyde. Cho and Rigsby bring Clyde in to CBI offices, and Jane is able to get Clyde to tell them that Marvin Pettigrew is still alive and probably left under the care of someone that Clyde knows. Clyde is released from the CBI in the hopes that Clyde will lead them to Marvin Pettigrew. However, after calling for a cab, Clyde answers his phone to Tommy Volker asking him how his time with Lisbon went, and telling him that he's "a dead man". Knowing that the words "you're a dead man" coming from Volker is a certain death sentence, Clyde is so distraught that he steps in front of a speeding bus, committing suicide, knowing that Volker on his tail, he would be dead any way.

It is revealed that Brenda has been feeding Volker CBI knowledge (hence why Volker knew to clear out the offices of VMX Energy, and that Clyde had been taken in to CBI and spoken with Jane and Lisbon), and then finally that there is a missing persons report (Marvin Pettigrew) and that Pettigrew may have been present during the Horatio Jones murder, but that she doesn't know Pettigrew's current whereabouts. When Volker finds out about the child, a tense race between Volker and the CBI ensues. The CBI track down the woman Clyde has left Marvin Pettigrew with and Lisbon sends Rigsby and Cho to hurry to the address, since if they were capable of locating the likely person Clyde left Marving Pettigrew with, it's likely Volker has as well. Volker has indeed gotten the boy's address, and arrives with his henchman Mark Costa to kill the boy. The hitman refuses, stating that he has never killed a kid and won't start now, so Volker realizes he has to do it himself. He busts into the apartment finding it empty and in rage trashes it. He spots a school outing letter to the zoo on the fridge. Cho and Rigsby arrive moments after Volker leaves. They find the room trashed informing them that Volker has been there, but Rigsby also spots the letter on the fridge. They inform Lisbon about their findings and she and Jane head to the zoo. Volker is already there and he finds Marvin first. As Volker leaves with Marvin, Marvin screams and resists, and Lisbon and Jane run in the direction of the screaming.

After a brief chase Lisbon orders Volker to stop when she sees Volker running after Marvin. Volker aims his gun to shoot the little boy but Lisbon shoots Volker in the shoulder, dropping Volker to the ground. After cuffing Volker, Lisbon punches him and tells him that it's over. Jane returns Marvin to his mother.






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