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Special Agent Marcus Pike is FBI agent with Art Squad on sixth floor of the FBI headquarters in Austin, Texas. Pike first appeared in Violets as one of agent investigating art robbery. He was portrayed by Pedro Pascal.

Relationship with Lisbon[]

Pike and Lisbon first meet in Violets and at the end of the episode, Pike asked her out to dinner. They begin dating for the next few episodes until Pike asks her to move to Washington D.C. with him for a promotion. Lisbon is unsure of if she wants to go because of her conflicting feelings about Jane. Pike picks up on this and becomes somewhat jealous of Jane. Pike proposes to her in the end of Black Hearts but she tells him she has to think about it. In Blue Bird, Jane and Lisbon go on an investigation in Miami, Florida. Mid-way through the episode, Lisbon gets mad at Jane and leaves to get on a plane to Washington. She calls Pike and accepts his marriage proposal. The plane to D.C. is about to leave when Jane jumps on it and confesses his feelings for Lisbon. She originally tells Jane "It's too late" but ultimately decides to stay with Jane. When Jane asks Lisbon about Pike she says "he'll understand" meaning she broke up with him. It is assumed Pike moved to D.C. anyway and is now working there.

In the first episode of season 7, "Nothing But Blue Skies," Pike confronts Jane and tries to intimidate him, interrogating him on his plans for Lisbon's future. He has grown a beard and mustache which he says was part of an undercover assignment but may signify that he was still upset from breaking up with Lisbon.


  • His name might suggest that the creators of the character are Star Trek fans because it seems to be derived from admirals Marcus and Pike from the Star Trek Into Darkness movie.
  • In "Nothing But Blue Skies" Pike lists the things he was offering Lisbon: A life, a home, a family (if she wanted one) and a future. In "Byzantium" Jane purchases a plot of land and a shack that he plans to build on to, a home. Then in "White Orchids" Jane and Lisbon marry there by starting a new life together and a promise to be together for the future. Finally at the end of the same episode Lisbon reveals she is pregnant, thus starting their family.



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