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Michelle Vega was a rookie FBI agent.


Her father served in the military and at his urging she attended West Point. When he was diagnosed with liver cancer, she left the academy. She then trained at Quantico and became an FBI special agent. Her assignment to Dennis Abbott's team is her first posting.

In "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Vega is shot by one of the suspects, Steve Sellers. This gun shot proves to be fatal. The end of the episode sees Vega's funeral.

Relationship with Jason Wylie

She and Special Agent Jason Wylie were very close as partners in work since they were the youngest members of the main team. Besides their working relationship, Wylie had a crush on Vega started the very first moment he saw her. (Nothing But Blue Skies) We can see him practicing how to ask her out in Green Light, but he finally manages asking her out in Nothing Gold Can Stay which she says yes. This date never happens because of Vega's tragic demise. “[...] heartbreaking! We were finally going to have our very geeky nerdy date.” Josie Loren later said.[1] However we cannot be sure how Vega truly felt about Wylie. As Loren said, "[Wylie] is someone that Vega grew to really enjoy. It's nice because he is such a contrast to who she is, she almost needs people like Wylie in her life".[2]


  • She admitted to Jane in the episode Green Light that she still wanted her father's approval of her job choice and life decisions.
  • She spoke fluent Spanish. (Black Market, Green Light, Little Yellow House)
  • She was a very competitive gamer. (The Whites of His Eyes)
  • She was the only series regular in the show who got killed.
  • She was the only series regular that never appeared in a season finale.
  • Michelle, along with Kim have lowest episode count among main characters. Michelle appear in 10 episodes and Kim appear in 11 episodes.


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