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Miriam Gottlieb is a social services employee and was revealed to be a long-time Red John accomplice in the season 5 finale 'Red John's Rules'. She took part in the kidnapping of baby Caytlin and helped Red John kill the mother, Eileen Barlow, who had strong ties with Jane's past. Red John let her take Caytlin as a gift for helping him.


Miriam Gottlieb handing Jane an envelope

Towards the end, when she is about to be arrested, Miriam gives Jane an envelope, which is later revealed to have a CD showing Lorelei speaking for Red John. Lorelei says that Red John will kill her because she told Jane that they shook hands. She also tells Jane all of the 7 Red John suspects and that Red John will start killing again.


Miriam Gottlieb kills herself to protect Red John's identity

Miriam is seen riding in the back of a police car, having been arrested and in the process of being taken to the police station, when she swallows a cyanide pill. Miriam froths and suffocates until she eventually dies to protect Red John's identity.

In Green Thumb, her name was seen on a fake list of Blake Association members.