Miriam Gottlieb

Miriam Gottlieb
Portrayed by Laura San Giacomo
Name Miriam Gottlieb
First appearance Red John's Rules
Status Deceased
Last appearance Red John's Rules
Profession Social Worker
Miriam Gottlieb is a social services worker and was revealed to be a long time Red John accomplice in the season 5 finale 'Red John's Rules'. She took part in the kidnapping of a baby and helped Red John kill a woman named Eileen Barlow who had strong ties with Jane's past. Red John lets her take the baby as a gift for helping him.

Towards the end, when she is about to be arrested, she gives Jane an envelope, which is later revealed to be a CD, which shows Lorelei speaking for Red John. She says that Red John will kill her because she told Jane that they shook hands. She also tells Jane all of the 7 Red John suspects and that Red John will start killing again.


Miriam Gottlieb handing Jane the envelope with the CD inside

Miriam Gottlieb is seen riding in the back of a police car, having been arrested and is on the way to the police station where she swallows a cyanide pill, causing her to frough and suffocate, and as a result, dies to protect Red John's identity. In Green Thumb, her name was seen on a fake list of Blake Association members.


Miriam Gottlieb kills herself to protect Red John's identity