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Miss Red is the twenty-first episode of season one of The Mentalist. It aired on May 5th 2009 in the US.


Pelican Cove Marina, Sausalito. Jim Gulbrand, CEO of a software company, was reported missing yesterday. Van Pelt explaines that they found blood on the deck of his yacht, but no body. Rigsby hacks and wheezes and Lisbon forbids him from getting her sick.

On the boat they check out the very small spot of blood. He's worth around $100 million and recently divorced. His company was under investigation by the SEC. He was facing fines and prison time.

Jane checks out the outside of the boat. He and Lisbon see the anchor in the water at the same time. Inside, they bring it up. There's no need to be anchored when you're tied at the dock, Jane explains. They raise it and find a man chained to it, quite soggy and dead.

At the Gulbrand mansion his brother Keith Gulbrand, who seems to think he's Keith Richards, tells Lisbon and Jane about the company. Jim started the company with his childhood friend Rick. He's dating Brooke Harper, a psychiatrist. They met when Keith was in rehab, where she worked.

Keith doesn't have anything nice to say about Jim's ex.

A portion of the estate goes to Jim's charities and the rest goes to him, Keith says. He was with a woman he can't quite recall the night his brother was killed. Lisbon calls Cho to check out the alibi. He tries to rouse Rigsby from his desk, but decides to leave him and his snot behind.

Cho checks out Jim's company, Gaia Matrix. The head of security, a man named Stuart Hanson who's in a wheelchair, shows Cho and Van Pelt to Rick. He talks about how much Jim to the company as he leads them there.

Rick says Jim was the visionary and he handled the business side. He won't talk about the SEC investigation, but he says it didn't upset anything with Jim. Without him, he says, the company is in grave jeopardy.

Rigsby and Jane interview Jim's girlfriend, Brooke the shrink. Jane asks her why she's at work the same day her boyfriend died. She says it's the only way she knows how to cope. She notices Rigsby is sick and writes him a prescription for an antiviral.

At the office, Rigsby feels like hell. He hasn't filled the prescription. Jane finds it interesting because it's legible. He thinks she might not be a real doctor because she was warm and personable. Van Pelt looks her up. According to records, she's 64 years old, which the pretty young woman they met earlier clearly was not.

Brooke meets with a patient, telling him this will be their last session. She gives him her private number. The secretary interrupts, telling her the CBI are there. As the patient starts talking again Brooke takes back her private number and climbs out the window. She drives off before the team comes in.

Cho gives Jane the stuff they found at Brooke's apartment, including a wig. Jane thinks she's a professional con woman.

Van Pelt checked Gulbrand's bank records. He withdrew $10 million from his accounts and doesn't seem to have spent it.

Jane wants a copy of Brooke's last credit card statement.

Rigsby and Van Pelt go speak to Gulbrand's ex wife, Kathryn Stubbs-Gulbrand. They tell her Gulbrand might have hidden money during the divorce. She mentions that he was wearing a key under his shirt, saying it was for a gym locker. She tells them she was at a wine tasting when her ex was killed, but she won't say any more.

Lisbon reports that Gulbrand was cooperating with the SEC investigation.

Jane draws pictures of what Brooke bought with her credit card nine days ago and yesterday. Nine days ago she bought stuff to pose as a man. The other stuff, a gun, a cigar and a dress is a puzzle.

When Van Pelt tells them about Gulbrand's key, he thinks that's why Brooke bought stuff to dress like a man. And now she's trying to get inside somewhere else.

Jane and Cho check out the private Backgammon Club.

Van Pelt and Rigsby sit in the car staking out Gulbrand's ex. He's feeling much better since taking whatever Brooke gave him. They watch as Rick pulls up and gets into Jim's ex's car and proceeds to make out with her.

Jane plays backgammon with a member. He's up $20,000 when they see Brooke walk in. As the prince prepares to write him a check Jane admits that he cheated by controlling the dice.

Jane and Cho interrupt Brooke at the lockers. She has a cigar box filled with cigars, not cash. They arrest her.

Jane joins the interview. When she lies about her name Jane lies about how they found her.

She says Jim gave her the key. She says she loved him.She pretends to be surprised there's $10 million hidden somewhere.

Van Pelt talks to Jim's ex. She says she started seeing Rick after she got divorced.

Rick tells Rigsby he misled them to protect the company. It's news to him Jim was cooperating with the SEC.

Jane talks to Stuart, the head of security at Gaia. He thinks Jim asked him where to hide the money. They tell him about Brooke and the fact Jim's key didn't work at the club. Stuart told him to hide it off the grid. Not on his property and a place no one would think to look.

Jane drops back in with Brooke, laying out a story in which she took the key and made a duplicate, but then got frustrated when it didn't work. As Jane plays with the key he drops something into her purse.

Jane has figured out who she is. Lindsay Smith from San Diego. Jane thinks there's more to her than just a love of money. He wishes her luck and leaves. Jane walks out, leaving the key behind.

Brooke picks up the key and talks her way out of the interview room. Jane watches her leave, pleased.

Van Pelt watches the Brooke tracker on her computer. Van Pelt says her dad calls trick plays like this "chewing gum" plays. Sometimes you fool the other guy and sometimes you just get gum in your hair.

They track her to a train station. They see her arrive. She wheels Stuart out of her van, holding a gun to his back. His chair doesn't fit through the gate at the storage lockers. She tells him not to move as she opens the locker. As she takes out the bag, Stuart gets up from his chair and walks easily toward her as her back is turned. He grabs her gun and takes the money but the team stops him shortly. Brooke tries to walk off as well, but is also stopped.

At HQ Lisbon recites Stuart's list of aliases. He says everybody trusts people in a wheelchair. Jane lays out how it happened. Stewart went to the yacht that night for the key and took it, tying Jim to the anchor. But he couldn't have known Brooke swapped the real key with a look alike.

He's angry he spent six months in that chair. He asks why Jane questioned that he was in it. Jane says whenever he meets someone in a wheelchair he checks the bottom of their shoes for scuff marks, which Stuart's had. He's been doing it for years and this is the first time it's ever paid off. He finds this very gratifying.

Jane visits Brooke. He wishes he could let her go, but she understands. An agent comes to transport her to the federal detention center. As she leaves, she leans in and whispers to Jane: "See you around." When the agent says she won't be seeing anyone Jane says he doubts that, she's very good at what she does.


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  • The title of this episode, Miss Red, can be read (has the same sound) as "misread".
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