Mrs. Renfrew

Portrayed by Charlotte Cornwell
Name Muriel Renfrew
First appearance Red John's Friends
Status Alive (Arrested)
Last appearance Red John's Friends
Family George Renfrew (husband) †
Gardner Renfrew (son)
Breck Renfrew (daughter-in-law)
Jared Renfrew (son) †
Andine Kopecki (stepdaughter) †

Mrs. Renfrew appears in Red John's Friends. She is the mother of Jared Renfrew and Gardiner Renfrew. Jared was accused of killing the housekeeper's daughter, Undine Kopecki, and spent a year in prison for the murder. It was later revealed that the real killer was Mrs. Renfrew and that she had paid Andine's mother Vanna Clooney to lie at Jared's trial and testify that Jared had been stalking Andine.