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My Bloody Valentine is the twelfth episode of Season 4 of The Mentalist.


While CBI investigates the murder of a crime boss's son, Grace is stuck in the forest with a belligerent witness after a crash while escaping from an assassin.


Lisbon returns to Van Pelt the necklace that Craig O'Laughlin had given her when they were engaged. The case is over now and she's free to do whatever she wants with the necklace.

So then Cho, Jane, and Van Pelt are called out to the home of Gabriel Porchetto, a leading mob man who is dying of kidney cancer. His eldest son had been shot in a hot tub at the party he and Porchetto's other sons were hosting. Nett, Porchetto's number two, suggests that it was a Mexican gang, one of their rivals. A witness and hooker named Janpen, who tries pretending she does not speak English, is questioned by the CBI. Jane quickly realizes she does speak English, hence her understanding his question. Van Pelt is forced to bring her in for questioning.

As Van Pelt is taking Janpen back to the CBI, she stops and tries to decide if it is left or right that takes her back to the CBI. Unsure, she looks at her map. That's when a larger car passes by and asks if they're alright. Suddenly, the driver shoots the windshield. Van Pelt quickly drives off. Everything is fine until the car takes a spin and crashes into the trees. She, and Janpen who was handcuffed, are forced to start walking through the woods as they have no phone connection.

Back at the CBI, Rigsby is frantic over Van Pelt's disappearance, wanting to find her himself. But Wainwright says they should focus on the case since there is already a search party going on. He even says that he wouldn't want the CBI trying to find him because they don't know the woods like the search party.

Porchetto thinks that the rival Zetas may have killed his son. The CBI bring in one of the members. Jane works his hypnosis over the man, distracting him with a card game of "Where's The Queen?" in a three card spread. He teaches him about the finger trick of hiding a Queen, the hypnosis quickly working. As the Zetas man tries this trick himself, Jane manages to get him to admit that he did not kill the Porchettos son.

During their walk through the woods, Van Pelt begins to hallucinate that O'Laughlin is there, talking to her. She knows he is not real and wonders what he wants. O'Laughlin himself doesn't really know, as he is just part of Van Pelt's imagination.

Jane goes to talk to Porchetto, having a little trick up his sleeve. Having kidney cancer, Porchetto is not allowed to drink. But Jane talks about the thirst of Vodka and how is tastes and so on, that Porchetto joins Jane in some drinks. Jane doesn't drink his glasses, but rather splashes it over his shoulder. Porchetto is now drunk and passes out. Jane puts a squash ball under Porchetto's arm to stop the blood flow to make it seem like he is dead. No blood flow, no pulse. The Porchetto family thinks he is dead and rushes him to the hospital.

Lisbon and Jane are at the hospital now. As the doctor comes out, Jane starts asking him about bribery, offending the doctor. The Porchetto's think the doctor is relaying bad news to the agents, who play along, saying that Porchetto is dead. The youngest son thinks that he is the new head honcho. But instead, it is Nett. Jane and Lisbon, proud to find the real killer, reveal that Porchetto is alive. Lisbon threatens to tell Porchetto what he has done, knowing that Nett would not live to see the next day if she did. Nett reveals all.

Van Pelt wakes up that morning to find Janpen gone. She searches for her, where Janpen returns, saying she had to use the bathroom. Van Pelt and Janpen are still walking through the woods when a hit man begins to fire at them. Van Pelt manages to shoot him down. O'Laughlin appears and warns her that someone is behind her. Van Pelt turns around to see Janpen about to knock her out cold. She tackles the hooker to the ground, arresting her. Rigsby suddenly shows up with a search team.

Back at the CBI, Janpen says that she was a team with Nett. She got close with the Porchetto son. With a gun planted by Nett, she killed him. Nett took the gun back and ran around to the entrance to make it look like a break-in. Van Pelt realized that Janpen never actually used the bathroom, that she had found a phone signal tower to call in the hit man. Jane reveals that Nett set up the hit on the eldest son so that he could take over the family business since the younger son was pretty much useless.

Van Pelt is alone in the interrogation room where Rigsby gives her a hug, glad that she is okay. But then Rigsby's girlfriend, Sarah, shows up. Van Pelt leaves them alone. As they go to the elevator to go out for dinner, Sarah springs on him some big news - she's pregnant.

Van Pelt is at her desk admiring the necklace. She asks Jane if he talks to his wife. He says that he does. She then asks him if he sees her. Jane figures out that Van Pelt has being seeing O'Laughlin, even though she is unsure what he wanted. After Jane gives her some advice about moving on, Van Pelt strings the necklace on some flowers on her desk.


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  • The episode shares its title with the Irish alternative rock band of the same name, as well a 1981 film.
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