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My Blue Heaven is the ninth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist.


Two years after the Red John case was closed, Jane receives a surprising job offer that could change his life.


Two years after the events in Red John (episode), Teresa Lisbon is working as police chief in a small town. Just after giving a talk to a class of children, she receives a visit from FBI agent Dennis Abbott. She tells him that she is in contact with Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt, but has not heard from Kimball Cho for six months. She also says that she has not heard from Patrick Jane and has no idea where he is now.

Jane is on an island off of the coast of Venezuela, in his tiny apartment writing a letter to Lisbon which he posts in the local town. After posting his letter, Jane entertains the local children with a magic trick. As the children leave, one of them accidentally bumps into a man, who shouts at the child, then kicks him in the backside. Then Jane meets Victor, a tailor to ask for his clothes. Victor says it's not done yet.

Back at the beach bar, he strikes up a conversation with an American woman, Kim.

Agent Abbott and two other agents arrive on the island on board a small aircraft.

Jane and Kim go for a walk on the beach and he tells Kim that his wife died.

Abbot and his men go to a hotel and Abbott asks about Jane. Jane is at the beach bar with Kim when Franklin telephones him to say that three American police men are looking for him. Jane and Kim return to town and she asks him out for dinner that evening. Before meeting Abbott, Jane meets with Franklin and learns that the bully is Danny Otero, a local drug dealer.

Abbott offers Jane a deal to return to America and work for the FBI, which Jane refuses. Abbott tells him that he traced him through his letters to Lisbon.

Rigsby and Van Pelt meet with Lisbon for dinner at her house. Rigsby and Van Pelt have had a baby and are running a digital surveillance business. When they leave because their baby has a fever, Lisbon reads a letter from Jane.

At dinner, Jane tells Kim that he has refused the job offer, and then they go dancing. On the way home, Jane is beaten up by Otero's men. Kim takes Jane back to his room and tends to his wounds. She stays the night to ensure that he is all right. In the morning, she tells him that she has to go back to work, and has to fly out that day.

At the beach bar, Jane discovers that the owner's dog, Hugo, has been killed by Otero because it was barking. Kim arrives and gives him a kiss and her number before she leaves. After she leaves, he draws up a list of his terms on a napkin. He also says that Lisbon must be at the initial meeting in the USA, or he will tell Abbott's bosses that he will work with any FBI agent except Abbott. He then calls Franklin and asks him to find out some details about Otero's upcoming drug deal.

Jane meets with Otero's Vietnamese drug connection and tells them that Otero is working with an agent of the FBI called Abbott. Jane then calls Abbott and gives him a room number. When Abbott knocks at the door, one of the Vietnamese men answers. The man returns inside and starts arguing with Otero. Abbott hears the argument, enters the room and arrests everyone inside. When he leaves the room, Jane approaches Abbott and gets him to read and sign six copies of his terms. Before the police take Otero away, Jane kicks him in the backside.

Mentalist napking terms

Jane's Terms

When Jane arrives at the FBI offices in Austin, Texas he meets Cho, who is now an FBI agent five months after his training at Quantico. Cho warns Jane about working for the FBI. In the meeting room, Lisbon is waiting for him and they share a hug. Abbott enters and lists the charges against Jane and says that he has to serve as a consultant for the FBI under his supervision while under federal parole. Jane tells Abbott he refuses the terms and wants his terms. Abbott tells Jane to take it or leave it. Jane says he'll leave it.

Kim walks in and is introduced as Agent Fischer. Abbott tells Fischer to take Jane to the detention suite. When Lisbon queries this turn of events, Jane tells her that it is under control.


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  • In this episode the series leapt ahead two years.
    My Blue Heaven

    Behind the scenes in My Blue Heaven

  • Heller said that the end of Red John saga will be the "rebirth of The Mentalist". At the start of this episode Jane will be a wanted man hiding in South America and wants nothing more to do with crime solving, but something will pull him back in.
  • Emily Swallow made her first appearance as FBI agent Kim Fischer in this episode.
  • This episode's title is likely a reference to the 1927 hit song "My Blue Heaven" written by George A. Whiting.
  • This is the first episode without the murder (or suspected murder) of a human being.
  • The episode is hinted to be set somewhere in Mexico, no real place name is given other than it's an island. All spanish-speaking characters have mexican accents, but when Patrick Jane and Kim are at the plaza there's a bus with a phone number written on the side that starts with country code 58, which is the code for Venezuela. When Agent Abbott pays the bellboy for future information he uses Venezuelan currency.
  • This is the first episode (excepting the first episode which was titled "Pilot") in The Mentalist to not have a episode title with the word "Red" or a word relating to the color red in it.
  • The ladies in the postal office complain that Jane's Spanish is terrible. However, it is actually not bad, as it is perfectly understandable (though with a marked English pronunciation) and with very few mistakes. Also, one of the ladies displays deficiencies in her Spanish too, as she says "lo pior" instead of "lo peor" (meaning "the worst"), a mispronunciation common in rural areas of Latin America.
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