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is the third episode of Season 5 of The Mentalist.


A bank employee is shot during a heist and Jane and the team must work to track down the killer, while Lisbon is pulled deeper into the CBI/FBI rivalry.


Patrick Jane goes to a shoe repair shop to have his shoe fixed. Meanwhile a robbery is happening in the Sacramento Federal Bank. Three men wearing masks point their guns at the employees and customers and tell them that they can go home if they do nothing stupid. The robbers ask who can open the vault. The assistant manager Ernie Wright says that he can do it and two of the robbers take him downstairs. He opens the vault and has to help filling the bags with money. Then he is compelled to kneel on the floor and to count to one hundred and the robbers leave. Thereafter, a gunshot is heard and Ernie is shot dead while the last robber climbs the stairs and turns around, seemingly startled. The others are shocked since a murder has never been part of their plan. They run outside, fire shots in the air to clear their way and get into their car. As they are about to speed up, they drive into other cars and are stuck. They notice a cop, ticketing a car, and shoot at him but instead it shatters the glass of the shoe repair shop, where Jane is. The robbers escape.

The next scene shows Lisbon arriving at the crime scene, where Van Pelt informs her about the dead assistant manager Ernie. Lisbon enters the bank and finds Jane sitting on a chair with white rental shoes since the his are not finished yet. They go down to the vault to check on the body. Cho tells Lisbon that this robbery is connected to three others in the past six months but a murder never occured. Ernie is the first. Jane does not enter and checks on the surroundings. The door to the safe deposit vault is opened and the cameras have been spray-painted.

Lisbon gets a call from Bertram. She gets to his office where FBI Agent Mancini is also present. The FBI claims the robbery while Lisbon is able to convince Bertram that the homicide has priority. The CBI gets the lead and they are allowed to continue their investigation with them handing over the case files to the FBI when they are finished. Afterwards, Gabe Mancini invites Lisbon over to a poker game and she wants to think about it.

At the CBI headquarters, Rigsby watches the robbery footages from the last three times and the current one. He notes that only one of the robbers was involved in all of them. Meanwhile, the team interrogates the other employees and Ernie's fiancé Nancy Sterling. They all agree that Ernie did not deserve it. The manager Armin Gagnon and Nancy were both downstairs in the washrooms but they did not see each other. Gagnon tells them that he stayed in the washroom and came out after the gunshot. Nancy saw Gagnon when she heard the shot and came out to see him standing there.

Van Pelt and Rigsby think that the robber must have checked out the banks before he robbed them. They agree on finding the one who has been to all banks and to run his face through facial recognition. But Jane does not think it is a good idea and bets that he can do it faster. Whoever gets the name first, wins free lunch for one week.

Jane meets Gagnon at the bank. He wants to know whether the door to the safe deposit vault was open when he came out. Gagnon is not sure and Jane wants him to close his eyes to get back to the robbery and to remember. Then he is sure of the opened door. Gagnon is confused since only the owners have keys to the safe deposit boxes. Thus, he can't check whether something is missing. Jane asks for a list of the owners.

Back in the office, Grace claims to have found out the name of the man who has been to all the banks. Jane says that he found out two hours ago. He wants her to write down the name of a piece of paper to prove that she indeed has a name. Then it is Jane's turn and he says that it's John Hutten, leaving Grace surprised how he found out. Lisbon comes to them and tells them to move since they have found Hutten's work address.

At the freight company, they arrest him and take Hutten to the headquarters where he is interrogated. His lawyer sits next to him. Hutten claims to have been sick at home and did not rob any bank. And even if, he would not have killed a man since that would be too sloppy. Lisbon has nothing else on him so Hutten leaves.

At the elevator, Jane personally talks to Hutten. The Sacramento Federal Bank was much bigger than the other banks he has robbed so he thinks of an inside man. Hutten has nothing to say and leaves.

Cho and Rigsby question Hutten's employer. He tells them that Hutten did call in sick and that he did not suspect anything since two other of his employees called in sick with the same thing. They ask for their addresses.

In the meantime, Jane and Lisbon are at Ernie's funeral. Jane talks to all the other employees who were present during the robbery and tries to find out, who the inside man was. They all do not seem to know anything so Jane checks on Ernie and goes snooping in Ernie's room. Lisbon gets a call from Cho, who looked for the Arroyo brothers. They found a torched van and according to the building manager, the brothers took off last night and wanted to visit their family in Mexico. Jane looks around in Ernie's room. He finds a flight ticket to Brazil and declares to the people present at the funeral Ernie as the one working with the robbers.

The bank employees and Nancy do not think of Ernie as being the one since he was not the fight back type but like a teddy bear. Lisbon mentions that Ernie started dressing differently and Nancy tells them that she was the one who encouraged him.

At the office, Jane stays awake the whole night and goes through the list that Gagnon gave him. The next morning, Lisbon wakes him up and they go to the bank to catch the killer because he is convinced that Hutten was telling the truth when he said that he would not kill anyone.

Together with the bank employees, they go downstairs to the safe deposit vault. Jane tells them all that the door was opened not because of the robbers stealing something. Instead, something has been put in there: the gun that has killed Ernie. Jane accuses one of the employees the murderer of Ernie. If the murderer comes forth, he would only spend ten years in prison. Lisbon raises the years up to twenty while Jane is trying to find the safe deposit box by analyzing the reactions of the employees. He narrows it down to three. The owner of one of the boxes is called Hudson and Nancy confesses. She takes out the key and gives it to Jane. He opens the box and finds the gun. Jane knew that it was Nancy since she grew up in Newburgh which is near the Hudson River.

Back at CBI headquarters, Nancy tells Cho that she was the one who helped Ernie becoming who he was. He reduced weight, got more attention from other women and got a promotion thanks to her. But as a result, he lost interest in her. So she followed him to an Internet Cafe and found out about his intention to rob the bank with Hutten and to fly away alone since she found the one way ticket to Brazil. She found out about the detailed plan of the robbery and went downstairs to the womens' room and hid there until the last robber left. She came out and shot him, put the gun into the safe deposit box and went back to the washroom. But she forgot the close the door. When she went outside to close it, Gagnon was already there so she couldn't.

Outside, Hutten has been arrested by Agent Mancini who shows him the mails between him and Ernie.

Lisbon eventually decides to go to the poker game. Mancini introduces her to the high class crowd including the Senator. Bertram is also there.

At the office, Grace wants to know how Jane figured out the name. He tells her that he cheated and read the pen's movements. He wants her to write down another name and he says that it's Rigsby. Then she writes again. Jane knows that the second word is 'you' and he goes to her desk to read it. He says "that it's not very nice" and the episode ends.


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